Queen of the Bayou Green Maraeth

Slender, lithe and possessed of an elegant sinuousness, the smooth hue of absinthe-green coats her from nose to tail tip, abruptly divided from the herb-toned curve of her paler underbelly. The play of shadows and highlights across her hide adds depth and roundness to her while across her back, glistening bronze-green gleams with a metallic shimmer — rounded ovals in irregular shapes that meander While gracefulness easily lies in the lean, coiled movement of her slim shoulders and haunches, the awkward gawkiness of spindled limbs seems less of a distraction than her wide-cheeked blunt muzzled head. Genetic inheritance seems to left her with a short head, slightly upturned muzzle, and a slightly protrudent eyes. Her wings, rather wide and broad of sail are a mottled mosaic of shamrock chartreuse — most densely patterned along the leading edge before fading off along the trailing edge at the end of her 'sails.

Egg Name and Description

The Happiest Place on Pern Egg
Slate-gray covers the lower portion of this good-sized egg; irregular lines of a darker gray seeming to form a pattern as if a great many rocks had been laid down and cemented into place to form the bulwark of a great wall or gate, the rounded arch of the entry way seen, splashes of purple and red like banners in a triangular fashion seen along either side of it. There are turrets here, the protective wall that keeps the great hold safe and protected, while behind it, rising in whimsical fantasy towards the apex of the egg, pink and blue form a magical confection of a lady holder's bower, delicate and pretty towers looming upwards. A place for a great lady holder perhaps? What magic lies within?

Hatching Message

There! Did it move? Just a wiggle? See, there it is again. There's only the slightest little bit of perceptive movement to be glimpsed from The Happiest Place on Pern Egg and it might easily be overlooked. It lies still again, suddenly quiescent and content to make the grand entrance at the right moment.

The Happiest Place on Pern Egg twitches again, a teeny tiny little wiggle that once again might be overlooked were it not accompanied by a sudden loud cracking, and a bit of the stone-gray patterning along the bottom portion of the shell popping out, and spidery cracks beginning to appear along the rest of it.

Nothing set in stone can ever last forever for after all, stones can be shattered and broken, torn down into rubble and reduce to tumbled piles of moss-covered ruins. So too must this bower fall for The Happiest Place on Pern Egg gives one final shudder, and seems to collapse in upon itself, leaving its occupant to slither her way free onto the sands.

Impression Message

Hot. That's no doubt the thought running through your mind right now. It is hot. Very very hot. The heat that radiates up from the sands beneath your feet seems to make everything dance and shimmer, a magical glow of sparkly light around the colorful form of the Queen of the Bayou Green Hatchling as she makes her rounds. But then, she's lost, a brief glimpse of her last known location all you've gotten before a blunt little head is pushed up against your leg and eyes whirling with hunger are turned up towards you. « Oh K'yr. » a spicy sort of scent enters your thoughts along with that lilting drawl of a voice. « K'yr, I've found you at last. Let's get you off these sands before you do something silly like burn your feet. Come along now. Listen to Maraeth, dear heart. We'll get you to a cooler place, and you can feed me. »


Of a sunny disposition, and wise even at her young age, Maraeth loves to have fun. She's easily the life of her weyrling class, cheerful and bubbly with a certain daring trait that makes her the prankster of the group. Had she been human, she'd be a weyrbrat for sure. Did those bed sheets of that girl who doesn't like you get wrapped up in a knot? Or how about the dead tunnelsnake that just happened to find its way into the clothespress of a bully? It's the small things in life that Maraeth enjoys making a little more dramatic.

From the start, Maraeth is a bit of an eccentric, and it shows through her wit and ability to laugh at the situations life throws at her. « Oooh oooh, K'yr, that big ole bronze did a belly flop in the lagoon. That gonna hurt. » And wait till you start flying because the usual isn't enough for her. She's a daredevil, prone to tight corkscrew spins and looping spirals. Just be careful, Ky'r, and don't lose your lunch.

If you get under Maraeth's skin, you'll find that she is an absolute mother hen to you when the circumstances warrant. She does have her limits, of course. There's no reason to fuss repeatedly over you for minor incidences, but given your tendency to get into accidents, she is going to hover over you should something drastic happen, and will raise enough of a fuss to see that you get proper treatment right away. « It's important, Ky'r. You need to see a healer right this minute. »

In a sense, Maraeth is your fairy godmother. She watches over you, makes sure your needs are met, and that you can stay out of trouble that might end up hurting you. But as long as you want to get in trouble that might just end in some pranking fun… you'll have your 'godmother' right along side saying « Boy, that was FUN! »

When maturity comes, and the flights begin, you'll find Maraeth's daring acrobatics come in handy. She is all about a quick and challenging flight — while you'll know she's proddy, she won't force you to wear pink or skin-tight leather or anything like that (after all, just think, you could hurt yourself trying to peel out of skin tight leather, and your 'mother' won't like that one bit.) If she bloods, it's swiftly done (no more than a single herdbeast, if that) and then she takes to the skies, putting the boys through their paces in an attempt to pick nothing but the best. « You gotta dig a lil deeper boys, find out what you're truly made of if you're gonna get me. »

Flight over and done, she changes little from the fun-loving green you know and love. She'll always fuss over you when you are hurt, she'll help you and guide you, but she won't ultimately make your life easier. After all, she's not exactly able to grant wishes just like that.


As ethereal and sparkly as she was in the shell, Maraeth's mind voice has something of an upbeat jazzy rhythm to it— the kind of tune that makes you want to tap your toes a bit in time to the music. It's part of her charm, after all, that she's so sunny and cheerful that her mind voice is equally cheerful as well. She easily could greet everyone with that happy-go-lucky attitude that might want to make them laugh right along with her.

When she's in her "mother hen" mode, she takes on a bit more of a strict and prim schoolmarm attitude. There'll be no arguing with her, mister. Just do what she says, because that's the way it is.

There's a somewhat spicy scent to her mind voice, a lingering taste like seafood gumbo, that just sticks to the tongue and makes everything seem all right. Red and gold and sprinkle of sparkly little stars seem to color her mind voice most often, her words spoken with a bit of a lilt, like that of a bayou dweller.


Kyrerin, welcome to weyrlinghood at Western Weyr!!! And hooray for greenie love. We're very happy to have you here with us. I hope you enjoy Maraeth as much as I enjoyed making her.

The egg theme for the clutch was Amusement Parks, and The Happiest Place on Pern was based off none other than Disneyland, in Anaheim, California. The actual description is based off Sleeping Beauty's Castle which is really what everyone thinks of when they visit Disneyland because it's very central to the park. Once you walk past Main Street and see the drawbridge and the castle, it's like "Yeah, this is Disneyland."

Since you asked for a fun-loving and daring dragon who goes into mother hen mode, and because the hatchlings were based off things related to those amusement parks, I've given you Mama Odie, the "Fairy Godmother" from The Princess and the Frog. She's definitely fun-loving, and not your usual type of fairy godmother, so I hope that appeals to you, but it allows her to be properly motherly and protective. Maraeth's name comes from "marraine" which is Cajun for Godmother, and her desc is based off Juju, Mama Odie's seeing-eye snake (because I know how much you love reptiles)

In the end, though, she is yours to enjoy and play. Congratulations!!



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