Just Desserts Blue Kastelath

Lithe, and fraile is this blue. Despite his large size, he looks bony, and thin. His hides color doesn't help much, as it's a very pale sky blue, to the point of almost being white. The color darkens to a normal blue coloring as it goes across his wing sails, and down around his talons, and at the tip of his tail.

Egg Name and Description

Ominous Darkness Egg
Darkness reigns over the shell of of this egg. As if backlit by some unknown light source, there's a tower that looms out of the darkness. The top of the tower starts out triangular, in a dark klah brown, with an icy spindle on top. Where the roof meets the rest of the tower, it squares off. The tower itself is blackey, and stone gray, with several arched windows adorning it. If that wasn't chilling enough, seeming to drip down most of the structure, is white ice, some of it coming to where it's broken off, while others seem to continue until it hits the bottom of the egg. At the base of tower, and close to the bottom of the egg, looms a pair of equally frozen figures, that of fierce canines, standing in front of a gate way. They're snarling at those that come near, warning them to not trespass on this land.

Ghostly Intentions engulfs you in darkness, the moment you touch it's shell. It sends a chill down your spine, despite the heat of the sands. There's just something creepy about the feeling of this darkness. Out of the darkness, a pair of fiery red eyes seem to peer out at you, and you could swear that you hear a low growl as it does, as if sizing you up, seeing if you were worthy to be here. You feel poking, and proding of your mind, as the eyes peer at you. But then the feelings suddenly leave, along with the eyes, leaving you in only the encompasing darkness.

Ghostly Intentions comes back when you don't leave. Fine, if you won't leave, then it'll have to deal with you. Images start flashing within your mind, not all of them yours. You suddenly see things being flung towards you, before a disembodied familiar face comes to float, with in inches of you, laughing, before it disappears, along with the flung objects. The activity picks up however, as some hidden wind seems to pick up memories, and send them swirling, faster, and faster, before your own memories are flung back toward you. Some are kept, however, as everything fades once again, giving you a chance to run while you can.

Ghostly Intentions drags you along through the darkness. There's the briefest of touches, and images just on the edges of your sight. But then suddenly you're falling, straight down, and rapidly picking up speed as a cackle resonates through your mind. With a jolt you land. You feel urged to move, to try, and escape. It seems like whatever is in here, is against you leaving. Bit with a final push, the darkness suddenly subsides, leaving you bathed in light, with a ghostly form before you, who reaches out to touch, and make sure you're alright, before fading away for good.

Hatching Message

The Ominous Darkness egg sits there, like some sort of dark sentenal. Soon enough, however, it starts rocking, not as frantically as some of it's neighbors, but it's there, going back and forth, back and forth, slowly picking up the pace.

The Ominous Darkness egg keeps rocking to and fro, to and fro, as the pace picks up, as the monster inside gets more aggrivated with still being trapped in this shell. Cracks are starting to form on the shell as it continues it's movements.

Cracks continue to form on the Ominous Darkness egg, some of them falling to the ground, before the hatchling inside manages to push his way out, with a low snort, and a growl, as he peers around.

Impression Message

Just Desserts Blue Hatchling growls as he peers about, at the world he finds himself in, before he spots the line of candidates. He snorts, and quickly heads for the nearest group of candidates, butting his head into the chest of a mine craft apprentice. "Kastelath! No, wait, we can do that, after we get something to eat." The boy tells the blue, before the pair are led off the sands.



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