Autumnal Adventuring Hero Bronze Keenth

First glance at this small, lithe bronze calls to mind an autumn forest. All across his body, aged bark is dappled over by subtle leafy patches in much warmer hues- faded oranges, yellows, golds, reds. His wings are especially resplendent, with the mixture of colors blending and transitioning in a blur of colour. Along the curves of his belly, shadowed tones call to mind an autumn night, while his muzzle and the tips of his tail and wings are frosted with a dusting of snow, muting the effect of his colourful blanket.

Egg Name and Description

Big Green Blob Egg
Roooooound. Well, not quite. There is *just* enough of an imbalance in this egg's shape that it seems naturally inclined to lay on its side. It is a very attractive shade of vivid, warm green. The color is solid throughout, and the only nuances of light and dark are those cast by shadows or lights in the hatching cavern itself. Truly, the only thing remarkable about this eggshell might be the two large white splotches at the apex. Large and squarish in shape, they might be considered buck teeth if they were appearing inside a human mouth.

Hatching Message

Big Green Blob Egg begins to shudder, though the movement is languid, slow- almost to the point of being unnoticeable. There is a sudden stirring of quicker activity, before the egg settles back into a motionless state.

Big Green Blob egg begins that languid shuddering again, slowly building up intensity until it seems to be quite violently jerking in the struggle to become free. It topples over sideways and goes silent and motionless once more, though now a crack has appeared along the white marks on the apex of the egg, jagged and uneven.

Big Green Blob Egg shudders again - not languid, not slow this time. But a shudder of great effort, and suddenly there are cracks all across the shell and just a moment later, the eggshell shatters, scattering in every direction. A tangle of dull bronze limbs spills forth, wings and legs and neck all akimbo while the hatchling struggles to find his bearings.

Impression Message

It takes awhile for the Autumnal Adventuring Hero Bronze Hatchling to figure out where all of his limbs are and put them into some semblance of working order. He has to peer at his parents plaintively first, because all those white objects up ahead certainly do NOT look in body the way his own feels. But, drawn to them all the same, he collects himself, finds some dignity, draws up a breath, and heads towards the candidates with purposefully careful movement. Halfway, he stops short of tripping over some errant chunk of shell on the ground. Taking advantage of the moment to also carefully observe the various little groups of people, the little bronze finds his target. One of the youngest candidates, a brilliant but troublemaker of a StarCraft apprentice named William, jumps forward in surprise as the bronze begins moving forward again. B'lly as he'll now be known, is already laughing at his new best friend and lifemate as they embrace for the first time. "Keenth! You made it! Yeah, that sounds like the job for us! But I know you need to eat first! Then let's go!" And off they go… now perhaps simply to fill the hatchling's stomach… but into unknown adventures henceforth!


Swim Swim Hungry notices you're there but simply passes you by. You. You're just a thing, a thing in it's space and it doesn't seem to be interested in you at the very least. What could you possibly have or be to gather the mind's attention? The floor beneath your feet seems to move, sway like you're on a ship… only the water's surface is above your head, the glassy surface adorned with the broken pieces of the day's light. Each shard of light flashes faint images before your eyes. A treasure you found as a child, an achievement, a milestone you reached. All above out of reach, but the force surrounding you shows no attention, only blocking out the light as it looms overhead.

Swim Swim Hungry perks for a brief moment after disrupting the flickers of light flashing before you. Wait, what's this? You have something, you are something! Are you the good kind of something? The bad kind of something? The flickers of lights quickly become devoured by the force within the depths of your mind. Every thought, wish, hope, dream suddenly gone as if it was never there, nothing left but nightmares and devastations that you've pushed away. Now they're forced to be on display for you to relive once more before all is overwhelmed by darkness. Where'd you go!? Gone.

Swim Swim Hungry has a craving for a hero and you've peaked it's interest. The force within your mind stalks, looking in the flickers of light and shadow that dance around you as you sway within the current of your mind. Footing is hard to get, the ground shifting beneath your feet while the looming mass before you comes closer and closer. It wants you. It needs you. There's a void that needs filling and whether or not you're ready, you're going to fill it as long as you stand still and not run. The force lurks closer and closer, a dark shape appears on the front of this shadowy form. You're suddenly pulled above the surface, out if it's reach. Back to reality.


Name Keenth
Dam Gold Celimoth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Unknown
Impressee B'lly
Hatched November 23, 2014
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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