Traitorous Ally Of Theives Brown Kurouth

Rich, chocolate browns work down along the dragons hide, deep and dark colors on the verge of a dark chocolate tone. This sweet chocolate brown has some raspberry filling that occasionally peeks out, reddish chocolate brown blobs forming down along his spine and the tips of his headknobs along with the tips of his forked tail. Like little rubies that shine from the darkness of the night, from the veil in which they were hidden. Minty greens come along on his underbelly, speckled like little sprinkled gems that have been thieved from their owner and used as a fashion accessory. Even little speckles of gold dance around the whirling eyes of the brown, worn as a fancy little shimmer to bring accent his eyes. This brown, while showing off his treasures, is quite thin looking. Flimsy, even. A thin body, a tiny frame along with a very lean tail. Despite such a tiny figure, his size is quite average for a brown of somewhat large stature. While his form seems lean, his wings are a bit smaller than average, almost frail looking like dainty little fingers that curl easily around its prey. Easy movements are obvious, feline-like grace with a casual flick of his dainty tail or twisting into the most awkward of positions. His head, tiny as well, is finely pointed and figured. Eyes slightly smaller, pulled back into a cat like appearance. Even his muzzle has a curve at the corners of his mouth, mimicking a feline-like smile.


Egg Name and Description

Locked Away Jewel Egg
A prized jewel seems embedded on the surface of this egg, a small but colorful jewel in the shade of blue. This blue seems to be held on a small white cushion, plumped to hold this prized jewel. A look to the bigger picture, the egg itself and one sees a dark room that almost appears to be dark as night. Walls as far as the egg can paint, all colored to match the shade of night, a reflection of moonlight from an unseen window. There, in the center of what appears to be a room rests the jewel in a sealed container away from sticky fingers.

Impression Message

Loud screeches fill your ears, the world goes black and you are thrown into nothingness. You may feel like you are flying, or falling. A weightless feeling, gliding through the depths of your mind. You come to a wall, blocking your exploration deeper. Curiously, it pushes against you before the sudden explosion surrounds you. Pieces of the wall that once was brushes past you, through you, yet… You remain unharmed. A soft mewl, a kitten hidden somewhere, sounding helpless. Slowly, the sound of soft feet pad towards you, but nothing is there. Surrounding you, embracing you, is the feeling of another as minds join together.. And then finally, a voice. A deep voice much like your own, welcoming, calming, and soothing. « Welcome, Xe'res, to us. Welcome to us. We are new, now. We are new. » A laugh, his deep husky voice attempting to encourage your own laughter. « I am Kurouth, Xe'res. We are a new being, we will do many things. You and I together. » The laughter fades, but your vision does not return. « Open your eyes and see me. See me so we can feast, fill our bellies and then… Many things to come. Open your eyes! » And, your vision is free. You are no longer alone, before you stands the scrawny brown dragon, your lifemate, your Kurouth.


While Kurouth may appear to be some odd colored, scrawny thin thing.. And adorably sweet to you. All stated, he'll never be as sweet to anyone but you. No, he's not a super nice guy. He has found his one true love and needs no one else, everyone else… Well, they can just deal with his neutral behavior or not. He doesn't care one bit.. Well, unless you say something, of course.

From the moment Kurouth hatched, he knew what he wanted, thus still remains true. You, Xe'res, are his true adoration, always cuddling up to you like a sweet little kitten who needs attention. Should Xe'res have to leave, he will whine. Whinewhinewhine loudly until you return and gives him that final caress, then he'll be sated to let his rider go. « Xe'res. You can't just go yet! You haven't oiled me. Well, you did… But you missed this one spot right here! Pleasepleaseplease get it before you go? » Should you comply, Xe'res, he'll greet you with a happy moan. « Oh.. Be on your way, but, return soon. Promise you'll return soon. » Unfortunately, or, fortunately you will be the only one to see the side of him that begs to be pampered. Even through adulthood, his cycle of this behavior will not end.

Kurouth isn't the nicest guy in the world to others, you'll learn that quickly. Rather than offer a friendly helping hand, hell offer some words of wisdom. « Well, if you watched where you were going Baliceauth, then you wouldn't have this problem, now would you? Mind where you step. » And, he'll leave it at that. He cares not for shattered feelings, lost dreams, or broken hope. « What, you expected me to actually indulge in your foolishness Gusith? I think not. I have my own ways. » Should he anger the wrong person, he will shrug it off without a care. Even if they're raging mad at him like Gusith tends to do. No, he'll go about his business, bathing and lounging as he pleases as if there are no cares in the world.

Of course, he does care for things. One is Xe'res, above all else. And second is things he can steal. While he's such a neutral person, secretly he loves to take things. A ring that was set on the table, sure, with a careful twisting of his dainty tail he can get it onto one of the forked ends and hide it under the couch with ease. « Well, Xe'res. I don't care that they want it back. I took it, it's mine now. They left it out in the open, anyway. Pf, that'll teach them not to leave things like this laying around. » But, slowly, Kurouth will start going for more complicated things. Should he hear word of something that has been hidden well from his eyes, he'll find a way to snatch it even if you don't want him to. « You won't help me, Xe'res? Well.. Fine. I can do it alone. » And, indeed he can. But, should that treasure not be all it cracked out to be expect him to be disappointed. « What kind of treasure is that? Xe'res, you need to find someone with better treasure. A sock is nothing compared to gold or jewels. Women like jewels, you like women. So, I could get you a jewel to make one happy. So long as she doesn't steal you, too. »

Speaking of abduction, Kurouth does have affection for children, little ones that are around the age of eight Turns or younger. Don't be surprised if you hear word of a missing child and only to find Kurouth hiding the child beneath a wing. « Well, I /wasn't/ going to take her at first. But then I heard something about her parents having jewels. I figured it would be a wonderful trade if they gave us a few jewels or gold for their daughter. No harm done. It's a fair trade. » Or sometimes, there is just that one child he wont let go of. « No! I won't return him, Xe'res. He's mine. /I/ found him. Obviously he wasn't wanted by them. He's mine now. » It'll be up to you to convince him that it wasn't nice of him to take the child away from the nannies. « Well, fine. You need to have one, Xe'res. That way I can't get in trouble for taking them. » Never will he have remorse for something he's taken or the someone he's taken. « Why would I regret what I've done? What need is there to feel bad for that? I think it's okay for /me/ to do these things. »

Fear the day when someone snatches you away from him, or even snatches one of his precious treasures. Like a cat on catnip.. He /will/ go wild. « WHO DARES TO TAKE MY XE'RES?! GET AWAY! GET AWAY! » Hell go so far as to scream in the mind of another, whacking them with his whip-like tail until they leave. But, like all kitties.. There is a way to appeal to him. Should people want to take your attention from him, you should suggest having them gift him with a present. He is, in fact, all powerful over you and these things. « Well, what a lovely gem. Who is this now? Ah. Fine, she can take you out, but she must bring me another gem later. » He'll never give his approval on the person, but, only on the item they give him. Should someone offer a child for him to watch, he may in fact come to favor this person almost as much as you. As long as he can have the child whenever he pleases. « Aah, a sweet little child to play with. Tell me her name.. Tell me the name of the one who wishes to enjoy your presence? Hmm. I do like her. Yes. She can have you for a bit of time as long as she brings this child. »

Mating flights, he won't care either way. If he wins. Woo. If he loses. Woo. He won't be one to try and woo, he'll be one to go clean-cut into battle. No loops, twists, anything fancy either. He'll allow his prey to do her fancy things and wear herself out. And he'll go in for the "kill" once she's worn. Nothing more to it. If he catches, he'll be out the next morning without a word and dragging you along with him.

Why Xe'res? Well, Xe'res is a more.. Personable figure while Kurouth is secluded and well, just a bad person in general. Xe'res, you are his good and you are his expressions. He doesn't need to express himself to anyone but you while you can express to anyone. You are his love, his lap, his pillow, his provider, and his everything

Mind Name

Two-Faced Acquaintance
Claws screeching along glass, slowly, slowly devouring the substance with vigorous scrapes. Scratching almost desperately to get free.. This is how Kurouth sounds to those who first approach him, slowly, he may retreat to subtle purrs in be background. Constant brushing, feeling, touching of those who he connects with, a curl of his tail gentle around their mind body. Its when he speaks to those not his own does he sound much like hissing snakes, meant to keep anyone on their toes and not to become too comfortable. A mood change can bring venomous colors forth, dripping with a deadly desire in his voice. But, to his beloved rider.. He will remain a loving little kitty, delighted to always have him near. His voice a sweet melody of mewling, a deep baritone that breaks forth from the cat calls. The baritone is much deeper than Xe'res' own voice, deeper and more. Manly, more controlled. Yet, meant to be soothing to his beloved rider.


Yay! So, welcome to Western! I suppose I'll start out with the theme of our clutch. :D It was "good guys and bad guys". I see Cat Woman more as a neutral force with a dark side. Thus, Kurouth's neutralness. Next, Kurouth's name. Well, it took forever to think of, yup. His name means "ninth son" in Japanese. Something with the number nine to signify nine lives of a cat. Though, Kyuuth sounded like cute. Kurouth sounded more like a growl-like. I wanted something to do with cats.. Which leads up to the base inspiration.

Cat woman! Kurouth is based off of Cat Woman from Batman and her own Cat Woman series. It is said that Cat Woman had nine lives, thus, I wanted to get something with that would incorporate that in his name. As for his description.. Cat Woman reminds me of a cat burglar, as, from what I recall of Batman… She did steal jewels a lot. His egg description and himself did include that along with your request for some red and green. Odd looking, if you ask me… But, I went with it to see what we'd get.. And thus, Kurouth was made!

Kurouth is yours to play as you see fit and you don't have to follow the tips above.
~ Menea


Name Traitorous Ally Of Theives Brown Kurouth
Dam Gold Onauth
Sire Bronze Raenth
Created By Menea
Impressee Xe'res (Xaleres)
Hatched May 18, 2008
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

Image by Lunatteo@DeviantART, aka T'eo

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