Ollie Ollie Oxen Free Gold Miraneith

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All That Glitters Egg


In pyrite gleams and argent luster, treasure allures the eyes of Ista in a treasure trove of hues, composing a shell that strikes contrast against the black Istan sands below it. Bejeweled, glittering, and dazzling against the light, this egg allows no mystery to the world of what may lie within, for surely, it is the same of which the shell is formed of. Against a field of silver decorum, a gilded golden crown wraps around the mid of the egg, nestled within a pile of chains: strings of pearls, belts of rubies, circlets of emeralds… riches no Pernese would dare not wish to possess. The coronet itself is no less elegant: different shapes and colors of baubles and gems seem to sparkle across it's shape, etching into the surface of the egg until reaching the smooth surface of the egg's summit. And there, within the glassy texture of pale metallic sterling, the reflection of its location abides against it: a revelation of the imperfections of it's surroundings in a ghastly mirror, that those who touch it will be forced to look upon.

Hatching Message

All That Glitters Eggs gives a little shiver, a barely-there shake, before becoming completely still. Did anyone see that? No? Well, there it is again, wiggling to and fro in quick jerks, those watching almost convinced they can see some of the jewels shifting and

All That Glitters Egg is lying still in wait, as if looking for the perfect opportunity to show that it /is/ alive. Something shines across the shell as it shivers again, reflecting light. It gives up trying to be inconspicuous, jerking around without any real direction, letting flecks of gold shake off from the top, slowly cracking the mirror-like apex, slowly breaking into tiny shiny pieces.

All That Glitters Egg has decided that this show was OVER. Those cracks continue their way down from the very top, running over the sides of the large egg as the hatchling inside pushes and attacks at its prison. It bulges once, twice, and takes a brief rest. Regaining its energy the shell suddenly contracts and then pushes outwards, shattering from the top down in a rain of shimmering shards and revealing its long-held prisoner.

Ollie Ollie Oxen Free Gold Hatchling

If beauty be a necessity for heart and mind, it is the only place where it will ever lie amid the befuddling features of this ungainly creature. Perhaps a mother's eye will take favor to her awkward grace, a reptilian nature given soul in smooshed body and cheek, coated with pale-speck'd mustard there to pudgy sides, cock-eyed limbs and plump, stumpy tail. A widened snout fixed to a quite non-existent neck gives birth to massive protuberant eyes, each set strangely distanced on the fore of her nearly shine-less, blunted nose. From jaw to thickened tail tip, ivory clashes dismally against all brighter hues, coating her flattened underside as well as splayed, crooked toes. Though, as if there was a reluctant charity to this astonishing abnormality, striking color gives some small relief to her needlessly large-stature'd wings. Her sails darken to an exotic gamboge that, with increasing quantity towards the prow of curvy ailerons, is spotted haphazardly with snowy white. However, though lacking refined allure or a lovely feminine grace, she will boast what mere beauty shall never achieve: she is truly, everlastingly, unique.

Impression Message

«Eeeenkaaaa.» It's a faint whisper that can almost be missed if it were not for the faint ringing it leaves behind, enticing you in. A presence slowly grows and grows out of the spot it has been hiding, long lost and distant. There's a faint tickle of a flower petal at the edge of your mind, out of reach at first, and then it is followed by several more slowly falling, soon enough a shower coat your mind in a soothing embrace. «Enkaaa! I found you, didn't I?» With a girlish giggle and a gleeful breath of warmth, the presence suddenly pushes itself fully into its own loving crook beside your thoughts. «I knew you were mine, and I yours. Your Miraneith. I've got new hiding places to explore »



Evidently from the moment that she is hatched, Miraneith is a dragon that you must always be on your toes with. She does not have a split personality at all, don't get her wrong there, but she does have a very yin and yang way to life. Weyrlinghood will be a time when you will learn a lot about patience, among other things, which is something that you will need a lot of when it comes to your lifemate.

Most glorious night!
Thou wert not sent for slumber!
~Lord Byron, Childe Harold

In those first few days of weyrlinghood you will notice a terrible pattern in your Miraneith. Just when does she ever /sleep/!? While all her clutchmates are curled up in their couches, she is usually the first to want to be out of it, finding a new place to wander off to or simply lounging about outdoors.

But sleep is nothing to worry about, at least not for her. She gets it plenty in short naps throughout the daytime; it is when the sun is just setting and you are tired from a long day of caring for your lifemate as well as training that she will perk up: a dragon on caffeine. Sleeping the entire night will be a blessing, something you will either have to learn to do and hope Miraneith wont get into any trouble or force yourself into your lifemate's strange schedule with constant naps.

Maybe turning you into such a light sleeper is a way of teaching you to always be on guard, always ready at a moments notice, likely it is to pull Mira away from trouble. Your lifemate would love nothing more to lie out and sleep under Rukbat's warm rays all day, if it weren't the fact that she cant be awake /all/ night long. Her brain is wired to be on constant alert, however, and if she needs to be awake she will be and perked up within seconds even if you are still trying to groggily put your thoughts together. One second lounging out in warmed spot outside, the next darting off after something that had caught her attention. Movement will definitely be a trigger for her mind and curiosity.

Curiosity is one of the most permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect.
~Samuel Johnson

At a young age she will want to get her snout into everything, crawling into places in the middle of the night, sneaking away from the training grounds — that darkness really does help hide her better than the sun, even if she did have that shinier coat than the darker dragons! She will be entranced in learning, observing, and eventually throwing herself into the metaphorical or literal pit; however, she takes the time to think the consequences over it, unlike her sister green. Tavissath will be a clutchmate to be admired, though jealousy will strike when Miraneith outgrows the smaller spaces that Tavissath can easily get into.

Oh what headaches this will cause! Especially when she is small enough to be able to get into those places. Miraneith does not honestly want to cause you to drop over dead with a heart attack, but it won't be a surprise if a weyrlingmaster comes into the barracks only to ask where your lifemate is, and you suddenly realize that… she's disappeared. All those fun cramped places she wanted to get into and you told her no? Well, you might have though she was 'napping' outside when in reality she's gone and found herself a new place to hide, too entranced in her curiosity to remember not to make you panic. And when she gets older, it will only be further and further away from the Weyr she will go without you— or with you! Then you /both/ can hide and explore together!

While Miraneith does not exactly manipulate her fellow dragons for her own nefarious purposes (unless they deserve it) she will try to persuade them to share stories, clinging to every detail and living through that, occasionally being the bad influence behind actions. She really does have a good heart, even if she ends up partially responsible for trouble.

«I honestly didn't think Tavissath would get stuck! It looked large enough from the outside!»

And what a challenge learning this persuasion ability will be! Especially with a clutchsibling like Lazinzith. If any dragon might short her inherently good demeanor fast enough it is this bronze. It will take a challenge to figure which way she can word her requests to actually make him move. Your Miraneith? Give up? Never. She will enjoy getting to know everyone in the Weyr, going so far as to study the patterns of people outside or listening to gossip in case there was something interesting and new to go look at.

The feeding grounds won't be a place that she will spend a lot of time in, but when she does it is to make sure she eats enough that there will be no need for her to go back for awhile. On the ground she has an awkward side-to-side gait because of her body, which is why hunting from the skies is generally easier. But the ground is always where she starts, sitting in wait until she finds the perfect one. Small, tasty, quick.

You will find that the smaller the beasts, the more satisfied your lifemate will be, even if she has to eat a lot of them. Which is why she'll pick wherries over herdbeasts. Small animals that make quick movements always makes her want to leap after to hunt them, so make sure to teach her that eating the residents' canines is a /bad idea/. She'll want to just eat the animal whole and quick. It's satisfying, and it's not messy. The same applies for when your Miraneith rises to mate, and forcing her to blood will be a challenge.

One of life's primal situations; the game of hide and seek. Oh, the delicious thrill of hiding while the others come looking for you, the delicious terror of being discovered, but what panic when, after a long search, the others abandon you! You mustn't hide too well. You mustn't be too good at the game. The player must never be bigger than the game itself.
~Jean Baudrillard

Proddiness comes /hard/ for your Miraneith, as well as yourself. That enticing voice of hers comes out is used in the worse ways during the time that she is glowing, which is usually a few short days before she actually rises. She will want to be around everyone, and wants to be spoiled. If it's just being sweet or if she has to seduce the male dragon to get her way, she will.

On the ground, Miraneith will be the 'chaser'. It's when she is up in the skies that the game changes and the only thing that will go through her mind is to /get away/. To hide. It will be in the middle of a bright and sunny day, using that sun to blind her chasers, to help hide her and that shiny form. Not that she can keep away for too long, as all chase games have to come to an end for the next one to start!

As a brooding mother she will be the opposite of her clutchdam. Protective? Definitely. Up to the point that she will try to lay her clutch all in a corner of the sands, as close together as she can possibly make it, and dote on them entirely. Miraneith isn't an angry queen though, enjoying the company of the bronze or brown father as well— after all, they are an extra set of eyes. But she will be ever wary with the candidates while making sure that the eggs are adjusted /just so/. It is only when they hatch that they are finally forgotten. Out of their shells and bonded, protection is no longer needed.

Overall your Miraneith will be a wonder to explore as well as explore with. She never truly wants to stay still for too long a period of time, and above all will want to make sure to share it with you, Enka. Even if she leaves on her own, it will only be to return to you and share with you what she had learned. She will be the first to support your mischievous ideas, unless they really are out of control. She will question those gently, perhaps dissuade you from the ones that might affect both of you the most (she wouldn't want to get grounded by the weyrlingmasters now, would she?). With your patience and a lot of curiosity, Miraneith will take you to new heights.


As she was in the shell, Miraneith's mind voice remains practically the same, only evolving more since the first few touches. Glimpses of perfection tease those around her, whether it is yourself or her clutchmates. You will definitely feel a constant hunger when Miraneith speaks to you, dangling a feast of the sweetest pastries on Pern or perhaps it is the sharp burn of alcohol when you really desire it. Her voice to you will be a cure as well as a bane. During those tough times, shell help pull you away into her warm fantasies of dancing, fun, and other spectacular images she can summon, soothing away the stress to keep her Enka calm.

While to you shell keep her teasing to a minimum and all in good fun, or perhaps when she is feeling particularly annoyed with you, it is to others that shell employ the worse. If only to get them hooked into what she says… that perfect tropical spot with the warm sun shining just so, or the tangy metallic taste of fresh blood and a tasty meal tickling their senses. She wants them mesmerized by her voice, always just out of their reach.

Her voice itself is feminine with a dream-like quality, always wistful and far-off in her thoughts: a girl lost in her fantasy of grandeur or perhaps a hypnotic spell on those she is speaking to. Soft, sighing, happy… and yet make no mistake, she /is/ still a queen after all.

If it is required of her, the dream will end and a stern cold tone takes the place of little girl, knuckling down to get someone to do what is demanded of them. It is then in anger or authority that the fantasy-like images will cease completely, turning into simple cold bright flashes and colors with the lingering scent of something burning. And you really don't want to make her angry…


Eeeenkaaaa! Welcome to Weyrlinghood (torture) at Ista Weyr!

Your Miraneith has been a lot of fun to write, but remember this is just a guideline and by no means the way you must RP her!
Our egg theme was board games, and yours specifically was based off the game Pretty Pretty Princess. The jewels, the gold, the big fancy crown (tiara) you need to get at the end of it and of course the mirror to stare at yourself with all that pretty oh-so-fake plastic jewelry. It's all there in the egg, making it the perfect shiny. Our very lovable and super-awesome Korvok wrote this positively perfect and glittery description!

We had a separate dragon theme, Children's Games. Your Miraneith takes a large portion of her personality from the good traditional and classic game of Hide and Seek. Her Yin and Yang comes from the two different roles: Hider and Seeker. She does not have a constant personality, as you asked for an ever-changing one, in which she will always be seeking new things to do, with her vast curiosity and willingness to learn. But at times she will still 'hide' back, happy to just do what needs to be done. If you have not guessed, she also has a lot of leopard gecko in her! From the moment you read her description, there is no doubt of that. But also here and there in her personality as well: being more nocturnal, her quick and sudden movements, and even to the way she eats. Once again, we must thank our totally awesome Korvok for helping me by writing the description for your lovely reptilian queen!

I hope that you enjoy her, in one way or another, and we're thrilled to have you on the team!


Name Ollie Ollie Oxen Free Gold Miraneith
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Kinseth
Created By Ysa & Korvok
Impressee Enka
Hatched September 26, 2009
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

Thanks go to Galina for the picture of Miraneith, and Kaljaia for the template

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