Fast And Furious Brown Locheth

Like the hull of a ship that's weathered it's fair share of storms, this sleek brown seems built to weather the storm of whatever might come his way. Long and sleek, this dragon's curves and edges seem built for speed, from the tip of his thin, streamlined snout to the marching line of mahogany-hued ridges down his neck and back. Light but compact, his frame is is covered in deep browns, of slightly greying hues that swirl over his body, with mahgony streaks that spread upward from his dark-taloned feet. Over his shoulder there's a marking that almost looks like the knot of a tree. The mahogany color continues down to the tip of his tail, while in contrast, it slowly fades to a grayer brown as it goes across his broad wingsails.

Egg Name and Description

Only a Legend Egg
From the top down, this egg starts out a sky blue color. As he it heads down, it slowly fades, to a pine tree green, that continues all the way into the bottom, giving the outlines of trees as it goes. That just fades in comparison to the most prominent color on here. Two bands of bright yellow wrap around the egg, one from the side, and one from the bottom. Where they meet in the middle, they loop around each other, like large arches. The one from the sides goes up and over, while the one from the bottom goes through it before they shoot back off the ways they came, disappearing from view. At intervals, wider bands of dark brown rise up, and meet with the yellow as it supporting them in their positions. Right at the tops of the loops, are twin bands of reddish orange, and black, held up by only the bands of yellow, and seemingly frozen in time.

Hatching Message

Impression Message


Oh T'ran, hope you invested in running shoes, because this is one brown that will keep you in shape. Right out of the shell, as seen on the sands, he's a fast dragon, he likes to move fast, and to waste very little time in doing things, like how fast he found you on the sands. As long as he has the energy, he will want to be on the move, and moving fast. Whether it's laps around the weyrling grounds, or laps around the bowl, he's got energy to burn. Having to sit still with annoy him. But he'll put up with it, specially when he's itchy, or hungry, or when you're tired yourself.

As if some sort of aside to his quickness, he's a slow learner. Whether it's ground formations, hunting, or even flying or wing formations, it'll take him more times to get it right, then it will probably take his clutchmates. He'll also be protective of you, and your friends. If he thinks you're in trouble, he's likely to step in. He'll plan what he wants to do, and how he's going to do it. But once he's in there, he's commited, there is hardly a way to talk him out of it without explaining it to him the way you see it.

Another quirk is that he absolutely loves to fly. Until the day he's cleared to fly, he will yearn to be up in the air with the older dragons, and often sitting, and watching them fly. Once he can fly he'll want to be up there as much as possible, and getting him down the first few days might be an issue. Once you and him are flying together, you're in for a ride. He's a fast flyer, and loves to do acrobatics in the air, whether you're on him or not. When you're not on, he'll try to push the boundaries of what he can do.

Mating flights, he'll definitely do better in green flights. He'll give his competitors a run for their money, and will have to be careful not to simply over shoot the female. He's built more for speed, then for stamina, which is good in a green flight, but not so good when it comes to chasing golds. During the flight, he'll put his heart into it. He'll do his best to impress the female, without over shadowing her, it's the females time to shine(no pun intended) after all. After the flight, he'll opt to cuddle, as long as the female will allow.


His mind most of the time is a whirl of activity, swirls of colors, especially in hues of blue, green, and mostly yellow are the most prominant in his mind. The activity will slow down however wheen he is hungry, or tired, or even when you ask him to slow down. It also slows if he's confused, or having to concentrate on something. That being said, he's not really a fast talker, just, at times, an excited talker. Kind of like a child wheen they're excited by a new toy, or a new adventure.


T'ran! Let me be one of the first to congratulate you on Impression, and we hope you have a great time being a rider for Western Weyr.

Egg: Well, if you haven't figured it out yet, the theme for the eggs this clutch was Theme parks/Things in Theme parks. The Only a Legend Egg, as well as the touch messages was based on the rollercoaster The Lochness Monster, which is in Bush Gardens Williamsburg Virginia. The theme park that I personally grew up with, and visited often when I lived in Virginia. The Lochness Monster is known for being the first Coaster in the world to have Interlocking loops, among other things. The mind messages were based on this on ride video of the coaster:

Personality: I based his personality on what you asked for in your questionaire, as well as throwing in the whole rollercoaster aspect of the egg. The being fast, the energy, the acrobatics, etc. I threw in the slow to learn to just be abit of a difference to off set all his quickness.

Name: All you said was you wanted a short to medium name, at the SCos discretion, I played witth the over all theme of the egg, and came up with Locheth, derived from the word Loch, in the name Loch Ness Monster. I've pronounced it Lock-eth, but other versions that it could be are: Low-cheth, Lo-ch-eth. But, hey, up to you how you want to pronounce it.

But these are just guidelines, and of course you're welcome to play Locheth however you like. I hope you enjoy him, I know I had fun making him, and once again, welcome to Weyrlinghood at Western.

Dragon, and egg, created by Meo


Name Fast And Furious Brown Locheth
Dam cell-content
Sire cell-content
Created By Meo
Impressee T'ran (Torian)
Hatched November 21, 2010
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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