Builder of Worlds Brown Krijuesth

He stands, an imposing earthwork of a dragon, gazing out with piercing eye. He is the color of good, rich soil freshly turned and damp with dew. Darker mud clings in the valleys of the powerful form where strong muscles flow with tectonic force to move the massive limbs and burly torso. Vast earthen pillar legs hold the stocky body firmly as a faint creep of dull green ivy crawls up each and spreads over the broad back and haunches. The short, thick tail trails behind, clear of all but rich soil. Pale clay ridges crest from the neckline, mountainous peaks dropping to rolling hills at the great plate of his shoulders. They support massive wings with great, branching spars. The loamy sails lighten as light strikes fine flecks of gold within them afire.

Egg Name and Description

First Blush of Spring Egg

A lone egg rests nestled in the sands, slightly separate from the rest. It is of average size and shape, having nothing of note to draw attention, were it not for the delicate shading of the shell. The chill blue sky is littered with soft, whispy white clouds. It rises endlessly above a field of sandy brown and spring green, where the grass is just coming out of a long winter's slumber. From the center of the field sprouts a trunk of creamy, golden brown. It splits rapidly into many branches reaching around to encircle the shell in creamy brown arms. The branches are laden by delicate pink petals, both pale and bright. Metallic flecks of gold pierce each blossom center like a kiss of sunlight giving promise for the future. Some get caught up by the wind and rain showers of pink and gold on the field below, nearly spilling onto the sands.

Hatching Message

Wobble:A sliver of wind ripples through the blossoms on the lonely egg or so it seems. The illusion makes it more difficult to notice that, in fact, First Blush of Spring egg has begun to stir. The first hint of motion is highlighted by a shifting of the sands around the egg. Slowly the motion builds as grains cascade down the shell and across the grounds.

Crack: Slowly but steadily the pressure within the First Blush of Spring egg rises. First it trembles. Then it wiggles. Finally, the egg begins a rhythmic rocking. With each forward pitch, a small section of the shell bulges outwards. With one particularly vigorous push, the bulging area cracks with a loud snap and a single break in the shell running deeply down one side.

Hatch: One lone crack quickly multiples into fine hairline fractures across the mass of the First Blush of Spring egg. One more heave sends them showering to the sands below and all over the glistening brown hatchling within. He struggles gamely to his feet then spreads his wings and shakes, raining shards, goo, and sands across the grounds. The offended squeals of his victims draws the brown's attention and eventual action. He heads straight towards the beastcrafter restlessly rocking in the heat. The brown shows no hesitation in his movements and this is echoed by Caxandar as he stops rocking and steps forward, "Don't mind them, Krijuesth. They don't have the scope of imagination you need. Your A'xar will help you make the world."


Subtle Scents and Sounds



Name Krijuesth
Dam Gold Feyruth
Sire Bronze Emeliuth
Created By Janja
Impressee A'xar (Caxandar)
Hatched August 27, 2016
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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