Imposing Mercenary Green Luxth

Deadly steel is the hue the talons bear, their sharpness even fiercer than the cut of such blades. They sit as barely tamed weapons upon the tip of each delicate finger and toe of this petite green dragon. Her hands are well defined, so very human-like as they rest upon the ground. Slender arms angle to meet narrowed, streamlined chest, defined muscle wrapping about the bone but without any unnecessary protruding mass. Haunches are much the same, hide over muscle but only enough for a toned body to be given an easy grace. Narrowed muzzle sports a camouflaged spattering of green, the soft curve of eyeridges highlighted in black. The hues patterning continues down lithe neck, around her body, and across her muscled back. The slender long length of her tail slowly fades from the camouflage mix of greens to an even olive green by two thirds of its length until the very tip. A few smudges of brown and sooty gray work their way along the undersides of her wingsails. The translucent membrane is otherwise awash in the mix of greens to hide her in plain sight day or night. Her wings are slightly long and rather narrow, enhancing the delicate and petite look of her build, despite the intimidating pattern of her hide, and fierce look of her pose. Don't let her figure fool you, it too can be a weapon, although more often wielded to break hearts and minds rather than that which is physical. The swirl of her eyes in placid blues belies the sharp and cunning mind which churns behind the deceptive orbs.

Egg Name and Description

Map of Mysteries Egg
An eye pleasing mediterranian blue cloaks the egg in an almost enamel like gloss. It is as if one is staring at a carefully crafted map, the salty waters broken by small brown and green islands in seemingly random places. The islands themselves dotted in large quantity by white and blue blocks that seem to serve as shelter for their inhabitants. The artisan however has taken some liberty in decorating the map, silvery lines trace routes of battles past. Gold and copper are twined into monstrous serpentine figures that hover on both land and sea. Legends of history's past, or simple mythology breathed to life upon this creation. Is it an accurate depiction of some place, perhaps even hidden within the mysteries of the chain of Western's own isles. Maybe even a pirate's map with glittering treasure to be found, if only one could interpret the bronze symbols which appear in no known language, or even something else entirely?

Hatching Message

The pleasing cloak of mediterranian blue upon the shell of the Map of Mysteries egg is broken in a quick succession of white jagged scars. An indication of vibrant life, even if the egg barely twitches in response.

The mysteries have long resides upon the pleasing blue shell, but now the white cracks grow and grow with nary a twitch from the egg. Will the mysteries soon be revealed.

An explosive force, strong and demanding sends shards far and wide from the Map of Mysteries egg. Most land upright in the warm sands, glinting like a protective shield of spears in a circle about the eggs remains, while the hatchling freed stretches its wings for the first time and lets out a loud bugle!

Impression Message

The world is a tough place and only the hardy survive. There are many types but the rough weathered voice that bespeaks you seems to tolerate no argument. «I am Luxth. Enough dawdling on these sands, it is time for you to feed me!»

Mind Description

Guarding the Seas
Luxth's mind is a busy one. She is the mercenary for hire and her services have been bought on the latest ship voyage. Her mindvoice is rather rough, although identifiably feminine, it carries a sharp tang reflecting the alertness of her being. Of taste their is the metallic of blood, or an oily bite as the knives of the trade are sharpened. Wood and steel are common theme's and her mind is sharp with images, rather than the vague color impressions of some. Her mind is rooted in the practical, somewhat territorial and rough, not necessarily pleasant for any but you who know her so well to handle.

Mind Touches
Guarding the Seas the bow of a small warship crashes through mediterranian blue waters. It feels as though it is on the hunt, on the trail of something subversive and not about to let go until it finds this reckless element and eliminates it. One can sense a great conflict, resulting from ancient times and passed through generations. A fierce territorial nature that dominates one part of the world before being crushed by its own superiority. The smaller warship which cuts through the seas currents is somewhere between that rise and fall as it closes in on its prey.

Guarding the Seas sails snap to, wood beams creak as the ship turns tightly, arrows hissing form its side towards the smaller intruder. Blood spills red upon the ocean blue as the smaller vessel stands no chance from its larger aggressor. Voices are drowned as the sea swallows its next victim, not picky of the circumstance and the warship settles. There was skill in that battle, the wounded upon its own side tended, the ship checked and repaired by seafarers of worthy claim.

Guarding the Seas cuts briskly through the water as it patrols. This one is of unending vigilance, and you wonder if it ever even sleeps. Skilled and smart it navigates the waters, makes best use of the currents and tides that bring it past many a small island and rocky shore. There is little green that welcomes it but ports about. Noisy and lawless, they offer a relief from its solemn vigil to guard the waters, a release for this one to party without consequence and continue its patrol on the 'morrow.

Guarding the Seas is unwavering in its view. There is the war-like aggression, a territorial nature which drives it ever onward and across the vast expanses of beautiful blue water. Of such things artistic it has little relation to, its natured is rooted in the practical, in the blood and sweat and tears of a crew and its commander, of a ship cared for truly and guided with expert skill. There is the wisdom of these 'farers, reading the sky and water to know which places they can go, and those which they respect by gliding around to not be caught within a storm they can not handle. True and tireless they remain alert and ever on guard.


During weyrlinghood you will find your lady independent and yet competitive. She'll step up to be the leader when bronze and gold are out of the picture. Should one be present however, she'll defer tot heir judgment and in fact tend to focus the decision making to the other whether they like it or not. You'll find your Luxth possessing a keen sense for danger, and a good dose of common sense which may get you two into some trouble only because when young she may come off as having a rather smart mouth. She'll be on you to ensure her good health, in particular keeping her talons sharp and tended so that she has these weapons ready at a moment's notice. As she gets older, you'll find her encouraging you to stash your own weapons, staring small (knives, slingshots, etc) and gradually getting larger and more sophisticated as you move out into your own weyr. A weyr which is apt to become decorated by this odd arsenal. Don't mind the large boulders she'll bring up to her ledge to 'decorate' either side of the entrance, on can never be to careful after all. — Such habits may be rather off putting to those around you, but you will know her better than any other in feeling her emotional side. She is at heart a kind and loyal soul, and although in public it may not well show you'll feel her warmth in many a quiet moment as her tail wraps protectively about you, or stretches a wing over you to shelter you from the elements. The bond you share is strong and unbreakable, however beyond you two, you may find she is not necessarily the most sociable of dragons. — Of love, well, at least flights she'll have a plenty. Rising when she feels the urge, she will most like to play with her suitors and exhibit her own finesse. Her natural cunning will most come into play here, and in the end it will be her choice as to who wins, not fate's hand. Yet flights are but a passing fancy and come morning the day before will mean nothing, no permanent attachment, nor broken heart. It's simply a matter of biology. This may be one of the more negative aspects to rub off on you, in finding trouble maintaining any long term relationship with another human, or feeling love toward any other but Luxth. — While she may not be as sophisticated as some, Luxth more than makes up for it with her common sense and cunning. She isn't apt to go seeking danger, but most jobs will seem to boring and unfulfilling and its likely you'll gravitate toward the random adrenaline rushes within policing, or search and rescue. — In the end though, Luxth is yours and play her as you most desire. I hope you find some inspiration herein, but have fun together no matter what you choose to play.


Your dragon was carefully created for you by S'ym. The egg theme was waterways of the world, and the hatchlings originally a related famous sea farer. Your egg was based on the Aegean Sea in particular, the hatchling was originally geared toward Greek Seafarers and mercenaries. This type of personality actually meshed very close to your listed application preferences and so the dragon ended up based mostly on Jayne. The name was chosen from your preferences, since we want you to be happy. I chose Luxth, as the other names had already been used/closely used and you deserve to have something unique which to cherish. Good luck and may the turns unfold interestingly for the both of you.

Imposing Mercenary Green Luxth
Dam Gold Merkabath
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created by S'ym
Impressee Ina (Inara)
September 10, 2007
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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