A Case of Deja Vu Brown Mnemth

This brown is the epitome of the everyman, a little bit of everything whilst also being nothing at all. It lends him an edge, this relative anonymity, for while he's a bit of a recluse and ultimately a stranger to all, there's just something so familiar about him that he begs a second glance, just to be sure. First looks simply aren't enough for him, after all - at a blink, he is simply dark and loamy, klah grounds left sit in the sun, but upon further inspection, he's so much more than that. Worn sepia tones not at all unlike his egg curl about his sides, appearing faint motes of mist in some places, rorschach-blotched in others, while his wings weave one great puzzle of shapes and colors in faded shades of brown. And perhaps that's why people see something in him - because no matter how often one looks, there always seems to be a new shape to see brushed or splattered across his hide, something just beyond the grasp of recognition that comes and goes with each shift of his whip-thin body.

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