Lady of the Arid Forest Green Mishath


Petite yet sturdy, this little green girl is more length than width. She seems to have the average of everything but size, which she also seems to make up for purely with her personality. It's as bright as the hide she sports, her green not dark enough by far to be sinister. In fact, the majority of her body is a yellow-green color not unlike that found in some desert flora. Her neckridges and wingsails shade into a sunny pear-yellow at their lightest, while a little strip of darker olive-green bathes her headknobs and spills around her large, intelligent eyes towards her delicate muzzle. This same green can also be found along her belly and the insides of her legs, but as it approaches her toes and feet, it takes on more of a brown tinge. The tip of her tail and toes borders on bronze, the darkest colors on her strong little form.


«Come! The forest awaits us!»

Hadria, your Mishath is full of adventure, and she loves the outdoors especially - camping with her will be a treat in itself! If you bring along others, she'll be even MORE pleased. She's a lover of forests and rain, but the earth and all that it holds will be a source of great fascination and love for her. She'll want to know everything she can about everything in it as she grows older, and her childlike wonder and appreciation for it will never fade, not even when you're 100. She will look to you as her first source of information, even as an adult, not out of distrust of others but because you are her lifemate. And, of course, you're supposed to know as much as she does, given you're partners. You'll never have to fight her to bathe her, either.

«Shhh…. I think I can sneak up on him!»

Playful. Prankish. Unabashed in her revelry. That is your Mishath, Hadria. Her name is from the Hebrew "mishak", and it means "laughter." Fitting for the little green in all her glory, because laughter is what she lives for. If you don't have an idea for fun, or mischief, then she will almost certainly have one - or think of one. Dragons live more or less in the moment, as per their genetic makeup, and for Mishath this is no different. In fact, she embraces the idea wholeheartedly. «Never look back!» she'll tell you when you're sad, as a means of comfort. «It's made you who you are, and you are forever my Hadria.»

«Share and share alike.»

Mishath is never unwilling to share. In fact, she's neither jealous nor possessive - what is hers is yours, and everyone else's if they need it! You may encounter some problems with this as she grows up, as her nature is to give and share, which will include your own things. Finding something missing and in the hands of another rider may be something that occurs regularly. She doesn't do it out of spite for you, for there isn't anything like spite in her, but she may need to be taught that there are limitations to sharing. This will also prove true for her when she's ready for flights, and when you take up weyrmates.

«Hubba, hubba! WOOO!»

Yes, your Mishath will, when old enough, be going up regularly for flights as a green. She is unabashed and reckless in her flirtations, and in fact may play pranks or even play around with any and all males in her vicinity. Bad jokes to get their attention? Check. Taking something of their riders and making them chase her to get it back? Check. Invitations to play tag in midair, or play "pull the tail of the grumpy gold"? Check! All this and more. She'll become outright brazen in these times and prone to levels of activity (one might even call it hyperactivity) that can wear on you until you're caught up in it yourself. She'll want as many boys to chase her as possible, because the more the merrier of course, and may draw out her flights until she's just too exhausted to continue - and fall, laughing madly, into the awaiting arms of whichever male has caused her gigglefit. If you take weyrmates, they're more than welcome, and so are their dragons. There's plenty of room for everyone, and she loves to talk. She'll encourage you to be friends with everyone who chases her simply because she likes being happy, and friends make everyone happy. And should you ever have children, she will absolutely delight in them, doting upon them as if they were her own hatchlings.

«Psst. He smells funny. I like him.»

Search times come, and Mishath will have a nose for the Candidates. Mostly. It's helping out, and that's something she MUST do! Conveniently enough, she does have a knack for it, though usually her choices of Candidates are slightly odder than most. She sees something in them that others may not, and she wants to give them their shot at finding someone on the sands. Just, don't be surprised if her methods of choosing Candidates are a little… eccentric, at times. Or downright playful. She has her ways, and you love them regardless.

«Mmm…. today is such a lovely day….»

This little green does have her downtimes. When it happens, she's a sedate little creature, loving her sunbaths and her wallow, and daydreaming of things only you and she will know or understand. It may be the next big fun thing to do. It may be the next prank. Or it could just be that she's letting you do the dreaming for the both of them, and is content to listen in and share. If she occasionally sends out the strangest of mental messages to you, or one slips out, then rest assured that it's nothing. Just your lifemate pondering something that you would probably (and will probably, once she shares) get a kick out of.

Mind Name and Description

Mind Name: One Fey Pipe in the Mists

Mind Description: A soft, haunting pipe is the voice of this little one. Cool, sparkling mist follows it around like a comet's tail, refreshing and wild. The scent of damp earth, trees, and the wilderness itself seems to be what it envelops itself with. In fact, the warmth and welcome, the playful quality, that is within this creature is quite often heard in the piping of its mind before anything else. Quite emotional, yet steady as she goes like the stately trees themselves, this hatchling's desire is to experience the world and all it has to offer - and to take someone along for the ride to increase the enjoyment.

Egg Name and Description

Egg Name: Last of the Wilds Egg


Egg Description: This egg is large, tall, shaped in an oval with a smaller, taller top than a bottom. Patterned over its slick surface are various shapes and swirls of green like the canopy of an untouched forest. Brown streaks tinted grey, as if in an early morning's eldritch light, flash down. It's an ancient wood, the sunlight barely breaking through to slice hints of white-gold here and there. Shadowy figures are in the canopy - birds perhaps, flying barely seen to greet the misty dawn. Near the bottom of the egg, at the base of the trunks, are the hints of brightly colored insects and creatures found only in the virgin depths of unmolested Pernian wilderness.

Egg Touches

Hatching and Impression Messages


Egg/Mind Touches were based off of Nightwish's song, "Last of the Wilds." Name from the Hebrew: mishak means "laughter," and a derivative is actually "Isaac" from the Bible! Description and hatchling name based off of the Palo Verde trees in Arizona, as requested, and various other desert plant life. Personality flavored with Luna Lovegood and pure fun. ;) Created by Amarante, and I hope you enjoy her, Hadria. It was an honor and a pleasure to make her for you.

Lady of the Arid Forest Green Mishath
Dam Gold Bennueth
Sire Bronze Nasrinth
Created by Amarante
Impressee Hadi (Hadria)
Feb. 13th, 2009
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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