Amongst Them All Green Lalasath

Bright and vibrant, everything about this green seems to demand attention – lime green streaking across her body from the tip of her delicate snout to the end of her long, lashing tail. Here and there, the blinding hue is tempered, at least somewhat, by more grass-hued tones that seem to gather mainly upon her ridges, though it can also be seen here and there, peeking through on her sides and belly, and on the spars of her long wings – though nothing can counter the dark forest hues of her talons.

Egg Name and Description

Capturing the Memories Egg

Abstract splashes of color gather upon this shell in what almost seems to be a regular pattern, each grouping of colors taking on a rather rectangular shape. A splattering of bright blues and sandy white sits near the top of the curved shell, while one that tends towards browns and creams can be found midway down one side. Almost every color of the rainbow can be found in one spot or another, as if all the locations of Pern had been captured, their hues in turn placed upon a portion of this egg, forever holding it for the future.

Hatching Message

Wobble: Capturing the Memories Egg is wobbling wildly upon the sands, each motion moving it further and further from its center, dislodging the sand that had been piled around it. And, there! Its free! And it rolls onto its side.

Crack: Capturing the Memories Egg seems to have gotten to a better position, for cracks begin to stretch across the shell from half a dozen places at once - the occupant wants out, and wants out now!

Hatch: Capturing the Memories Egg suddenly becomes a memory itself as the shell falls apart leaving the sun - Or, rather a very bright green hatchling - in its place. A trumpet - loud enough given the green's size - echoes throughout the cavern before she is practically skipping her way across the sands in an awkward gait. Excitement is everywhere as she passes first one candidate, then another, before pausing at a young woman with a blonde hair and a matching leanness. "Lalasath?" Fyffe says, surprised as she kneels to slip an arm over the green's shoulders - "Of course, you definitely need a meal after that!"


Whispers of the Past



Name Lalasath
Dam Gold Feyruth
Sire Bronze Emeliuth
Created By L'ton
Impressee Fyffe
Hatched August 27, 2016
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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