Add A Squirt of Lime Green Maitayth

Lanky and serpentine, this sultry green has no sharp angles to her form. She flows gracefully with each step. Her strength is there, sleeping, to be awakened at need. Her colors start bright at her head, with emerald, and get darker as they move down, like the layers of liquid in some exotic cocktail. The bright emerald of her face gives way to the lime color that drips down her chest, and becomes deeper fern as it comes to rest on her legs and finally terminates in a soft olive shade at her talons and wings. She holds her wings daintily folded just so, to show off their obvious strength and suppleness to whichever of these males might one day be interested.

Egg Name and Description

Green Around the Gills Egg
Speckles of brown and white striations disturb the otherwise consistent expanse of pale, blue-green. The freckles become more and more dense and finally come to settle at the rounded bottom of the egg like sandy ediment. A strand of foamy white is almost starke against the aqua blue surface of the egg which deepens to a more vivid azure along the upper half, streaked with wispy ribbons of pixilated white.

Eggs Gone Wild stirs as if dragged from slumber after a very long night with protestant moans that haunt a chaotic mix of blue and green. Disoriented. Confused. Groggy. Oh, it's not happy, no, it was sleeping, dreaming, sheltered in the comforting dark before alertness and light drive pulsing throbs of pressure all around.

Eggs Gone Wild is tense until the throbbing fades then slowly it is as if laughter itself has a face though near indiscernable, it is simply a burst of joyous hue that brightens the darkness. Come with me! We're only young once! So much to do and see, live it up, don't waste a single moment! White ribbons flutter and whirl around, delving inside, testing, feeling, searching, seeking a kindred spirit, the sensation almost tickling your spirit.

Eggs Gone Wild slowly starts to withdraw, tendrils of white retreating, color fading, hints of blueish green fading slowly as echoes of laughter play out into quiet. Back to dreams of adventure, back to the shelter of the dark, back to the place where one soul waits for another to make them both complete.

Hatching Message

The Green Around the Gills Egg stirs in the sand, quivering slightly and then tipping sideways. It rolls only a fraction of an inch before coming to rest again.

The Green Around the Gills Egg splits neatly in two with a muffled 'crack'. The halves don't separate right away though, and a close look reveals movement inside. The occupant is trying to free itself.

The Green Around the Gills Egg finally shatters and the occupant tumbles onto the sand!

Impression Message

She stumbles only briefly before finding her feet. Once she does, her movements are remarkably coordinated for one so young. She slinks over to the candidates, taking her time, curving around to their little huddled knot without taking a straight path. There is one girl there, a tall blonde girl, with her hair pulled down over her face to hide a patchy blotch across her skin, and looking back at the dragon that catches her eye. Yes, you've got potential. Their eyes lock, the dragon and the young weaver all the way from Southern Boll Hold. Impression! When the girl recovers, her pale blue eyes suddenly look just a little bit more outgoing, and she seems a little less shy. "Maitayth," Teniqua lets out a gasp, a hand reaching out towards the green. "You really don't mind my face?" There's a soft croon in reply. Clearly not!


The theme of the clutch was "Months of the Year" and the eggs were based off birthstones for each month. The birthstone for March is the aquamarine, which provided the desc for this particular egg. Its mind touches were influenced by spring break, which is usually a time of endless parties and not so infrequent imbibing of alcohol by college students.

The hatchling was inspired by those alcohol-type drinks (more party, whoo!) and the lime juice that usually gets added to them for a bit of zesty flavor. Her name, is of course Mai Tai with a creative spelling.


Name Add A Squirt of Lime Green Maitayth
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Glyith
Created By Lissi (egg) & A'ven (hatchling)
Impressee Teniqua
Hatched July 31, 20011
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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