Midnight Sentinel Bronze Macoth

The night's silence cloaks any hint of color that dares to voice itself above a dusk's volume. Typical bronze shadings — while not lessened in shine or luster — of a familiar greenish-gold cast themselves in whole hearted abandon over a sleek form. Rubbings of charcoal smudge a tapered muzzle and over eyeridges. Headknobs appear to lack the dusty coloring, instead their nature defiant to the rest of the bronze's complexion, two stars against midnight's embrace. Penumbral wings are delineated by firefly sprinklings, wingspars merely dusky sentinels, destined to trail ebony sails for eternity. Like fog, inky bronzes roll down a sinuous neck, spreading like gathered storm clouds to soften a streamlined form, to tailtip.

Egg Name and Description

Uplifting Flaming Trumpet Egg
Striding, glistening, flaming crystalline counterpart to duller kin, this one bears high and proud its crimson banner. It weaves and wends with determined, heroic measurement 'round this tip and broad, flattened face. Uplifting, alight, and aloft, it criss-crosses thin twigs peeling white from black and spirals high above firmament ablaze with glorious spreading flame. It joins and hisses steam like lava meeting sea - blue to green to magma's burning red-gold. Delight in the form of bronze-brass rings notes dance around both flame and flag, recalling, in a shadowed mass all but disappeared into the overwhelming exuberance, that not all is well, and its hints of gold exist in isolation from their bronzes - fine friends parted by a tax-collector's bag.

Hatching Message

The flaming surface of the Uplifting Flaming Trumpet Egg seems to start melting within itself. This 'melting' is really just teeny-tiny cracks spreading across the shell, thus causing teeny pieces of said shell to slip away from the hatchling within. This process seems to take forever, as slow and deliberate as it is, but finally, with a low creel, the bronzen hatchling within breaks free of his confine.

Impression Message

The stillness. That's what you twig to first. It envelops you like a gathering cloak — warm, safe, secure. It's like you've just become a castle and there's a moat around you, buffering the outside against the walls of your mind. Nice, ne? Of course just when you think you've gotten used to that feeling of protection, that's when it starts talking. « /M'lor/. » Then it winces. « Oops. Sorry, M'lor. Better. » Less volume, yay. But there's an itchy feeling here the next thing that's said will be a name. Macoth? It's likely. « Hmm. » Muse. A pensive type it seems. « Yanno M'lord might work better. I'm Macoth however. » Duuuude.


A rather tentative bronze is your Macoth, definitely a pioneer in that aspect. See, he'll always be the quiet type, never voicing his opinions to his fellow Weyrlings. But he'll be more then happy to share them with you. You're his confidant, and will always be the one he shares each and every little intricate secret and detail of himself to. When asked why he's so quiet, or maybe if you were to press him as to why he doesn't share those thoughts of his with another, he'll respond with something like, « Oh, no. I wish to be sure of what I want to say, before telling them. » And he's not one to use mental words often, either. He'll talk once and a while, sure, but he's most certainly not a chatterbox.

And yes, you probably will end up prompting him to share his ideas, for he is a rather insightful and very clever dragon, and his ideas are usually pretty good. His favorite word, of course, is efficient. Everything must be efficient, and that way of thinking shows in his ideas. He thinks up different ways to do the Weyrling drills, more efficient ways for you to oil him so all his hide gets done, and such things as that. You'll also most likely turn to him for logical answers to your questions, though when it comes to questions about life and the like, you'll be the one he'll ask, because you see, in his eyes you're the best, most wise person on all of Pern!

As for those females, when he sees them as actual females and something more then just fellow dragonets, he'll be rather confused. See, all those other males might compliment a green when she's proddy, with things like « Your hide shines like Rukbat on the waves » and « We shall dance with the stars, you and I. » but Macoth will just await her rising self, staying quiet as always until that time comes. When he loses, he'll usually make some insightful comment such as « Perhaps it was not meant to be, » or « Maybe I would not have liked her. » Don't worry though, he'll sulk a-plenty if he loses. And when he wins, you can be sure he'll exult calmly in it. « I caught her. I am good. » He'll fly much like he flies during drills. Slow, and deliberate, without an ounce of expended energy.

One thing Macoth prides himself on is his always-objectionable points of view. Even in matters concerning you he will never fail to keep a clear head and have a reasonable compromise suggested as a solution. Still, while being decidedly confident, and even proud of those admirable qualities, he is anything but a braggart. Always steady and reserved, and a commendably selfless sort. He is always conscious of others' thoughts and feelings, and will always look out for those before worrying over his own.


Quiet and reserved, Macoth speaks in a deep, drawling rumble, sounding quite like the higher notes of a bass clarinet, which isn't saying much - that's still a low voice he's got. But he uses it right, always soft and well spoken, no matter how excited or upset he may tend to get. Mentally he uses few colors, and dull ones, at that, never liking to draw too much unnecessary attention to himself. Most often he speaks in musings or profound advice, figuring that if one is going to break the silence it may as well be with something at least a little bit important.


Macoth (muh-koth) comes from Maycomb, the fictional Alabama town featured in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. Also, the name sort of sounds like 'ma-caw,' which sounds like a noise mockingbirds make. ;)


Macoth is based on Atticus Finch from Harper Lee's acclaimed novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. His desc is supposed to resemble, well, a mockingbird. ;) If you haven't read the book already, it's strongly suggested that you do so. If you haven't and can't find the time, do check out the sparknotes link.

"I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It's when you know you're licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what."

"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view-until you climb into his skin and walk around in it."
— Atticus Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird

The theme for this hatching was American Poetry for the eggs, and the theme for the dragons was 'Characters in Books You Have to Read in American Lit Class.' I hope a dragon like Macoth, dignified, intelligent, and very moral will do M'lor some good. Hope you agree. ^_^

Egg Inspiration
To the Bartholdi Statue
Ambrose Bierce

O Liberty, God-gifted -
Young and immortal maid -
In your high hand uplifted,
The torch declares your trade.
Its crimson menace, flaming
Upon the sea and shore,
Is, trumpet-like, proclaiming
That Law shall be no more.
Austere incendiary,
We're blinking in the light;
Where is your customary
Grenade of dynamite?
Where are your staves and switches
For men of gentle birth?
Your mask and dirk for riches?
Your chains for wit and worth?
Perhaps, you've brought the halters
You used in the old days,
When round religion's altars
You stabled Cromwell's bays?
Behind you, unsuspected,
Have you the axe, fair wench,
Wherewith you once collected
A poll-tax for the French?
America salutes you—
Preparing to "disgorge."
Take everything that suits you,
And marry Henry George.


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Created By Julia (Egg), L'iam, T'ris, Briatta (Dragon)
Impressee M'lor (Melior)
Hatched cell-content
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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