Your Friendly Neighborhood Bronze Leketh

Let's face facts - this bronze? He's something amazing. His hide is a pure, brass-bright bronze that veers a little too close to gold territory along his joints and the line of his neckridges. His muzzle is narrow and inquisitive, his eyes large and bright. His eyeridges are remarkably expressive, leading into relatively long headknobs. Fine spinner-webs of brighter gold and darker bronze weave their way along his spine, starting at the back of his head and growing larger until they completely wrap around his lengthy, whiplike tail in an intricate design. As for the rest of him, he's long - but he's not bulky. He's long-limbed, lean, and sleek, with narrow wings meant to cut through the air with the greatest of ease. His 'sails are translucent and brassy, laced with yet more of that strange webbed pattern in bright gold and deep bronze.

Egg Name and Description

The Perfect Panacea Egg
This egg is squat and ovoid, but doomed to ever be on the edge of tipping over. The bottom half is a pretty porcelain, with faint, golden scrollwork around the top edge of it. It's much like a bowl, in fact, even if its contents don't exactly rest flat inside. The other half of the egg is a thin bronze, a broth in which blobs of orange and green bob amidst coiled cream lines. Chunks of off-white hang here and there and the entire thing whispers of wholesomeness and health. It's only at the very top that greasy streaks of golden splendor can be seen - like the fat from a lovingly rendered chicken stock, turned into the perfect soup.

Hatching Message

Wobble: The Perfect Panacea Egg tips a bit from one side to another, as if the contents inside were sloshing a bit. It stills after a moment, after it's tilted to one side.

Crack: Another bout of wobbling to and fro hits The Perfect Panacea Egg and, at long last, a large crack races over the surface. It splits it around the middle, only to stop abruptly, as if it were surprised.

Hatch: It just takes another mighty push and tilt and The Perfect Panacea Egg finally splits completely in half. The go- no, bronze, definitely a bronze, tumbles out, tail over muzzle, and spends a few moments sorting his egg-sticky limbs out. Webs of egg goo cling to him and he utters a low sound that might almost be a 'why me?' groan.

Impression Message

The sands suddenly stop feeling so hot. Actually, it feels pretty nice all of a sudden. No one's making a sound. It's just comfortable and strange, like you're suspended in a warm, saltwater bath. The fluid seeps in through the pores of your person, drawn in with every breath, every beat of your heart. It's the feeling of pure love, of pure affection, and it fills you to the very core. It is you. You are it. Or are you? It's then that a cheerful voice laughs, « Well, wobble my wings and call me shaky! It's J'en - the guy that's going to feed me! » The sands return in a rush, but the tingle of warmth and affection doesn't fade. That bronze dragon in front of you? He's here to stay. But, who- ? « Who am I? C'mon! It's Leketh! Let's gooo! »


"You say you don't want the responsibility? Guess what? People like us…we don't get a choice." - Spider-Man

This journey? It's not going to be easy. You know it. He knows it. Fortunately, it starts off on a pretty solid foot - hatchlings are hatchlings and your first few weeks will be spent elbow-deep in oil and meat and shoveling dung (though, hopefully, not at the same time). Once he starts coming into his own, though, that's when things will start to take a turn.

See, he's smart.

Really smart.

And he likes science. Which means he'll be the first to wonder if there's a better way to handle the oiling and feeding and shoveling. He might even enlist to make some prototypes, if he can't make them work on his own (protip: dragons are terrible at making things). You'll also find out that he's pretty stubborn and won't give up until he's satisfied.

It won't be until a little later, when draconic adolescence kicks in, that you'll learn another fun fact about the Amazing Leketh:

He's witty. Well, no. That's not entirely true. He's filled with snark and wit and awkward charm. The awkward won't really wear off, but it'll become much more tempered over time. He'll settle in as a pretty solid bronze dragon, through and through, though he won't immediately gravitate to being a leader at all. Actually, it will take time for that to kick in; his turns as a weyrling will be spent struggling as a bit of a loner, trying to fit in with the others and not quite finding his stride.

He won't know what to do in most situations; all he can do is awkwardly fumble his way along and hope that he's doing the right thing. Sometimes, it doesn't go so well. « Okay, the unexpected I can deal with… as long as I'm expecting it, that is… »

That's the other big part of Leketh's personality: he really, really, really wants to do the right thing. He might not describe himself as a hero, per se, but he has a pretty good idea that that's what he should be. More importantly, that's what he wants to be - and what he thinks you might be, someday.

But, that'll take time. Until then? Weyrlinghood will just reveal him to be an awkward mess of hormones. Talking with the girls, especially, will be tough; for some reason, they scare him deep down, and when the time comes for mating flight lectures, he'd just as soon not hear any of it at all.

« Must. Wash. Brain…! » He might protest to you after the mechanics are explained.

When it comes to other things, he'll be pretty canny; he's a remarkably agile bronze, for all of his length, and he will have a surprising amount of endurance as well. To the others, he might seem to be a natural at, well, everything. Flying? He was born to fly! Holding his place in formation? Just call him Mister Perfect Form! Hunting solo? That wherry never saw what was coming!

But, he's not lucky. At least, that's how he sees things. In his words, « Lucky? That is exactly how I would describe myself, he said sarcastically. »

Because it's not about luck. He has to work at it, the same as everyone else - they just won't see the late nights he'll insist on putting in to make sure he has all his exercises done, or when he insists you study those formations extra or the times you'll need to do and redo the straps because he'll inevitably bust them in the course of his general antics.

It's about hard work - and he'll expect you to put in your share, too. And if you aren't careful, he'll find ways to get the Weyr's harpers enlisted to make sure you're running your A-game when it comes to education. He knows you're smart, too. He knows you're good-hearted. And he knows that the only way to do anything is to not just to have a good heart - but to be smart, too.

And that's when he'll come into his own - not just as an adult, but a leader. See, once he gets over the hump of social anxiety and awkwardness, he'll settle out into a pretty decent kind of guy. Better than decent. More decent than decent. He'll be a buoyant source of encouragement for his fellow dragons and wingmates, full of wisdom and hard-earned lessons.

« It's hard to face your fears. But sometimes, you must. Then… and only then… …you can be at peace with them." »

He'll be a little slow to the chasing party, though. He's a wary kind of guy, afraid to get his hopes up and his hearts broken. But, once he matures? Watch out! He'll have an eye for ladies with personality to them, which might get him in trouble from time - especially with the more fierce golds. He'll make a game of it, though, thought it'll mostly be to taunt the other males while he manuevers into position.

« Too slow, Bronze Boy. Me on the other hand? I float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…well, more like float like a spinner, sting like a spinner. Which is odd, because spinners neither float nor sting." »

But, if it's a lady his hearts are set on? One he really likes? He'll woo her. He'll sweet talk her. He'll stutter his awkward way right along.

More often than not? He'll fail - he's big, he's bronze, the blues and browns are faster for greens and he'll be up against plenty of seasoned 'professional' bronzes in gold flights. Losses will usually be treated with considerable drama and moping, with him often lamenting, « What do I do now? How did I lose this badly? How much worse can my life get? »

Then again, if he catches, he'll be insufferable and full of gloating for at least a sevenday. It's only when the reality sinks in that he's going to have kids - and probably a lot of them! - that all of that bravado will blow over and he'll go into 'sage protector' mode. He'll protect them. He'll do whatever the dam says to do - within reason, of course. « If there's any way I can help, just… let me know. No strings. Honest and true. Deal? »

He'll also do his best to follow his offspring, though he'll inevitably forget over time. Until then, though? He'll be the best at watching them and making sure they're doing well. His pride will be off the charts - ludicrous, really - and it'll be the same for him if ever you sire children of your own. He'll want you to be the best dad you can possibly be - because he knows you'll be great when you're ready (if you're ever ready! No judgment!)

"I just dropped by to congratulate you on a perfect record! So far you've been 100 wrong about me! I've got to hand it to you — I'll bet it's not easy to make a fool out of yourself all the time!" - Spider-Man

Only you will get to see the real Leketh, the dragon that's not always perfect, the one that still screws up, even when he tries his best. For the others, he might seem like a faultless hero but, for you? He'll peel back the mask and let you really feel. But he'll expect the same of you. All your pain, all your hurts, all of it - he wants to see it all. He wants to see it all because you're in this together and he wants to make it right.

"Life sucks sometimes… but it's always worth living." - Spider-Man

He'll never shed the idealistic side of himself, the one that wants to heal the world of all its pain. He might just have to do it one person at a time - and you're the one he chose to help him. He loves you, J'en. He loves you with all of his hearts and then some.

« Keep on trudging ahead. And if you should happen to fall at some point along the way, J'en — Get up. Dust yourself off. Don't look back… And try even harder the next go 'round. »


Cosmic Curative

His voice is a little on the higher side of masculine, but that just makes him sound more friendly and approachable. It also makes the snark go down easier, so there's that. His mental touch is a broad one, not just limited to words but covering all aspects of his thoughts. Talking to him is like being immersed in a photograph, with all the details that come with it - even ones that don't normally exist, like textures, smells, and sounds. The fluid of his egg-voice continues through his grown one, though it takes a different twist; the clear images of his mind are bathed in it and his moods will shift the hues of that mental liquid. Anger brings a red sheen, while sadness drains everything of color. And if he's excited? Get ready for lens flares galore!

But, that's not all. On the rare occasions when he wants to keep you out of his thoughts (or, more frequently, when others try to poke their heads in), the fluid will turn into spinner's webs, sticky and defensive. The webs aren't unique to that situation, either: if he's trying to eavesdrop or mentally sneak where he's not allowed, spinners and webs will manifest or, if he's trying to pull someone into a conversation - or keep them there - he'll deploy the liquid-turned-webbing. He'll only do all of that if it's absolutely necessary; he's a dragon with his hearts in the right place and doing something just because he can and not because he should just isn't his style.


The themes for this clutch were 'life and love' for the eggs and 'joy and passion' for the dragons. The egg is based on chicken noodle soup, which has always been (for me!) the greatest comfort for a sick person. It restores the body and heart, especially when a loved one goes the extra mile to make it for you (homemade or canned - all that matters is where the heart's at!). The mindvoice is just an extension of that in some ways, though definitely more medicinal than soup. As for the dragon, well! Leketh's name is the one you picked, so there you go.

But the rest? We already have a Deadpool dragon kicking around and you asked for a bronze that looked perfect (which, well, isn't Deadpool), so I took a different route: Spider-Man! He's Deadpool without the deathwish and fourth wall breaking and dubiously dark origin - and he can hold his own in a battle of wits against The Merc With A Mouth. The movies haven't been kind to Spider-Man but, trust me, he's pretty great. I went with that to fit better with the joy and passion - because, in the end, I think Spider-Man/Peter Parker would encourage Jaelyn to try to be better, even while he understands that, hey, sometimes things are just crappy. So, you roll with the punches and laugh it off and maybe you'll come out okay in the end.

Just remember: "With great power comes great responsibility." I hope you enjoy him as much as I enjoyed writing him! And, obviously, he's all yours to do with as you will! -Aglaia


Name Leketh
Dam Gold Feyruth
Sire Bronze Emeliuth
Created By Aglaia
Impressee J’en (Jaelyn)
Hatched August 27, 2016
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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