The rich colors of a neatly cut emerald have been gathered upon her sleek hide, her glowing hue chiseled from the stone itself. The vibrant colors of a precious gemstone are reflected along her long, delicate snout, dancing over her eye ridges and head knobs, and sparkling as they slip seamlessly along her serpentine neck and body. Polished jade shines along her underside, set neatly amongst the rarer stone from beneath her chin, to between her limbs, extending to the end of her limber tail, stretching outwards from the centerline of her form, pulling attention to the center of the stage that is her body. Paler wing sails are tinted golden, as faceted gems reflect stage lights from between each emerald spar, width wide but graceful at their fullest extent. Each perfectly shaped ridge along her sleek back is patterned malachite, a darker stripe countering the jade of her belly, while each talon at the end of her long legs is a smooth, undisrupted black opal, contrasting with her lighter hide.


From the beginning, Marjiath will try to steal the show - she knows she's pretty - and she loves being the center of attention. When it comes time to pick couches, she'll want one right in the middle of the room, so anyone coming or going through the area will have to pass her by. She loves to be pampered, and scented oils are one of her favorite things. Sure, at the beginning the regular vats of oil will be fine, but once she discovered the herb scented bottles the healers have set aside for firelizards, you'll be scampering for them yourself. Thankfully, she'll be satisfied with just the accents - headknobs and eyeridges - rubbed in the fancy stuff. As she grows up, she'll continue to prefer it because it sets her apart, and makes her the center of the story. And, envy will grow whenever the situation dictates otherwise.

Furthering her love of attention, Marjiath is a talker. She enjoys talking to almost anyone, whether it's a visiting blue from Western, or her clutchmates, asking questions and just chattering away. « Cinrath, why do you like to try what Candia has to eat? I really like what I have already. » But, when you are alone, she'll talk with you too, often keeping up a running commentary, and depending on the subject, it will be complete with silly voices showcasing her talent as an actress.

She loves to be first - first to eat, first to fly, first to be in the lake for her bath, and first and foremost in everyone's mind. Given that Toriath often feels the same way, it may make for a very interesting weyrlinghood. Because while Marjiath is content to share, as long as she /thinks/ she's first, Faranth help you should she ever feel that she's being slighted. If you're the one doing it, she'll sit and sulk, limiting her chattering to her draconic neighbors. If it's one of said neighbors, expect her to start ignoring them in favor of others. And, if it's someone else entirely, expect for her to never care to see them again.

As she grows up, her temper will even out slightly, but she'll still demand your full devotion. If she has something to say, you'd better make sure you're listening, and not just absently letting her ramble on. If she wants to go somewhere with you, there are few reasons she'll accept for refusal. But, she's totally devoted to you in return, even if sometimes it seems otherwise. « Uta, what is wrong? Why are you upset? » She'll inquire the moment she senses something out of the ordinary. Her normal worries will be set aside until you spill the beans, and then she'll sit and comfort you. She'll sit and chatter away about what you've told her, what others have told her, or what she's seen, just to give you something else to think about. And then, she'll push you towards a bit of pampering - a bath with scented soaps, a cute haircut, or some new flowing clothes - to help complete the recovery. She loves pretty things, and if she's to be the center of attention, you need to be pretty too.

Thankfully, she's not a collector, so you won't find your weyr filled with shiny rocks or shards of colored glass that she just had to have. However, she does enjoy comfort, and feels that you should too. Once you've a weyr of your own, she'll push you towards heavy pillows, solid furniture, and otherwise stunning, yet comfortable furniture. But, if she's going to entertain, you will too, and it's only appropriate to have a proper reception area.

Marjiath is also one to never give up on her dreams - while sometimes they may be difficult to reach, and sometimes roadblocks are thrown in the way, she'll try to work around them, and she'll encourage you to do the same. She'll long for the pair of you to have a wingleader position, or perhaps even a weyrsecond position, because of the attention and honor that comes with it. Yet, if nothing opens up, she'll not just stand idly by. « Perhaps you should be a weyrlingmaster. Make your name known. » There are ways to achieve anything, with enough creativity. « Do things, to let them know who you are, and that you can lead. » She'll encourage you - after all, not every path is a straight line.

Not every path is a straight line indeed, which is the best description of what her flights will be like: high and winding, full of flips and turns, rolls and loops, and everything in between. She'll show off the entire time, flaunting her talent right until the moment she's caught. Yet, before she flies, you'll notice a subtle difference in her - her chattering will seem to cease, and she'll seem more ponderous - as if something is weighing upon her mind. She'll seem less friendly, at least for a while, and prefer to sit by herself. But then, all that will return to normal when she takes off. After the flight, she may hang upon the lucky male for a while, enjoying the company, but she'll eventually come back to you, letting the male disappear from her thoughts.

Why Uta? You are her Peter Parker, in a weird sense. You're the one that she'll always come back to, even when she starts to think otherwise. You're the one that'll encourage her when the going gets rough, and you'll be the one that she'll support no matter the circumstances. You are her super hero.

Mind Name and Description

Depths of Shadows:
Despite her shadowy tones, the shades of grey running to both ends of the spectrum, Marjiath's mind is truly feminine in nature. The darkness of a prepped theater before the show is the backdrop to her mind, yet excitement and anger will quickly cause the stage-lights to flip on. A shimmering gold beam will light up her thoughts as happiness and excitement begin to build, like a story building up to the climax. Yet, a hazy red cast will disrupt the flow when anger and annoyance appear, like the bad guy slipping onto the stage to hushed boos from the audience, noticeable only in contrast to otherwise peaceful calm.
Her voice itself is a cool soprano, with artistic lilts and rolls, never monotone as she expresses her thoughts. She even has a fair voice for impersonations, an actress at heart as she mimics the mannerisms of others. A light scent of jasmine drifts along with her mind, a hint of her delicate preferences and her total femininity.

Egg Name and Description

Heart of Darkness Egg:
Ebony tendrils have enveloped almost every inch of the smooth surface of this egg, making themselves one with the shell that sits upon the sands. With a creeping reach, even the rounded poles have become corrupted by the spreading darkness. Gone is free, gone is individual thought, gone is it all as the last bits of red and blue, the last bits of vibrant life, disappear beneath the blanket of black. And then, there is no escape, for it is the heart of darkness.

Egg Touches

Depths of Shadows drift with the dark of night, ebony hues curling around your presence, and a light whisper pushes into your thoughts, and pulls you away from the Sands. Even without distinct words, envy pushes against your consciousness, and the darkness continues to grasp at you.

Depths of Shadows continue to push, the touch of envy deepening into tinges of revenge and retribution, the shadows casting everything into fuzziness, keeping it all out of focus. And then, each black tendril pulls at a weak moment of your life, dangling them between your minds.

Depths of Shadows continue to pull at your feelings, feeding on the darkness. The wisps of ebony have taken on a solid form of their own, lingering like a heavy cloak. And then, suddenly, cloak and shadows of emotion vanish. And then, you're back on the sands, and the presence has once more retreated to the heart of all darkness.

Hatching and Impression Messages

Nothing is invincible, and nothing can withstand prolonged rejection forever. And so, continuing to move as it has, finally the Heart of Darkness Egg is shed, pieces falling to the sands abandoned, leaving the green within free to make her own choice.

Darkness suddenly envelops your mind, like when the lights in the theater are shut off for the show to begin. And, the show is certainly beginning. A hint of jasmine floats over your thoughts before a golden light appears, and a soft voice is there. « Utaria. » And then, the light softens amongst the darkness. « Uta. You made it. I'm so happy you could see me. » Femininity nudges at your thoughts, as the hues of the light change to soft blue. « We will have to work on your appearance, however, it will do. I am Marjiath, and you.. You are my Uta. » And then the blue is quickly replaced by a hazy red, and she waits for the Act to end. « First, though, food. »


The theme for eggs this cycle was Summer Blockbuster Movies, and the Heart of Darkness Egg was based on the movie Spiderman 3. The movie is the third installment in the popular comic book series, and introduces Venom, and reintroduces the Green Goblin, as villains. The Heart of Darkness egg was based almost entirely on the Venom Symbiote, an alien creature which bonds with various hosts and controls them and their thoughts. It was shown to create a darker Spiderman, one who was much more viscous and at times downright frightening. The name itself is an illusion to the Joseph Conrad novel 'The Heart of Darkness' which also examines the inner desires of men, and shows the greed and jealousy of humans in general.
Marjiath is based on Mary Jane Watson, the main female character in the Spiderman movies, and in Spiderman 3, the significant other of Peter Parker, or Spiderman. She is an aspiring actress, and has decided that she truly wishes to be with Peter, despite the risks. However, 'dark Spiderman' scares her badly, and she flees to Harry Osbourne. The rift between them is widened with the arrival of Gwen Stacy.
Her hatchling name is a reference to the fact that in the comic books, Mary Jane was not meant to be a major character - Gwen Stacy was meant to be the love interest of Peter Parker. However, Mary Jane was a much more popular character, and eventually became the lead female both in the comic books and in the popular movies. It also seemed appropriate, given the character's acting dreams.
Finally, Marjiath is a spin on none other than 'Mary Jane'. I've been pronouncing it Mahr-shee-ath (with a soft r and j) - but its obviously open for interpretation.
Again, I hope you like her!


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