An Experiment in Cute And Fluffy Blue Kolath

Egg Name and Description

Broken But Still Good Egg
This egg sits lopsided, despite sand having been piled around its bottom, giving it a somewhat top heavy tilt in one direction or another. In color it's predominantly cerulean, yet possesses an oddly fur-like quality that upon closer inspection is revealed to be in fact thousands upon thousands of very fine lines shadowed in periwinkle. This could be all that there is, save for illusion that something strange and alien was trying to rip its way out. Blue, torn by long ebony claw-like protuberances seemingly from every direction. Leafy fans of white on a field of scarlet are held protectively behind, a trick of the light perhaps that makes the shell itself seem almost alive. Breathing, subtly in and out. Watching. Waiting.

Hatching Message

Wobble Message
Broken But Still Good Egg begins to rock back and forth, gently, like that of a newborn's cradle. It's subtle at first, and then much more noticeable as the speed picks up until the poor egg is in a flat out spin. It's not going anywhere though, because the action of rotation does a fine job of burrowing it into a crater of sorts. As if realizing it's dilemma, the motion ceases and the egg is still again.

Crack Message
A soft crackling noise from the direction of Broken But Still Good Egg might draw attention back it's general direction. Bits of the shell flake away exposing the moist membrane beneath, but not a single hint of what might be struggling to escape its ovid prison. A wiggle and a jerk, and the egg cracks right down the middle, which seems to be all the creature within is capable presently, for there is nothing more.

Hatch Message
The time has come for Broken But Still Good Egg, having silently and sneakily worked itself up to a decent wobble back and forth. Despite the crack from earlier, there's some struggle to break free, with more flaking than cracking. Then the fissures appear one after another until finally the shell gives way, and releases its precious cargo.

Impression Message

Private Impression Message
Your vision blurs and you feel absolutely disoriented as a jovial sort of cackle can be heard somewhere behind you. A tropical paradise comes into focus, complete with tall swaying palm trees and crystal clear water the color of rich teal where you can see straight to the bottom. The sea laps against black sand beaches with a gentle sort of licking, much like the feeling you get when a sudden voice now tickles the back of your mind. « Aloha! » Something soft and fuzzy caresses up against you. « Kira…you are…my family. » The male voice sounds a little strange, like someone speaking from the back of their throat, and isn't used to talking in the first place. It might strike you as odd and a bit goofy, but it's accompanied by the complete and unfettered sensation of belonging. You've come home. You are welcomed, and loved. Unconditionally. Forever. « My… name's… Kolath. » The palms sway a bit faster, and you feel a warm breeze against your face, the night sky above so clear stars you may never have seen before come into view leaving you with an endless sense of wonder. Somewhere in the distance, thunder is heard rumbling. « Hungry… Let's get food! »


Straight from the shell, Kolath is going to be quite the handful for a while. He will literally put everything into his mouth. Just like a baby. It's how he'll learn about the new world outside his egg. You'll have to discourage him from dangerous things, and be very firm. Half the time you'll have to physically remove the item in question because he just won't listen to you at all. In the beginning he'll probably be the biggest trouble maker of his clutch and will give his clutchmates and Weyrlingmasters a challenging experience. He won't be able to sit still for the first few weeks as he enjoys his new found freedom. He'll get into everything and help himself to other people's possessions when your back is turned (such as collecting everyone's left shoe and hoarding them off somewhere). He'll bombard you with countless questions about the most mundane things. « Kira! Why's this wet? I don't like wet! » Convincing him to bathe, may be an issue while he's very young, as he'll quickly find that he just doesn't like the water. But, given time, and the right sort of incentives, he'll learn to swim and play like the others of his clutch. There is nothing wrong with Kolath, but he will always have some trouble speaking to others. He's not one of those dragons that keeps his mind voice to himself either and will struggle to get his meaning across. You'll find yourself being his translator at first, though as time goes on and you get used to him, you may discover that people look to you to explain because it won't occur to you immediately that everyone else doesn't know what he means. Especially when he's excited or just trying to annoy someone. It's then that he won't make any sense at all. His words coming out in a jumble that sounds more like an alien language than anything recognizable. « Meega, nala kwishta! » You'll know what it means of course, and will have to discipline him accordingly.

As he matures, he'll settle down to some degree, but he'll still become a little hard to handle when he's excited about something. Anything new to him will become his focus and only after he's completely explored it will he be able to move on to other things. It might take a couple of seconds, or much longer if that thing happens to be something he likes. Such as weaponry, klah, stuffed animals, books and anything shiny. He'll collect these things and insist that you decorate and organize it for him. Though if given klah, he will go hyperactive, every single time. For the most part he will be pretty laid back when he's at ease, able to share with you pictures like a movie playing in your head. Showing you things you probably forgot ages ago, and will delight in the reaction some of these memories elicit. Sometimes you might get the impression he's out to get you (or at least embarrass you to death when he shares intimate details about your life to random dragons he's just met (trying to impress them of course)) but he will go out of his way, to defend you if he thinks that someone is being rude or unfair. You'll have to teach him that it is not okay to push people over (literally) or threaten to eat them. Even if he doesn't mean it.

When it comes to flying, he's a natural. The first time he takes to the air he will easily be the most graceful and aerodynamic of his class. Even his landings will be perfect right from the get go, and there will undoubtedly be a pride in that for the both of you. « Next time we fly. You and me. Better! » You'll notice that while he remains small for a blue, always with those huge adorable eyes of his, physically he'll be something to see. With long slender limbs and a lithe appearance that turns more than a few heads. He'll move with a cat-like grace, every step per-calculated. Just like his sire, Malphath. The older he gets the more he'll accentuate this natural quality in himself, especially when it comes to females. The second that he notices greens, it's all over. « Oooooh. Aloha! » He might someday find that very special lady or two that he wants to focus on, but until then he'll be bachelor number one. If she's pretty enough, especially if you think so, he'll try to impress that proddy green over there. Though not so much in words, but in action. Strutting and posing, and then checking to see how she reacts. It might seem like every single green that rises, he's willing to chase, even if one or the both of you are exhausted. He'll put in his best effort though, and chase with every beating of his heart with the intention to win. Maybe giving you a few heart attacks in the process with some of the crazy stunts he pulls to get ahead of the competition. It's all about her, whoever she might be, until it's over. Then, he'll be more than happy to help you drag yourself home for movie night and a cuddle. He won't like sharing you with anyone, and it might take some convincing if you ever happen to settle down with that special boy or girl someday. And he'll always hold some secret animosity towards them deep down, but never forget that he loves you. Mind, Body and Soul. Nothing will ever change that, and even when your heart is broken, he will be there come rain or shine.

Kolath will be your staunchest supporter in anything you do. He will encourage and support you through thick and thin. So whatever it is that you choose to do after graduation he will do his best to accommodate. Be it search and rescue, diplomacy, or the crafting wing. You are his number one priority at all times. If breaking a limb or a wing means saving your life, he'll do it without a second thought. If you feel like decorating his ledge with prisms, he'll be all for it and praise you on your creativity. « Pretty! More to left that one, I think. » He'll forget his size when it comes to an argument with other dragons, acting like he's the biggest thing on four limbs and he'll be deadly serious about it. It's another one of those moments when he might scare you a little bit, but once you remember that you can rein him in, everything will work out in the end. Overall, your Kolath is mischievous, playful, and very rarely upset unless someone has hurt you, or if you've said something either intentionally or in anger that gives him pause to stop and actually think. Yours is the only opinion that matters to him, unless it's someone that's speaking to him about you. He may do careless things upon occasion, but you are his guide in this world and he will look to you for the right way to deal with any number of precarious situations that may arise now and again. He'll always have a particularly childlike view of the world, it's part of what makes him special, and he'll help you rediscover the joys to be found all around you everyday and for the rest of your life.


A private tropical paradise invites you in with all the warmth and welcome of a retreat from the mundane. Palm trees gently sway when moods are calm, black sand beaches beneath your feet are cool, and the starry sky above is filled with millions upon millions of twinkling stars. The ocean all around you smells sweetly of summer and salt, its waters crystal clear and colored a gorgeous jewel-toned teal, licking gentle against the shore. In anger a storm is quick to roll in, with heavy cold rains and winds that whip the leaves right off the trees. The sky is heavy and thick with cloud cover, with loud bursts of lightning that may seem to blind you at times. Mighty waves rise and crash, frothing and curning in unhappiness. In times of happiness, the scenery of calm returns, but has the added affect of that playful cackle that Kolath will be famous for. Some soft music might tinkle away in the background, like someone plucking the strings of a tiny guitar but will never be loud enough to be made out absolutely clearly. When sadness strikes, the skies become dreary and the tropical scene loses much of its color, the air cools and can cause a chill even in a heatwave.


Congratulations Kira, on Impressing here at Ista Weyr. Egg and Dragon were written by P'rel. The theme this time around was Companions/Sidekicks, and as you guessed it - egg number five was based on the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch. I'm glad to have met someone who dug this movie as much as I do. Being my favorite Disney character, and your affection for the characters I went ahead and based your blue on none other than Stitch himself. His name, Kolath is tied into the overall theme of him. Nani once called Stitch an evil koala, and that just tickled me, because it was then that I realized that he did in fact look like one. I tried to stay true to your color requests, and toned the personality of the character down a bit. I'm glad that you gave me the option of choosing the shortening of your name, because I really think Kira and Kolath look good together. As a side note, like Ista, Hawaii also has black sand beaches. Which fit so well, I had to incorporate it into Kolath's mind voice. Congrats once again, I hope you enjoy Kolath as much as I did writing him, and welcome to Weyrlinghood.


Name An Experiment in Cute and Fluffy Blue Kolath
Dam Gold Eulweth
Sire Bronze Malphath
Created By P'rel
Impressee Kira
Hatched 29 July 2012
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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