Stardust In Her Wake Green Messalith

Compact and petite, this girl's frame is slender and athletic, bathed in limelight that glows evenly over her body from beneath the pale phosphorescent aqua. Here and there vivid smudges of deep teal lay in the creases of her body, accenting the shadows and giving her a luminescent appearance. It is like she glows from some inner source, no sense of frosted opaque in even the palest expanses of her hide. The crisscrossing pigments of lime and a sea foam aqua make her almost iridescent. This incandescence spreads over a high set but slender neck, held proudly and brightly on her square shoulders. Her wings are large for her body, but avoid the appearance of awkwardness. Instead they appear to fit like a slim fitted coat of turquoise-hued peridot along her sides when closed, and a billowing near-transluscent cloak when open. Her tail is slightly on the shorter side, but well proportioned to her neck so the difference is unnoticeable. Her face is elegant, bearing the teal shadowing around her tapered muzzle and just below her eyes to show off her prominent bone structure. Head knobs are swept back, though also prominent, and her ridges are a gradient of her glowing tones, dotting down her spine like blunted thorns on a stem.

Messalith drawn by T'eo


Egg Name and Description

Celestial Stereotype Egg
The rotund shape of this egg is only one aspect of it that resembles a marble. Salmon colored reds and pinks color a majority of the surface, but seem almost set below a transparent layer. Patches of icey white in circles, like sores, sit on opposing sides of the rusty pseudo-layer as it sits cocked a bit sideways in the sand. A glittery haze of silver shifts like an illusion of mist amid the transparent appearing surface, covering the russet tones at times and not at others in a metallic glimmer. Beneath this the rusty tones are flecked with dark iron greys, patches helter skelter like bruises on a fruit. It's rather unremarkable, save for its curious illusions, but its tones make it almost blend with the sands.

Egg made by T'eo

Hatching Message

The Celestial Stereotype Egg lets out a vibrating creel within it's surface, before at last a pale head shoves its way out of the hole the foot had made. And with the impression of one busting their way through a door, the hatchling bursts out, egg shells going everywhere. If only it were bigger on the inside.

Impression Message

The sands are suddenly disturbed by a fog of gold and a bright glittering light which illuminates you to yourself. It's as if you can see a part of your mind that had been hidden it shadow. Ethereal voices sing a song of longing now joyously fulfilled as the haze lifts for you to see the glittering eyes and glowing body of the green hatchling before you. You have only this moment to absorb the new sensations before a barrage of thoughts come your way with one lilting voice in the chorus that now fades to a background song that will always be with you. « Tora! Fantastic! I -knew- I'd find you here! » There is a pause where images of her trek on the sands and out to meet you are replayed. And before you even realize you were wondering, a name is present in your mind to fulfill your desires. « Messalith. I am Messalith, my Tora. Now… We eat! » And curiously uncharacteristic for a hatchling, Messalith turns towards the smell of raw meat, a smell you now realize you can smell as if it were your own craving. The pale green strides purposely a couple steps that way before pausing and looking back. « Food, Tora! Food! You'll come with me yes? We cannot be apart! We will never be apart again! » And so she waits for you, as she has always waited for you and will always, no matter what excitement lays ahead.


Messalith is yours to take on and develop, so here are some things to play around with!

First and foremost, your girl is athletic. She's spunky, bright eyed and bushy tailed— Or would be if she weren't a dragon. But in short she's high energy and enthusiastic. But unlike many young and rambunctious dragons she's not mischievous or destructive. Instead she's much the opposite. She's a pinnacle of justice and adventure. Exploration is her key goal in life, supplemented with a desire to help others. Growing up this will probably cause some problems. She's not a scheming sort at all, and while a bit too sure of herself (even arrogant at times) she sees no discrimination among others. Her love and enjoyment is for all, and she will play and explore with anyone who will have her around.

She's also incredibly smart for a green. Most greens have minds more suited to simple things, but Messalith is a complex girl. She's always planning her next adventure to the letter and will tell you about in constantly. Whether this is for your approval, input or just your praise is often uncertain. Frequently all three at once. She's head strong, of course, but not without a sense of humility when she's done something wrong. Still she is not the type of dragon to let it effect her for very long. She'll take it, feel a bit sad, and move on with a 'I can do better' attitude. You could describe her as the ultimate optimist.

Her biggest flaws probably lie in her foolhardy tendency towards her adventures. I mentioned her being intelligent, and she is, but her actions are impulsive. And often so much is going on in her head that she requires you,Tora, to help her out in sorting which is which. It very often will occur that she with lay out a whole portfolio of ideas to you, showing connections like a web, but there will be one piece missing, or two pieces in the same place where only one can be. She will rely on you to solve these problems. Sometimes you will even find yourself contemplating her problems while doing something completely different.

Her joy and zest for life is infectious. She's a dynamic and charismatic being. Because of her tendency to think of several connecting factors at once she can usually deduce the troubles of others and key in to sympathize with them or support them when needed. This will be a strong bond between you two as she will want to help you the most of everyone else. You are her bond, her companion, her confidant and fellow adventurer. There is no one else in existence she would rather be with than you, Tora.

For a bit on dragony-life, she's a runner and a fast flier. As I said earlier her athletic tendency is strong, and so her flights will be big flirty games of 'tag'. She's a show off and a flirt. Her act varies from cute and coy, to extravagant challenges, depending often on the dragon.

These are just some ideas to get you started. Feel free to play her as you will and take a peek at her inspiration and mind desc for more ideas.


A strong sense of light is the dominant theme in Messalith's mind voice. An amalgamation of glowing hues punctuated with gentle but ethereal music. Music and voices that don't sound quite like anything and yet are completely understood for the tones they evoke. As songs and colors can convey emotions, so Messalith will create in your mind. But rather than the blocky opaques as paint or pigment can provide, hers are bathing hues, coloring the thoughts of your mind with he opinions. Occasionally fog or atmospheric substance will intrude when she is dreaming or scheming. This might seem subtle, but Messalith is anything but and the color is often disorienting, as the music is uncanny and it will change over time so that while parts remain familiar and comforting, other parts keep to themselves a sense of mystery.


Welcome to Weyrlinghood at Western!


Our themes this cycle were alien in origin. That is our Eggs were planets and our dragons based on aliens themselves!

Your Messalith came from the Celestial Stereotype Egg, described after the planet Mars.

Messalith herself is a bit more complicated. Messalith is based off The Doctor, the last of the Time Lords from Doctor Who, a BBC series that has been running since the 60s. But with Messalith being a girl I had to do some research and adaptation to get everything to align (which was a load of fun for me!) Messalith is primarily a combination of the 10th Doctor (Played by David Tennant) and his 'daughter' Jenny (6th Episode of Series 4 "The Doctor's Daughter"). Jenny is essentially the Doctor in female form as she was generated from altered DNA from the Doctor's hand. Both the Doctor and Jenny are very energetic and adventurous personalities. I like to describe the Doctor (as Tennant plays him) as the ultimate Sagittarius- a traveler, adventurer, problem solver, and eternal scholar.

Messalith's name comes from the planet on which Jenny was 'born', Messaline. It is also the first 'new world' Jenny sees when the planet is terraformed by life giving gasses. These gasses, and the glowing energy emitted by the Doctor during regeneration, are a part of what I used to inspire her mind, including the Doctor's theme music in series two through four.

Lastly Messalith's description comes from the TARDIS herself. Not the police box appearance that the time traveling ship resembles with her failed chameleon circuit, but the center console of the ship. In the recent seasons it glows a varying pale aqua to lime and is the very heart and soul, facilitating the fantastic travels of the Doctor and his companions.

I hope you enjoy her! I had a blast making her!


Name Stardust In Her Wake Green Messalith
Dam Gold Nieleth
Sire Bronze Halinith
Created By T'eo
Impressee Tora (Toraya)
Hatched April 11, 2010
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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