Loved by the Sun Green Lychenth

Lithe and lean, this small dragon seems to be formed of the forest itself, a symphony of greens falling upon her form as sun-dappled spots and shadows each have a home. Overlapping, random spots of hunter and kelly vie for dominance along the open canopy of her narrow back and wide wingsails, clinging to the mossy-green supports of spars and ridges, draping gracefully down her sides. There, darker forest green lingers upon her underside, shadows where the sun is prevented from gaining a foothold. Lean limbs support her, though perhaps with a bit of a bow to their drab olive length, her tail sporting the same color, though not the same permanent curve. It is upon her head, though, that the sunlight can be found, as the bright green of spring buds can be found, dappled over her delicate nose, most prevalent around nostrils before fading somewhat as her head sweeps up into small headknobs, a hint of near-yellow sparkle beyond her neck, as it filters through the leaves of her hide.

Egg Name and Description

New and Breaking Through Egg
Raw earth clumped together tightly into a ball of dark hues makes up the form of this formidable round egg. The shell is made of ochre and rich umber tones, mottling together in perfect unison across the rough matte shell of this ovoid from. From what would be the base is sable stippling reaching high in a tight mottled sable line around the circumference to the apex. Bursting violently through the centerline with incandescent radiance is a starburst of pure golden flecks cascading across dark matte tones. Each fleck of light glimmers as though they emit a light of their very own, visible from every angle of this egg for all to see.

Hatching Message

Wobble: New and Breaking Through Egg begins to vibrate, shaking faster and faster before slowing down to a crawl and stopping as it rests upon the warmth of the sands.

Crack: A sudden jolt shakes the very foundation New and Breaking Through Egg has been nestled in as it hardened on these sands. The jolt sends fracture lines from the apex down to the wide base as it spreads. Pieces of shell threaten to give way as they begin to protrude but none far enough to catch a glimpse of what resides within.

Hatch: Eruption! Wings unfurl sending shards of New and Breaking Through Egg in all directions as this tiny dragonet lifts it's eggwet head and announces it's arrival with a shrill squeal over the chaos on the sands. It shakes it's head and tail, dislodging any remaining pieces of it's imprisonment and begins to take one awkward step after another onto the sands to search the things dressed in white.

Impression Message

Frozen. The roar of the crowds and dragons gives way to an abrupt silence. An onslaught of frigid winter grips tightly within your very core and there it holds you for a breath before being defeated by an elated thaw. The aroma of blossoms and fresh greenery begins to take it's hold within the storm. Suddenly that foreign chill becomes a cool breeze that touches softly upon your face and shoulders. « Venryk? » A soothing alto echoes in your mind, blinding you with sunlight breaking through the darkness of a forest canopy within the edges of your vision. « V'nyk. My dearest V'nyk, you're here! You're here and we're together. I am your Lychenth and yours alone. I'm so tired and hungry! Can we go eat together? » The warmth of the sands begins to slowly ease it's way back in, the sounds of the crowds growing louder but not as loud as two hearts beating as one.


Lychenth is surely a thing of beauty and grace in appearance but that's about it when it comes to this young and beautiful green dragonet. She will trip and fall over everything in her wake, including her own sinuous limbs and tail as she grows. Things will be knocked over and bumped into, chaos left in her innocent little baby wake. Including you! « I'm sorry! I didn't see you there! » It doesn't hinder her strong spirit, clumsiness and all, she'll do her best to keep up with the strongest and fastest of her fellow clutchmates. As clumsy as she is physically, she is also clumsy in her decision making - and too often she will hastily head down a path that only causes headaches for you both. Perhaps it is harmless - a bet with Xermiltoth that she can eat more than the large bronze that leaves her (and you) miserable as it works its way through her system. There is also a chance it can have a larger impact, as she urges Lalaseth to attempt to fly before the weyrlingmasters can do so.

As she grows, she'll have a better handle on things and you'll have less. Her adventurous side is going to emerge with a vengeance. That tree? Who said dragonets don't climb on trees because she's going to try! « Come down? But this is the best view ever! » She will latch on to the older dragons of the Weyr, eager to hear of their 'adventures' - even if they are regular visits to Fort or Ista - and the members of the Search and Rescue Wing will be her favorite. As she ages, you will find her waiting eagerly at the lakeside, to pepper them with questions. « Taiyokanth! Did you see the people on the bad boat? » After these sessions, you will likely be told the tale time and again, each time it twisting a little as she forgets details and makes others up in their place.

It is around this time that she'll also begin to take more pride in her appearance, making sure to take the longest soaks and the most thorough of scrubbing to ensure her hide is pristine. « I think I saw a dull patch over my shoulder - the yellow should be so much brighter! » Those dark talons of hers? Sharpened! Thankfully for V'nyk, he won't have to wield a file, at least not for forever - he'll just have to ensure he's got some good quality tree trunks kept near by his weyr for her to sharpen them. Faranth forbid they are misssing, otherwise anything of better quality - including the homes of other people - may be used at her own volition.

Of course, despite her pride in her appearance, she has one major downfall - Dirt. What kind of dirt? The fresh smelling, soft and fluffy between the talons kind in particular will be her vice. If she finds it, it will be brought back to her home. « My couch needs it! » Not only her couch, but piled right outside of V'nyk's entrance. She'll lay in it to pack it down and roll about to make sure it's laid just right. What is she going to do with all that?! « It's for my plants when I find them! » She doesn't know what her plants are, but she'll have them when she finds out! Of course, she will need another bath after that, to ensure no one else sees her in that state.

It is in adulthood that she emerges in full bloom. Graceful in step and poise, she will be nimble and light on her feet, and a lot of her baby awkwardness will vanish. As her tripping and falling disappears, she will become so delicate that you'll rarely hear her sneak up on you as she moves about. You are not likely to be the only person she sneaks up on - nor are you likely to be the only person who takes notice of her grace and beauty. No matter - she will always be loyal to you, and while she may preen and stretch to show off, may make flippant comments about this male or that, she is your lifemate, and you are hers.

She will continue be meticulous about her grooming and yours. « If I'm to be in my finery, you are to be in yours! » As a result, she will often make not so subtle suggestions about the state of your shirt, or how perhaps you could use another set of leathers - one in a color more suited to her hide. Of course, it isn't just you that needs to look yoru best - Lychenth will always be particular about the quality of her straps, and shine of buckles and clips. She is a beauty of nature, if her rider is looking like a hot mess, it takes away from her! Unspeakable!

Her true calling will be in the Search and Rescue wing, as she searches for her own adventures, and her own stories. While the day to day activities of the wing may bore her, the moment a call goes out for assistance, she will be one of the first in the air, ready to go. Nothing will faze her - storms, no problem, pirates? Bring them! She will flourish when it comes to helping others out of bad situations, and she will be a ray of sunshine for those she helps.

As soon as her vibrant hide begins to glow, however, there's no avoiding it the darkness that comes with it. A torrential storm of snow and ice will begin to impede your thoughts, replacing the warmth and sweet scent of forest flowers that was there before. Her mood becomes more cold, calculated, she'll resort to slights and trickery to keep the males on her toes. « Leketh thinks he can best me? What brute with a heart as weak as his could withstand the storm within mine? His potential is nothing more than a leaf prematurely shed from a tree! » Once she bloods her kills and takes flight, she will not go down easily. Using sharp turns and quick maneuvers, even charging head on with dark talons bared, this green will be a force to be reckoned with. The battle is hardly over when the flight is, though, and for those males looking for on-going attention, they will be left wanting.


Seed of Infinite Possibilities

Lychenth's mind is calm and serene with only the quietest of wind rustling leaves. The rich scent of wild flowers accentuates her alto voice with the flickering lights of the sun breaking through the dark forest canopy around the edges of your vision. This serenity is ravaged by the brutal chill of a harsh winter when she is angered or proddy, your vision often blinded by the shocking white of a desolate blizzard.


First off, Congrats! I'm looking forward to see your character grow and blossom into something brilliant with your new lifemate. She had to get me right in the nostalgia and I hope I did her justice. The egg is based on Life and Love - little baby sprouts of new. Tiny seedlings sleeping and slumbering in the cold dark earth before they're greeted with warmth and nurtured until they're strong enough to break out on their own. The dragon is based on Joy and Passion with a combination of Princess Lili and the fairy Oona from the 1985 movie Legend as you requested. Princess Lili in both her purity and in her darkness makes a perfect spectrum for your lifemate to grow into and Oona for the perfect touch of mischievous sass. Just as nature is pure and light, then dark and unforgiving in all things. Her appearance is that of a forest fae, slender and sinuous with the flora of the woods reflected upon her hide. Her name Lychenth is short and simple, the name tweaked a bit from the forest growth lichen. Dragon was made by the one, the only, Kadesh! The egg was collaborated by yours truly and the wonderful and awesome Aglaia! We hope you love her and most importantly of all - She is yours to play as you see fit.


Name Lychenth
Dam Gold Feyruth
Sire Bronze Emeliuth
Created By Kadesh
Impressee V’nyk (Venryk)
Hatched August 27, 2016
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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