Flight of the Phoenix Green Luyillath

This dragon is unfathomably dark at base, green only by virtue of a faint iridescence that bold sunlight ekes out. Feather-like etchings course over her hide, a long, slim nose and swept-back headknobs giving her a rather dainty, swannish appearance. Her underside exists in juxtaposition, pale golden-greens sweeping down her neck, stomach, and the undersides of her paws, as though she once fell asleep atop a pile of treasure and it left its mark once she woke. Jungle tones define the undersides of her wings, struck liberally with moss, lichen, and curli-cue sprigs of fern in a verdant depiction of smoke and flame rising to claim the trailing length of her wingsails. She frequently leaves these to droop at her sides, making herself look bigger than she truly is, or perhaps to lend her an aire of effortless elegance as she carries herself from place to place with a long, if somewhat awkward, stride.

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