Mercenary With a Mouth Brown Marweroeth

Bulky but rather compact, this dragon is both larger than he might seem but rather elegantly put together. Deeply, rusty brown, his coloring pools in mahogany swirls that slide over bunched muscles and darken along the areas that show bony points. From the rounded angles forming his head, down to a shortened neck and broad shoulders that taper into the rest of his body, promising strength in every moment made. More slender than the rest of him, his haunches still carry bunched muscle and coiled energy just waiting for release, with that carried out into the flowing build of his tail, with its same dark rusty hues. Tipping his paws are smoked talons of blackened brown, the edges blunted although they remain near perfect crescents. Cut sharply, his wings are large enough for support, but indent severely on his trailing edges, with no spare sail being stretched between his 'spars. Ruddy colors collect there, lighter as they spread out from the dark wingspars until they approach near golden near the middle.

Egg Name and Description

Platinum and Gold Egg

Is that an oval? It should be an oval. Eggs are supposed to be oval. This egg, though its not quite oval; its not quite /any/ shape that you ever recall having learned a name for. Theres too many colors to describe it as pretty: iridescent blotches of egg, riddled with red, and green, and a vibrant blue. There appears to be fire sweeping one side, and water the other. Somewhere in between theres a pattern of plants, each spoiled by a shock of lightning through each painted portion.--

Hatching Message

Platinum and Gold egg begins to move on the sands, vibrating with an energy that seems to say this little hatchling has waited long enough! It falls onto its side, making a small twist in the sand, and then goes still.

Platinum and Gold egg hasn't given up yet! Just when you thought this little hatchling wasn't going to come out, the egg starts to vibrate again, move violently this time. There's a wiggle and a wobble and another half-roll that results in an explosion of fissured cracks along every surface.

Platinum and Gold egg explodes, sending shards of gooey egg in every direction and revealing an egg-wet hatchling! There's no dignity or grace here. It seems like this little-one has landed snout-first.

Impression Message

«There you are!» The sensation that envelopes you is warm and inviting, washing over you with the freshness of a forest recently cleansed by the rain. There's a comforting smell of burning wood and an impression of a cozy fire shared by generations of families and friends that have come and gone before you. «I have been looking all over for you, my Trysta. I am your Marweroeth, and together we are going to make a great team.» He pauses, as if his attention is temporarily drawn away from you, and then there's a meekly soft, «First, may we have whatever they are having? There's an uncomfortable sensation in my stomach.»


General Personality: The first thing you need to know about Marweroeth is that he has two completely different personalities. Rest assured that his foremost personality will be the one that you deal with more often than not (and that is an exceedingly good thing - for both of you).

Marweroeth will take on life with you with much passion and determination to see you succeed. You will learn fairly early on that he is incredibly selfless, but not to the point where he will ever put anybody else's needs above your own. Marweroeth will go out of his way to understand you and his peers, and seems to thrive on your trust and respect just as much as he thrives on those of the dragons (and riders) around him.

One thing that you will need to pay careful attention to is that Marweroeth will be /extremely/ trusting of those around him. He will be incredibly easy to take advantage of and, more often than not, will not realize that he's being bullied until it's far too late to prevent any potential backlash.

For the most part, Marweroeth has a very strong sense of justice and is highly fair-minded. Even when he is wronged, he will do his best to understand those who are wronging him and /why/. Marweroeth might even attempt to help them be /better/ for their own mistakes so long as whatever he needs to do will not in any way, shape, or form hamper your own growth.

Marweroeth will be extremely supportive of you, and any dreams, goals, or ambitions that you might have. He has the utmost faith that you will undoubtedly succeed in whatever endeavor you might so-choose to pursue, but he will never push you out of your own comfort zone.

Marweroeth will take criticism for himself very well and, rather than sulking and trying to prove everybody around him wrong (or being ashamed by his own failures), he will learn from his mistakes with absolute grace. He will be the same way with you, helping you learn from any mistakes or failures life might throw your way and helping you to understand that growth is sometimes a very painful part of growing up, but absolutely necessary. So long, of course, as you are the one making your own hurts.

Here is the catch: You. He will tolerate the misconceptions and cruelties that might be directed towards himself, but he will lose every ounce of understanding the minute somebody directs /any/ ill-intention towards you.

When Marweroeth is angry, he is like a completely different dragon in your mind. Suddenly his communicational colors will turn from soft, vibrant, and multitudes to violent red and black. The smell of this mind voice will be almost acidic, and even the canter of his speech will change from soothingly soft to something much more self-depreciating. He will give you the distinct impression of death and other less than desirable things, but there will always be an absolute sense of safety for you there.

The caring, understanding side of him will be absolutely gone, so don't bother trying to find it. In its place is what we will refer to as the 'mercenary with a mouth', and he will be absolutely intolerable when he is in this frame of mind. The words he shares with you will be bitingly witty and extremely crude, and it will be something that takes you completely off-guard the first time you are witness to it happening.

Ila'den: Who showed him how to spell 'Ila'den' with herdbeast intestines?
Marweroeth: «I knew you'd look.»

Marweroeth tends to speak to himself in multiple voices when he's this angry, sometimes to talk himself out of an idea, sometimes to encourage an idea, and sometimes to tell himself how absolutely ridiculous his other two voices are being - but he absolutely disregards the advice, feelings, and safety of those around you and who you both might consider 'friends'.

High Marweroeth: «Look at Teimyrth chasing after that herdbeast. He is so brave.»
Medium Marweroeth: «These things are like my dream arch nemesisisis or is it arch-Nemesisisi? I can pummel, gouge, eviscerate, and mutilate and they'll keep coming.»
High Marweroeth: «This is my favorite set of teeth, herdbeast. See why it is my favorite!»
Low Marweroeth: «We seem to have found another weakness - EATING them. Next time try not to steal the herdbeast from Teimyrth.»

Marweroeth will be extremely condescending to everybody in this split except for you - and even with you, he will be bitingly sarcastic, but in a way that you will find amusing and will not be hurt by. If you have any scolding words for him, he will likely laugh at your perceived "charm". Anybody else will be on the receiving end of a scathing remark.

Despite all of his anger, Marweroeth will be quite playful and silly when he's the mercenary with a mouth, but in a completely self-depreciating (and again, demeaning towards others) kind of way. The only one who can pull him out of this dark mood is you, and even you will have to work hard to get him back to his initial personality.

That being said, Marweroeth will be very restless and extremely brash to do things that will likely end up with him being hurt - physically. These will be the glimpses of mercenary mode that will not be so well hidden until later - keep in mind, they will be much more pronounced in adulthood when he does slip into this mode. He will be the first one to attempt everything, and in his youth, he will not be as /good/ at listening as you might like him to be.

Medium Marweroeth: «Oh, Faranth. Here Nae goes again! She's not here ten seconds before she starts boring us with her dire warning-about-flying crap!»
Low Marweroeth: «We /may/ want to pay attention… this could explain a critical point.»
Medium Pitch: «It's… so… boooorrrrrrring.»
He will, however, take direction from you, so be very mindful of the things you say and do.

Flights: Oh yes. Flights. Here is probably where you will find more of the Mercenary with the Mouth than you will find of easy-going, genuine, sweet and kind Marweroeth. He is /not/ going to be the best with words when it comes time to chase the ladies - but he will be extremely interested in chasing.

If Dragon-Crushes are a thing, then Marweroeth is king of the dragon-crushes. If it's gold or green and not stuck between somewhere, Marweroeth will think that she is the prettiest thing to ever hatch. /Ever/. His likes, like his memory, will be quick, brief, and fleeting, but you will not hear the end of it when hes in a way. Faranth forbid that he's stuck in Mercenary Mode when this happens, because you will /not/ find the things he has to say very flattering at all. Or rather, the things that he thinks.

For a brown, he will be pretty agile, but keep in mind that he will still very much be a brown. He will rely on his wit for most of the chase (and Faranth help whichever little lady he can charm with those brusque words). If Marweroeth should lose, he will probably take a self-depreciating jab at himself, but he will /learn/ from it. The next time, Marweroeth will be even more brilliant in the skies than he was before.


Marweroeth's mindvoice will change depending on his mood. When he is happy, there will be one tone only - and the tone will be very soothingly calm. It will give you the impression of a forest after the rain and the remains of a campfire shared with the best of friends - warm, and cozy with the delicious smell of burning pine. He will be the most vibrant in his colors when he is Marweroeth, and you will often find a mix of pastel green, blues, pinks, and yellows. When he is excited, the colors will be more vibrant and bright.

It's when Marweroeth's in Mercenary Mode that the colors will be a strictly violent shade of red and the darkest black. He will be painful in this voice, leaving behind the impression of acid eating away at flesh, of muscle being torn in two and knit back together over, and over, and over again. The smell will be stale, rotting, and leave the distinct impression that this is most assuredly the way that death smells. There will be three pitches that he uses: A medium pitch, which seems to be the 'maniac' behind the brawn «Ila'den?! Heyyy, man out of time, what are YOU doing here?», a high pitch, which seems to be the non-too-helpful encouragement of the 'maniac (and the idiot) «I love reunions!», and a deep, husky tone that seems to be the 'voice of reason', and is always condescending the other two «We haven't seen him since the hatching. You idiots realize he can ground us to the weyr.».


This dragon was made for you by N'mon and Ila'den! Your dragon's name Marweroeth was inspired by two words: Marw, which is Cornish for "Dead", and Eroe, which is Italian for "Hero". Platinum and Gold Egg? Inspired by the Pokemon series!

Marweroeth's personality has two inspiring personalities behind it. The first one was chosen because you asked that we stick with the initial theme of the egg. Your theme was Pokemon! His calm, selfless, giving personality was based off of Ash Ketchum.

You said that you /also/ wanted a twist. I figured I would go with something a little more anti-hero so that you would have two very distinct, very different personalities to tinker around with. His second personality is based off of Deadpool (and if you don't know who he is, you should really look him up - he's fun!)

All of the personality here is, of course, merely a suggestion. You are welcome to tweak his personality to your own liking, or do away with it all together and play him as you see fit! In the end, Marweroeth is /your/ dragon, and the most important thing to understand is that we want /you/ to have fun with him.


Name Mercenary With a Mouth Brown Marweroeth
Dam Gold Celimoth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By N'mon & Ila'den
Impressee Trysta
Hatched November 23, 2014
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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