There Are No Second Dates Blue Hatchling


Oppressive twilight presses down against this blue’s form until he gathers it to himself and uses it to rise above the rest. Dark hues cling to his hide like invisible cobwebs or filaments of fate, curving and crisscrossing in a subtle streaked dapple pattern that caresses his neck and shoulders before vanishing into pools of the ocean’s freezing depths of his underbelly and legs. Already his size and power is foretold, despite the long, lean look to his body. Disproportionate to most dragons’, his head hangs, too large for his neck, his tail longer to compensate and give him some semblance of balance. It is angular and stark, chiseled from stone by the harsh whip of wind and the beating of sand. His head knobs are angled forward alertly, the swirl of rainclouds against a dark sky giving the appearance that they are twisted, when in reality there is nothing amiss - it is all an illusion. Sharp, angled ridges rise and fall from his neck and along his spine like the distant, foreboding crags of the northern reaches’ mountain ranges, daring any to approach at their own risk. Hind legs are long and angled, most often pushed more erect than most dragons do, causing the angle of his back to be tipped forward rather than straight or upright, and perhaps it is necessary due to the size of his head and the length of his tail. Ripples and waves of poisoned flotsam flow sluggishly down his long, narrow tail to its fork, where the hues fade away into darkness. Wings extend at least another quarter size longer than they should be, stretching on and on as he unfurls their sails and reaches with his spars into whatever space he might occupy, claiming the air beneath his wings as his own even when he’s on the ground. His talons are flecked with steel blue and veins of black, gathered from the paths he has walked through the nightmares of the universe.

Egg Name and Description

Us Against the World Egg
A strange looking one to be sure, this egg is a miasma of darker colors. Mixed brown, blues and crimsons fade to near blacks as it forms an ominous looking sea. Roughly dead center upon it floats a circular corona of bright yellow. Shining as the brightest part of the whole, the radiance seems to be thawing the darker colors and for a few inches all around it the threatening inkiness warms to gray and white. Within the protective yellow circle are two blotches of red and orange, each having several molten fingers that intertwine with each other as two tightly held hands. Two hands, together stronger than each alone. Together holding back the darkness and together, them against the world.

Hatching Message

Us Against the World Egg shatters apart after one final push from the hatchling within and what slithers out onto the sands is something of nightmarish details. It’s definitely a hatchling, a dark blue hatchling, but he won’t be winning any comments over how adorable he is, that’s for certain. The cold look he gives the lingering Candidates with red whirling eyes doesn’t help, as he straightens himself out and prepares to go on the move.

Impression Message

As chaos erupts on the Sands, it’s hard to keep track of everything. Especially when some prove to be surprisingly good at slithering up to you just when you’re at the highest point of distraction. One moment events are unfolding around you and then the next, your senses are enveloped in a cool, chilling fog. « Don’t act surprised now that I’ve appeared to be your guide. » A voice, distinctly masculine, whispers into your thoughts and already you can feel his claws mentally sink in and grasp you, vice like, as the bond is forged and never, EVER to be broken. The voice is low, smooth and almost sauve if it wasn’t for the lurking sense of something dangerous beneath, barely hidden behind a smirk. « Why do you hesitate to follow me? I mean you no harm, for you’re the one I am interested in. Oh yes, you will do perfectly, my dear Valeska. » An almost savage need crosses between you then, a hunger so intense to almost be overpowering. « I’m Mecahisth. Will you be so kind as to join me to find something to satisfy this… craving? »



From the very moment he hatched and his mind joined with yours, you’ll know that Mecahisth is not your average blue. Not physically and certainly not mentally. He’s cunning and devious even in his youngest age (but it will come into true power in maturity), hiding most of his malice behind a cheery, sugary facade that may fool everyone else except for you. Most will see nothing more than your average young dragon, occasionally troublesome and getting into mischief but you’ll know the truth of it. You’ll know every dark secret and thought, for you have insight into his distorted mind. What could appear harmless in reality isn’t and few of his pranks are and if pushed for a reason behind it? He may only give you the equivalent of a mental shrug. For a short span of time, he may enjoy some pranks and joking around with his bronze brother Gwyngyrgogoth but it will soon be apparent that Mecahisth’s tastes are a little less about… fun — or at least ‘fun’ in the normal sense of the word.

At times, Mecahisth will display some paranoid tendencies and insecurities, though rarely directed wholly to himself. They’re more directed at you and he’ll be insufferably clingy and so overbearing in the first months of weyrlinghood that it’s likely to drive you close to breaking point when he will just refuse to leave your side. EVER. Sleep will yield only so much peace and freedom! You’ll learn fast to be back well before he wakes and even then if he suspects you’ve been gone, he’ll be cool towards you for awhile before either something distracts him or you manage to mollify his displeasure. His stalker-like, obsessive and clinging tendencies will fade over time, but don’t be surprised either if he’s occasionally lurking about when you think he’s back in the barracks ‘sleeping’.

You’ll discover soon enough too that he’s apt to gorge himself on food whenever he can while he’s too young to hunt for himself. He’s cunning enough to even fool you in the beginning that he needs more food, when truly he’s had more than enough. It could be blamed on his rapid growth (he IS a big blue, even if so skinny?) or it could be blamed on anything — even YOU. Mecahisth is bound to run the record for having thick tail or other stomach ailments than any other weyrling dragon that the Weyrlingmaster and his staff have ever had the pleasure to deal with. Thankfully, he’ll outgrow this the moment he can hunt on his own, as by that stage in life, he’ll have ‘matured’ in some ways.

And if there’s one thing Mecahisth abhors like nothing else? Profanity. It’ll tame in time but when he’s in the first few months and into the first Turn of his life? It seems to drive him mad to hear it used, so your crass behavior may very well be met with distaste from him.

« NO! No, no, no! Don’t say that! Say… say fiddley-foof instead! »

It seems so strange, that for a blue’s mind as dark as his that his approach to foul language is, well… childish? From the way he flies into rages and expresses his anger with childishly strange words and phrases it is one of his most peculiar quirks. Never mind HE slips up now and again, which only further frustrates him. It’ll take all of your efforts to get him to calm down, which is sometimes easier said than done.

Just when you think it can’t get any worse? His distaste over swearing is only the tip of the iceberg in his more “violent” behavior. He’s also prone to tantrums over insignificant matters. One moment he’ll be fine, the next, he’s pitching a fit…

« I don’t CARE if it was Ystavath’s turn! That… that dirty birdy is hogging it all anyways and it’s MY TURN! I deserve it! »

Of course, he isn’t completely aware of his size or power when younger, so most will learn to steer well clear of him as an errant tail, wing or claw will send materials in the barracks scattering. You’ll have your hands full not only soothing him and getting him to settle again but also cleaning up after him. It’s in these occasions that he’ll turn apologetic — but only towards you and it won’t matter who else is involved or part of the injured party. Mecahisth’s rare and few apologies go only for his bonded, which is you. So that leaves YOU, yet again, in charge of apologizing for him.

Mecahisth will outgrow many of these early quirks, though some will linger on and just become more refined. He’ll become more cultivated and witty, his childish outbursts more a thing of the past (though he’s still prone to bouts of frustration!). He also develops more of a cynical side to him, growing more and more detached from his clutchmates rather than bonding with them. There will come a time as well that he develops a preoccupation with material objects and comforts, a ‘hobby’ that he’ll often satisfy by using you as his source. If he sees something and wants it but cannot attain it himself, well… be prepared to be sweet talked and manipulated into getting it.


Weyrlinghood itself? Will be a problem, if not a downright nightmare and constant battle with Mecahisth. So will being in a Wing, until he gains a few Turns of experience. He displays some levels of nihilism — mainly that he doesn’t do well with established rules. Forcing him to conform will just have him subtly rebel and he will probably do a pretty good job on twisting things that even you consider it to be a valid point until it’s obvious that it’s nothing more than his skepticism showing through. Yet there are times when his specific outlooks are often right, as it’s easier for him to discern faults in the system but on the flip side of things? His vision is often too narrow and the outlook wrong. He’ll require much tempering from you and while he’ll often clash with your opinion (and probably slip away somewhere to sulk), he’ll usually come around. Usually.

As Mecahisth nears maturity, he’ll pick up something akin to a sophisticated taste in art, music and food — most of which he’ll live vicariously through you. Often, so very often, he will insist you both go somewhere or someplace just for those experiences alone. He’ll expect you to dress up too and play the part, even if just for a ruse. Gathers, parties, important gatherings… anything that screams ‘culture’ or ‘sophisticated’ or even just a bunch of big rank knots, he will want to be there, or rather, he wants you there, observing and experiencing it ALL so that he can savor it through your memories. There’s only so much HE can experience, being a dragon (and a rather intimidating one), after all! He will still despise rudeness and will often insist that you not bother with anyone who so much as snubs you. Why bother wasting your time on such insignificant pawns? Unless, of course, there’s some fun to be had in toying with them, then by all means…! This same behavior bleeds over to other dragons. He will often be curt in his replies to any rude discussions, allowing some of the ‘inner monster’ in him show through in a play of words, rather than reducing himself to such petty levels.


Mecahisth’s large size and awkward appearance does not hinder him, even if it looks like he should be unbalanced or hobbled by his unusual limbs. Despite it, he moves with an unerring grace and power, both on the ground and in the air. His dark coloring often allows him to cloak in shadows or at night, which becomes something that he’ll greatly enjoy. If he can be a shadow himself, it’s all the easier for him to observe his… targets…


What he may lack in strength, he makes up for in a sharp, cunning mind. Any physical hindrances rarely bother him as he’ll become a master of working in his flaws, as well as his strengths, to get what he wants. After all, Mecahisth ALWAYS gets what he wants, one way or another and no matter how long he has to play the game.

While his mind voice is charming and almost alluring, his physical voice is terrifying. Anything he tries to voice, be it croons or warbles, come out twisted and dark. Faranth forbid anyone actually hear him yell or raise his voice to something of that level. It’s more of a screeching wail if he gets too loud in his vocalizations and it’s enough to put anyone’s hackles up if they hear it. Thankfully, he rarely does as an adult, but it’s in no way attractive at all, which is why Mecahisth prefers quieter ‘sounds’ and finds they often work best to get his point across. Kind of hard to misunderstand a low rumble or growl or even a drawn out hiss!


Love is something that confuses Mecahisth. Even if he’s aware that he shares such a bond with you, he’d never outrightly admit it. It’s just something he cannot (or refuses) to grasp. The whole idea of it, at least beyond the infallible bond he has with you, just escapes his comprehension and he’ll often scoff at the notion. Because of this, he’s not one to woo the ladies but he’ll observe them as he does everything else. Which may earn him the reputation of being a bit of a stalker but it’s NOT in the romantic manner in the slightest bit. He does it because he finds the whole process fascinating, if not amusing, in a very detached manner. It’s not for him, but that doesn’t mean he won’t study others — and that includes you too, Valeska. Any relationship you enter? Be prepared to have Mecahisth looming somewhere… whether it be physically or just lurking on the edges of your mind.

When he DOES chase, and he will frequently enough, he’s one to plot his course of action rather than waste efforts on flashy displays. For one? He’s definitely not a looker. He can charm, if he really puts some effort in it, but it won’t take him long to make some sort of blunt or dry comment that puts the green off. Even if he’s rebuffed or scorned, he won’t take it poorly. If anything? It will encourage him all the more to chase the green.

While he will generally choose cunning over physical fighting, Mecahisth can be violent in flights if the other males (or even the female) are rough players, not against getting in a few good swipes of his own. Tit for tat and an eye for an eye (maybe literally) and all that, right? He’s determined to win and won’t balk from giving it his all once things begin. But if he succeeds in catching a green? He will enjoy her company and beyond that there is no lingering attachment. Just a moment to share “pleasantries” while silently gloating to himself (and you) of his conquest and then he’ll be on his way. If he loses? Well, there will be bitter, bitter disappointment and everyone best clear out of his way fast but he won’t nurse a grudge for too long. After all, there are PLENTY of greens to go about and not just in Fort Weyr.



From a devious child-like cunning mind to one that becomes so dark and yet intellectually brilliant, cultured and sophisticated, Mecahisth will forever be full of surprises as you both continue on your journey together. While he’ll often put on quite the guise for others, usually to put them at ease with him despite his physical appearance (how better to lure in his… victims?), he’ll never do the same to you, Valeska. Oh, sure, there will be times when he’s in the mood for some mind games but he knows you have the knack to sort out his little puzzles and see through to the true meaning behind the words he picks.

And he will always be your constant shadow, always lurking somewhere, always watching and whispering in your ear and yet despite his efforts in “corrupting” you, his methods will often lead you, both of you, to positive outcomes. It might just take time… and cause a lot of headaches first and a few (or many) misunderstandings to clean up before you can both find a steady path.

He shows his love and devotion for you, Valeska, in odd ways but it’s there and forever will be even if the notion of ‘love’ confuses him. There was something about your stubborn, introverted and not-quite the proper lady attitude that drew him in and fascinated him beyond words. He HAD to have you and no one else. NEVER anyone else! And yes, even your crass and no-filter behavior is something he’ll come to tolerate despite his early months and Turns frowning upon such uncouth manners. It’s a part of you, after all and while he does seek to push you to your limits in many cases, he isn’t looking to completely change you — even if it DOES seem that way some days.


As dark as Mecahisth’s hide is, it shouldn’t be any surprise that his mind is just the same — at least in some regards. His favored, or default, imagery leans towards a storm tossed sea in the pitch of night. This will be most common when he is active and on the move. When he’s calm? So are the seas, though they remain so dark and the night skies above yield only more darkness and clouds and nary a star in sight that it’s difficult to make out anything beyond it. And when he’s thoughtful or up to some new cunning or devious plot, the fogs will begin to roll in. Thick, blinding fog, that could easily lead others astray (and that’s partially the point), but for a rare few and for yourself, Valeska, you’ll often see a light dully shining through that fog.

Mecahisth privately hides away the only ‘safe’ place one could go in the endless seas of his mind. If you could even call it safe! Towering cliffsides of dark, wet stone yield a lighthouse, the source of that light seen in that fog. Yet the lighthouse looks weather-worn and unsettling, as though it’s not been properly inhabited for many, many Turns. Something born of bad dreams and nightmares and yet he calls it home and expects YOU to call it home as well. It’s here that he’ll often drag you, in some of the more long winded discussions he’ll strike up, out of the worst of the wet and cold or the never ending fog.

What fewer will ever see but you’ll have consistent access to, Valeska, is Mecahisth’s personal library. Literally, a personal library. Wherever got the image doesn’t seem important, but in the basement of that otherwise creepy, abandoned lighthouse is a basement library, built of sturdy (and much more dry!) stone and wood. It is filled with endless ‘books’ which he can browse at will, though the books seem to be a reflection more of memories. Some are of his, though often the content within is faded or missing — a hint to the draconic memory he’s blessed with. Most of the books are actually your memories Valeska and many of them will be filled with both of your experiences through your many Turns together.


He has literally constructed, in his mind, an elaborate “memory place”, which he relives memories and sensations in as rich detail as he possibly can. Those books rarely have words, but rely heavily on visualization to organize and recall information. In basic terms? He’s has as close to an eidetic memory that a dragon could have, though his ability relies heavily on you and don’t be surprised if he tries to teach you this technique. It’ll be something he’ll push at not long after Impression, already beginning to build that library of his. He’ll make you remember everything he wants to remember and he may become frustrated or disappointed when you forget. When Mecahisth’s in full memory mode, you’ll find that his attention to detail is almost unsettling. He can pick up the most subtlest of nuances, from physical movement and facial expressions, body language and… yes, even scent. He’ll try to get you to take note of all of this or at least recall it and it’s best NOT to ask questions.

Mecahisth’s voice will be something that evolves over time. Unlike his physical voice, which is just purely nightmarish, his mind voice is completely different. As a youth, it’s soft and almost child-like, unless he’s worked up into one of his tantrums, in which case you’ll be experiencing many a headache, Valeska, when he’s all but yelling in your skull. This stage won’t last long and that’s when he’ll begin to develop more of the suave, low spoken and almost monotone voice. Sometimes he whispers but most times it’s just an unnerving calm, flowing method of speech. You may become accustomed to it but for others it may be unsettling, as while he seems innocent enough, there’s always a hint of something more sinister lurking beneath his otherwise benign speech.


Welcome Valeska, to Weyrlinghood at Fort! We’re pleased to have you on board and that we had the chance to write your sinister, dark and oh-so cunning Mecahisth! He’s a bit of a mix of themes, but that’s all part of the fun that makes him!

The theme for the eggs were Valentine’s Day presents. Us Against the World had the ‘stalker date’ vibe given to it through the egg touches, while Mecahisth’s hatchling name played on the Valentine’s Day theme of Valentine’s Day fails by hinting there are no second dates (or second chances!). Because there aren’t any… not with him!

Mecahisth was written primarily by Th’ero, with help from Nyalle for his desc and the idea behind his mind description. For his personality, he’s a blend of Anne Wilkes ( ) from Stephen King’s Misery for his early months, proving to be the inseparable stalker type and almost childish, but lacking much in the ‘innocence’ department and Mephistophele’s from Goethe’s Faust ( ) for his ‘growing up’ stage, giving him the building blocks to a more refined cunning mind and a taste for materialism and then finally he settles into much more of an Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs ( ), which becomes the root of his true and matured personality, including some of the quirks found in his mind description! You can’t get any more sinister than that!

For his physical description, you mentioned wanting something nightmarish (but not zombie). So I dug around some old mythological legends of darker, more nightmarish creatures and came upon the slavic Drekavac: Not only does his ‘yell’ come from this, but we based most of his physical anatomy off of what a supposed Drekavac looks like.

The name Mecahisth comes from a blend of Mephistopheles and another mythological creature known as the Camazotz (

We hope you enjoy your cunning and devious blue, Valeska! As always, these are just guidelines and you’re welcome to play him as you see fit! :)

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Name Mecahisth
Dam Gold Rhenesath
Sire Brown Rinxyth
Created By Th'ero and Nyalle
Impressee Valeska
Hatched February 11, 2016
Fort Weyr

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