Rebelliously Righteous Green Lhayerath

Rebelliously Righteous Green Lhayerath
Vivid apple splashes daringly down a long neck and goes on to completely cover wide shoulders and haunches with smooth color. A muscular back give way to swells of deep, rifle green that creeps up and down her sleek ridges. Similar myrtle creeps upwards towards elbows and knees from a base of glinting ebony talons that sprout from somewhat large hands. Large wingsails meld into a translucent company of surprisingly soft khaki and ecru, a definite contrast from the strong, kelly green wingspars they're held betwixt. A sudden flame of bold citron shoots up the middle of her muzzle, coming to a perfect point between defined eyeridges. The same color dares to trace delicate shimmers of sunny yellow along dark knobs and ridges, barely peeking out of the lush cover. Lemon flows down the underside of her neck and belly, colliding to form a brilliant lime barrier along the two hues. The chartreuse yellow makes one final fight, ebbing down the back of her wide haunches, pooling into a sunny post at the back of her feet, but it does nothing to stave off dark, forest toes. Her tail slowly makes it's way towards the inevitable fate of that same mossy green as the color creeps down the length, but a sudden bright note of green forfends that destiny.

Lhayerath is a dragon with really good intentions, and we all give her that much. She, however, will typically have a bad way of going about them. She has a strike first and ask questions later approach - not that she's violent or anything, she just has a tendency to be overbearing and loud. Despite her heart of gold, she can be obnoxious and offensive. She'll honestly feel bad when she does offend someone, but she'd never share that with anyone but you. This bad habit will likely follow her throughout her life, though she may calm down a bit as she ages. When she does know she truly offended someone, she'll quietly sulk away from the other dragons, trying to hide her feelings out of fear someone would perceive her as weak.

Even as a very young dragon, Lhayerath will be rather large for a green. Not only in length, she's also rather toned and muscular, though not without her own grace. She may seems bulky compared to some of those small, lithe greens, but she certainly has a sort of intangible elegance in her poise and projected confidence.

She has a very strong sense of morality, and can't stand when someone does something she wouldn't find agreeable. Weyrlinghood may be rough for her, as she won't tolerate the incessant swiping and stealing that her siblings like Kurouth and Idesaeslitendeth will be apt to do. She'll make it a point to basically steal these things back and return them to their rightful owners, and when confronted, she'll claim she was doing the right thing the whole time. « It's Idesaelitendeth… ooh, if I could get my claws on her! How dare she think it's fine to just take whatever she pleases. » Of course, she'll never actually do anything other than glower at the offending party, and she'll keep her threats between you and herself.

She thinks herself a champion of the people, and will gladly take what praise she gets from returning items to their original owners. She puts on a facade of confidence for all to see, but she has many doubts hidden behind that. She's wont to bottle up all her fears and insecurities, sharing them only with you - and even then she's wont to not tell you everything, but the little things will add up up eventually. While she'll happily speak out against major wrong-doing, she's likely to keep quiet about small annoyances and flaws, but they do get under her skin at times. Not getting enough praise will annoy her the most, since she always feels she's doing a great civil service.

She has a great need to prove herself, and will never take kindly to being shown up by the other, larger colors. She wants everyone to know that being a green doesn't make her weaker or flighty or any other stereotype. She'll not take kindly to being shown up by any other color, but will be especially annoyed by bronzes. « Gusith thinks he's so slick, I'll show him a thing or two! » Of course, even as a large and muscular green, she's still likely to fall behind when it comes to endurance, but not without great ire. She'll make up for it with acrobatics and theatrics while flying, which will quickly become her favorite thing to do after learning. She's far too likely to show off and push herself too hard, so you'll have to make sure she doesn't hurt herself, even though she may be a little cold towards you after you force her out of the sky.

She is a great friend those she allows to get to know her. She's wonderful to confide in, never spreading nasty gossip or secrets around. Those who gets past her forced self-assurance will still rarely hear her true worries, but she'll often recant tales of her own flaws. She'll make it out to be a joke to others, though those flaws will haunt her and she'll dwell on them a lot.

Mating flights may prove to be a problem for Lhayerath. Not only will she take the whole thing as contention, proving that she can fly far and with plenty of tricks, she's also likely to become attached to whomever wins. And being a green dragon with multiple Flights a Turn will cause her to become distraught, especially if a different dragon wins every time. She's not clingy, per se, but she'll read deeper into the Flight than most would. She'll definitely become more friendly towards the winner, turning a blind eye to any faults that would normally bother her.

And why S'vell? She saw it as a challenge - someone she knew she'd truly love, and yet there he was, ignorantly thinking bronzes and browns are somehow better. She would show him color is nothing. She felt a kindred spirit, S'vell acting like such a tough guy, just as she hid her own thoughts behind her brazen confidence. Someone who would understand her and someone she could confide in.

Egg: War-torn Terrain Egg
Daring reds and orange splash across this small egg, making up for the size by sheer force of audacity. A horizon seems to form around the middle of the ovoid, the lower half being a mass of deep crimson broken only by sudden flashes of black smears that dart around, occasionally clashing with each other to form indistinct blobs of ebony. Similarly, brilliant white and neon pink string across the top, gaining force the higher they go. The top point of the egg culminates into a mesh of spinning, variegated blood red and pure alabaster.

Mind: Star-crossed Warrior
Lhayerath's mind usually explodes in a mass of hot colors, yellows and red and oranges all bursting through your mind, competing with each other for dominance. While these colors splatter across your mind, her voice is typically very powerful and surprisingly brassy. When she shares her problems and secrets with you, however, a soothing green will flood over the other, more powerful hues. Her voice will soften and gain a sweet note, nearly a whisper as if she was afraid someone could hear what she will only ever share with you.

Impression Message:
The heat of the Sands seems to grow slowly, the colors of heat making soft appearances in your mind. Red and yellow mingle as they seep into your mind, finally bursting into a sweltering explosion that blocks out nearly every other thought. « S'vell, » calls an echoing voice, warm as the colors you're now seeing and yet distant and new. « They'll never doubt us. We'll be great, I promise you. » The voice is surprisingly harsh at first, very no-nonsense. But a note of laughter escapes in a flurry of calm, forest green that wraps around your mind securely, like a blanket, blocking out the vivid heat of the hot colors. « I am Lhayerath! And you are perfect, S'vell. We're perfect together, and it will last for forever. »

Welcome to Western, S'vell! Or is that welcome back? Anyway, the theme of our clutch this time around was good guys and bad guys, and you landed yourself a good guy, even if she can be a little rough around the edges sometimes. I don't have a way to watch Grey's Anatomy, so I tried to glean as much as I could about Meredith Grey from Youtube and quotes from the show, so I hope I got those aspects (her insecurities and relationship problems!) right - she's also based a good deal off of the brash Hawkgirl (Shayera Hol) of DC comic fame, which also was the inspiration for her description. Her egg was inspired by Hawkgirl's home world of Thanagar, which is said to be very war-like. The name was rough, because I had a few that were good, but… well, Lhayerath is pretty obvious if you read back a few lines.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy her, and remember that she is your's to play however you like, and we're happy to have you here at Western with us!

-Aerhi, who is a nerd.

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