Dancing Beneath the Aurora Green Kaiath

The sky is most certainly awake as the rich, vibrant colors of the auroras dance gleefully upon the slender shoulders of this small green. A rich, deep pine green, almost velvety in appearance, serves as the perfect backdrop as it drapes over her narrow haunches, winding around each delicate limb, cloaking wing spars and sails in the darkening hue. It is upon this that the heavens awaken in teasing teal and tantalizing turquoise, the near-blue hues dancing in wide, ever-varying ribbons, stretched across her back, across her wings, broken only by the ever-dark line of the ridges upon her back - a line of mountains in the distance. The stars themselves have come out to play, small specks of honeydew tickling her nose - her muzzle short and cute, giving the appearance her large, facetted eyes are even larger than normal, surrounded by the glow of starlight upon her eyeridges.

Egg Name and Description

Blossoms of Desire Egg
Glazed with a pearlescent sheen — that when combined with the shimmered heat of the hatching sands — seems to radiate a glowing nimbus of effervescent purity. Against the ivory whiteness of the shell, colors swirl and dapple across the curving surface like indelible tattoos of floral imagery. Limed in thinnest lines of black, a brush stroke of butterfly shaped petals dolloped by butter yellow, the bloom of alyssum is seen, bracketed by flowing petals of balm and the green of bryony. Elsewhere, elegant petals of camellia pink twines with ethereal snow and yellow of cereus contrasted by the bright blood red hue of a dahlia. And so too the rosy pink, white and yellow of eglantine sweetbriar makes its mark across the shell, curling with gentian blue and the royal lavender shades of heliotrope before giving way to the long snowy strands of jasmine flower which in turn lies dominated by the overlying presence of mandrake purple as the alabaster of orchis — limbed by a single drop of burgundy red in ifs midst. Finally, giving way to all, is the tiny star shape white petals of valerian — yielding in perfect harmony with the rest.

Hatching Message

Tick-tock, tick-tock. Blossoms of Desire Egg rocks back and forth in its sandy cradle. Back and forth, back aaaand it overshoots a bit, flopping over and rolling a bit on the sands.

Blossoms of Desire Egg has been still for quite a long while now. It's become one of the more uninteresting eggs on the sand, fading into the backdrop of all the other excitement. Then suddenly the egg jolts forward in the sand an inch or two. Then again. Then again. And then finally the side of the egg gives way to some dragon feet, and the rest of the dragonet within hops out onto the sand.

Impression Message

Suddenly the caverns around you seem to melt away. The heat under your feet, the roaring of the crowd in the stands. It's all gone, and you're alone. Surely you have passed out, or been mauled, and are dying. Wait, not alone! There's a little green nose gently touching your nose, looking you right in the face. Right. In. The. Face. Nope, you're not dying! Suddenly your mind is filled with a kaleidoscope of a thousand colors, and a sweet, gentle voice rings in your head. « Nae! There you are! What are all these other people doing here? I've been waiting for you! Oh right, I'm Kaiath! Hi! It has been -such- a day! First there was the egg, then all this sand, and the people now I'm finally here and we can do things together! Let's go eat, then have fun, then eat some more! »


"Do you want to build a snow man?"

All that time in the egg has simply -gotten- to Kaiath's personality! Seriously! She wants to be out and about and doing things as much as possible! She wants to be meeting new people and new dragons and seeing new places! What are you waiting for? What? You need to eat? -Again-??

Kaiath's lust for adventure is like a slowly inflating balloon, the longer she stays in one place, the more she will want OUT. Easily excitable, the mention of something new or different, even something as mundane as the most herdbeasts at a weyr, will peak Kaiath's interests. Nae will need to learn to balance Kaiath's desire to be out and about with her duties, both as a crafter and as a rider. It may be a lot to handle! But Nae will find that she'll be able to distract the green with in-house activities. Flights for example, she'll consider adventurous.

Every flight for Kaiath will be a display of aerial acrobatics. Lots of dives and loops and other things that will probably make the blues who can keep up with her (or their riders) sick. It may even make Nae motion sick the first time. On-lookers will be amazed, if extremely nervous when she does things like fall out of the sky, just to swoop upwards at the last second. It may even give her a reputation as a maneater, when the first dragon chasing miscalculates and does a hard splash into the lagoon. The period before a flight will likely find the green agitated to the point of insanity, as she itches to FLY but Nae refuses to leave the weyr with her.

"We leave now. Right now."

For all her grace in the air, Kaiath will be a little clumsy on the ground. She will lack the poise of her older sister, though none of her intensity. When she becomes fixated on a particular outcome, she will work tirelessly to make it happen. Expect this intensity to transfer over to Nae's goals, be it as a rider, or with her craft, or even in a relationship.

Kaiath's eating habits will mostly be your standard dragon affair, with one exception: she has inherited her grandmother's love of wherry. This will only be a problem if the two end up going head-to-head at dinner time. There may be a shortage!

"We can brave this storm together!"

Being a very social creature, Kaiath will develop relationships with just about every dragon she comes into contact with. There are a few dragons that she may develop a closer bond with though. The first of them is Rhysa's gold, who she will immediately start calling her big (at least size-wise) sister. As far as Kaiath is concerned, she and the gold should be together ALL THE TIME. Even if the gold tires of her. After Nae is up, Kaiath will go poking her muzzle into the gold's face/under her wing/etc. Kaiath will also find fascination with Grandmom Miraneith, and will be fixated on her nocturnal habits (even if she can't recreate them). Her feeding habits she -can- recreate though, at least in composition, and she will. Western's senior queen collects greens as part of her pre-flight proddy ritual, so expect to find Kaiath awkwardly snuggled with the queen during these periods. As far as males are concerned, she will have a couple of favorites for non-flight activities, but flights will be a free-for-all.

As far as her influence on Nae's relationships, the green will be open and accepting of just about everyone Naeda chooses to involve in her life. She may even encourage Naeda to fall in love. For some reason she is fascinated by the notion of it. She will of course be protective of her rider, so heartbreakers look out!


This mind bubbles over with positive energy. Easily excited with a never-give-up attitude, even the worst of moods can be lifted by this sweet and gentle voice. Vibrant yellows and reds and purples fill your mind when she speaks. A loving soul, this mind will never give up on you. She will never shut you out, will be open to your new experiences, and will stand by you even at the lowest of your lows. She is here, and you are together at last.


The theme for this clutch was Angels and Demons in pop culture! Kaiath was a collaborative effort between Enka, Raev and myself. Nae's egg was originally written by Enka, and was based on Naamah. But since you were so open ended, and I had so little experience with Naamah (I still have no idea, you will have to ask Enka) I decided to base your dragon off of Anna from Frozen! She seemed to match up with the original intent of the egg and what you wanted in an adventurous, outgoing personality. Also I knew Rhysanna's gold was going to end up being based on her older sister Elsa from Frozen, so I thought it would be a perfect fit. If you haven't seen Frozen, I highly recommend you do. Raev helped out with Kaiath's name and description. Kaia is Scandinavian for "pure".

Please remember that all of what I've written here are suggestions as to how Kaiath might behave or what her personality is like. You are more than welcome to tweak, change or ignore some or all of them! To be entirely honest I wrote the Blight Upon the Sands Egg for you, hoping I would get to write you a Morrigan dragon from DA. But alas! Morrigan seemed too dark for the egg that Enka wrote, and too snarky to be the outgoing type that you wanted. So I hope you are happy with Anna!

I want to thank you so much for apping this cycle at Western, Nae. It certainly would not have been the same without you! (Also Zi'on will be happy to know Nae has impressed green. Yay flights!) <3 <3


Name Dancing Beneath the Aurora Green Kaiath
Dam Gold Shadhavarth
Sire Bronze Tzettenvonth
Created By Enka (Egg), Zi'on & Raev (Hatchling)
Impressee Nae (Naeda)
Hatched February 16, 2014
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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