Hoper of Far Flung Hopes Green Myrakath

There is something undeniably magical about this crepuscular little green. Her slight, thin form is dark and shadowed, deep shades of myrtle sliding in cool, watery ripples along the length of her hide. It lends her a certain sense of mysticism, this darkness, a sort of quiet grace only emphasized by long legs and a surprisingly matched gait. Muted pools of midnight blue add a subtle variation to the theme, playful dashes of cobalt and celadon perhaps belying the seriousness of her physical form. These subtle flickers of her inner nature line the space beneath her eyes, slide over headknobs, and whirl teensy tendrils up the lines of her forepaws before drifting, wave-like, along the length of her sides. Her face contains her most defining feature, a gentle girl-next-door visage enchanted by a luminescent pale green crescent emblazened upon her forehead. Water-bound moonlight winds a dripping path along neck ridges and the leading edges of dainty wings before scattering to the winds, flicks and flecks of seafoam blowing apart in pale imitation of a night sky. Dark green mountains rise up along the trailing edges of the backs of her wings, providing sharp relief to their subtle splendor, but the underside to her wings are curiouser still - instead of matching pitch mountains, there are instead spiralling spires and wired-wrought towers reaching for the heavens like an echo or an illusion, charmed and more than a little spell-binding.

Egg Name and Description

Improbable Dreams Egg
This egg tells a story illustrated in a painted hand, a mural of a draconic shapes touching tailtip to nosetip around an ovoid sphere at the egg's very apex, the first of many images that flow from one to the next to tell the tale of a life well-lived across the egg's stucco shell. Logic dictates the tale be told from youth to maturity, but rationale does not seem to be this egg's strong suit. It jumps through time and space at random from curves to base, sepia-toned figures sometimes small, sometimes large, sometimes partially obscured by a heavy application of fan-brushed mist, an implication of events whose resolutions are as of yet undetermined. One thing holds true: they are all interconnected, scenes fading and blending together seamlessly in one overwhelming melange with no real beginning, no real end, ageless and infinite, childlike and new, ancient and withered at once.

Impression Message

Where are you? Seconds ago you were on the sands, watching candidates and dragons and observers alike, probably wondering if today would be your day, or if you would be left standing. The sand falls away into the vastness of open sea, spreading past the edges of tropical island and further still, past the reach of horizon. Sand still remains, but it's been bleached by the sun beneath your feet - blindingly bright, a soft accent to the flood of colors magnified in vivacious vibrance as they bleed into your world, and turn it into hers - into ours, together. « Baylee! » There is enthusiasm in your name; genuine joy that surpasses mere exuberance at finally getting to see you - to touch you! - and know that you will go down this path together. « I am your new recruit, Myrakath! You and I? We are going to make the world a better place. Do I know it? » Day gives way to night, no less vibrant, but infinitely more majestic as stars bloom into life overhead and light a path towards eternity. « Yes, yes I do. »


Young Hopps: Well, he was right about one thing. I don't know when to quit!

Welcome to your Myrakath. She is bright and brilliant, tireless and outgoing, with optimism and great big dreams going far beyond her station. She might not have any idea where the two of you will wind up, but she's gonna get there, and her beloved Baylee will be there every step of the way!

In the early days, this go-getter attitude will manifest itself in enthusiasm for lessons, drills, anything to get her out of the barracks and into the great wild world beyond. Tiny in the extreme, she's determined to prove herself just as good if not better than all her clutchmates; if R'hyn and Xermiltoth tell them to practice a hop a hundred times? She's gonna do it two hundred times - BEFORE LUNCH. She might not always make it to these lofty goals she sets for herself, and there will certainly be times when Baylee will need to gently reminder her that maybe just one hundred and fifty will suffice, but nobody can ever say she fails to try!

She also has a flare for dramatics, and that might be putting it kindly. Everything is a *big deal* when she's young, and she'll be sure to let everyone know about it when she's inconvenienced by her own childish clumsiness. Clipped her wing during that training session? You'd think she'd been skewered. Obtained a papercut while investigating someone else's trunk? BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOD, AND DEATH, complete with a splurt of green sauce for effect, if she can manage it.

Nick Wilde: Everyone comes to Zootopia, thinking they could be anything they want. But you can't. You can only be what you are. Sly fox. Dumb bunny.
Judy Hopps: I am not a dumb bunny.

Because she's effervescent and more than a little silly, there may be some that accuse her of simple-mindedness, or whom judge her for her looks before ever they know her. More's the pity for them - she's not just another pretty face. She's a smart cookie, street-wise if not gifted with Aedeluth's bookish brand of intelligence, and she's observant to boot - she is the first to notice when something is amiss, and the last person to let it go when there's someone in need.

For Myra tries to do the right thing always, even if it sometimes means using underhanded tricks to get what she wants. Luckily, her motivations are sound - she is simply willing to lend a helping hand to others no matter the cost to herself. Nehehkath needs assistance with a certain drill? She'll stay up with him past curfew to practice it until he's satisfied! S'van's having trouble sleeping? She'll totally dash off to the infirmary to nick him something! Sure, it might be numbweed instead of something that's actually useful, but it's the thought that counts, right? So long as the ends justify the means, there's no length she will not go to, no rule that she will not bend in order to help.

Bellwether: It's still my word against yours.
Judy Hopps: Actually, [she holds up her carrot recorder pen, revealing it's recorded Bellwether confessing] it's your word against yours. It's called a hustle, sweetheart.

And yet, for as many rules as she's willing to bend, there are a few she'll never break. Some rules have purpose, and while simple things like 'curfew' and a little 'light borrowing' with the objective to help somebody feel better has a place in her life, anything labeled with a sense of malice or intent to cause harm is off the table. She will never tolerate bullying, for example, verbal or otherwise, nor will she simply look the other way in the face of impoverishment and suffering, especially if someone else is the cause. This tiny little green has fight, and she will fight for the underdog, stand up to intolerance, and take on every bully she sees. There is no challenge that she will not rise up to face, even if it means failing a couple of hundred times until she learns the right way to do it.

She is protective of all those around her and has a strong moral code, often using her powers of observation to remind others that they are not perfect, either, and they are probably capable of more than they give themselves credit for. A self-trained observer, she has a knack for remembering conversations and finding ways to use the dishonesty of others against them when justice is truly deserved. She'll even read them their Myrakath Rights, as everyone has a right to remain silent, for anything they say can and will be used against them in future conversations.

Judy Hopps: I came here to make the world a better place, but I think I broke it.
Chief Bogo: Don't give yourself so much credit, Hopps. The world has always been broken, that's why we need good cops. Like you.

And while Myrakath may face her fair share of challenges, encounter enough doubts to tear down even the most stalwart of champions, she will never become cruel about it, won't let it keep her down for long. She is very accepting, wanting to see the best in people, even if she is not blind to all the bad in the world. She is kind, Baylee, but she is strong. Do not ever mistake her kindness for weakness, because while it is easy to take advantage of her sense of justice and heart if she is not careful enough to see the signs, she will figure it out. Faranth help whosoever it is that's manipulated her (or you!), because she will ensure that they receive the proper punishment even if it means she has to follow them around all day and argue linguistics with them. She might not be the quickest with wit, and she may lose that initial battle, but she will come back with harder evidence and more oomph if she believes it's for a good cause, and it's worth the fight.

With that being said, Myra can also be impatient, rushing people through conversations if she doesn't feel like they are being quick enough with their words. She doesn't have time to stand around all day (though she will, because she's still a sweet thing at heart) while Fascath figures out just what Adeleuth means when he says somethign convoluted and sarcastic. Or endure awkward, fumbling explanations from H'yu as he tries to explain to Nady just what that sexist joke meant. But her impatience, while not necessarily gentle, is not waspish or snappish. She may be exasperated, but she is not unkind.

Fascath: « So if herdbeast has two humps - »
Myrakath: « Then it is pregnant, yes. »
Fascath: « Then it is - »
Myrakath: « Pregnant. Yes. »
Fascath: « Pregnant? Hah. Hey, Ilyscaeth. What do you call it when - »
Myrakath: « - a herdbeast has two humps? Pregnant! Yes! Can we get back to drills now, please? »

As she grows, Myrakath will not be content with a quiet life void of adventure. She has ambition, she has drive, and she wants to help people and dragons and runners alike with all of her strength - not just you. Which means you just may find yourself going some very interesting places and doing some very interesting things with your life, including but not limited to the challenges of Search and Rescue. Limitations and prejudice to her size and your combined capabilities should not hold either of you back. She will train hard for this, determined to be the best in everything as you go through weyrlinghood and adamant that you study for that test so that you get the best grades of all. Of course, if you desire other means of employ, Myra will support you in your dreams no matter what - so long as you're not settling for less than what you want, or less than what you deserve.

In adulthood, your Myrakath is not meek or timid. She does not shy away from those who are bigger or 'badder' than she is; she is definitely a fighter - in both the traditional and mental sense of the word. Should another dragon set on her, she will not cower away, she will fight. And she will tell you to fight, if ever you find yourself in a situation that requires mental finesse or the brutality of angry fists. She doesn’t know when to quit, and you will find yourself exhausted more often than not because she will push herself and push you to be the best that you both can be. In these times, it will become Baylee's job to be the soothing hand, the quiet reminder that not all battles are made to be won. In the same way Myra will draw her Baylee forth and thrust her into the limelight, Baylee will be her temper, her reminder that as long as one tries their best to make the world better, everything else will fall into place.

Judy Hopps: I thought this city would be a perfect place where everyone got along and anyone could be anything. Turns out, life's a little bit more complicated than a slogan on a bumper sticker. Real life is messy. We all have limitations. We all make mistakes. Which means, hey, glass half full, we all have a lot in common. And the more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be. But we have to try. So no matter what kind of person you are, I implore you: Try. Try to make the world a better place. Look inside yourself and recognize that change starts with you.


Tempus Fugit
Myrakath is an island unto herself, a place far distant from anyone and anything else, a safe space that is so necessary not only for her own mental health, but also for Baylee. Where do you think she draws that well-deep optimism from? Her will? Her drive? It comes from this place, in all of its splendor, for her mind is a place she loves and wishes to protect, a place she shares with you and only you because it is home.

Her inner mind is a gorgeous landscape, white cliffs rising high out of crystalline blue waters. White beaches run a course up into a city of her own making, buildings constructed out of glittering stone ready and waiting for purpose to be assigned by Baylee, by Myrakath, or perhaps both their powers combined. There's a ready-made training field for mental exercises, waterfall pools for peaceful escapes, and all the blue skies and white fluffy clouds one could possibly ask for. Colors are vibrant here, as though Myra's intensity couldn't help but translate into mental vivacity, everything saturated with an extra layer of color because she can.

Dawns, dusks, and starry nights are no exception. Rosy-peach colors are underlined with similarly-applicable scents, the day arriving with the scent of fresh flowers, and ending on the smell of sweet summer fruit. Daytime runs rife with the scent of citrus, clean and energetic, but nighttime - that's where it's at. Nighttime in Myrakath's mind begs its own explorations, vistas exposing great swaths of star-studded skies, night-blossoms glowing with faint incandescence, some only deigning to bloom when touched by Baylee's presence. Subtle spice wafts on an ocean breeze, something warm not unlike cinnamon or chai that somehow manages to bring the most out of any vantage.

Myrakath's public mind is almost bland in comparison. Nothing is ever quite as bright, as sweet, as flavorful as it is on her island, and that place is reserved only for Baylee, or those closest to her. It is still beautiful, a great glittering expanse of ocean topped with glints of sunshine for good moods, a dark jungle easy to get lost in when she's feeling secretive or displeased, and a frozen arctic tundra for those she particularly dislikes, but somehow it just isn't the same.

Physicality & Flights

Judy Hopps: It's called a hustle, sweetheart. Boom.

Myrakath is, quite literally, a hustle given physical form. She's got the looks, and sometimes she has the suaveness to match, but mostly she's life breathed into a bait and switch and she loves it. Next to nothing amuses her more than people thinking she's stuffy and serious just because she looks the part, and similarly, nothing gives her greater joy than to correct them - gently, of course, and without malice, but correct them nonetheless.

Physically, Myra is fast. Sure, she's absolutely tiny, lacking the widest wings or the longest stride, but being compact has its perks! She can run literal circles around her clutchmates, making two laps around the bowl before Ilyscaeth or Aedeluth can manage one, and even then she's gunning to go and ready for what's next. Though her hind legs are a little more powerful than average, her forelimbs are also on the longer side, giving her a nice even gait when she's on the ground. Does it particularly stop her from hopping everywhere? No. But that's more a physical manifestation of her personality than any fault of her physique!

This also means she can tuck herself swiftly into the itty-bittiest of corners. Granted, she's still a dragon, is still twenty meters tall with a little spare change for flavor, but… For a dragon, she's miniscule, with a nice dark hide suitable for tucking into corners and scoping out a situation. She'll be great on a stake-out if she decides to assist with policing the weyr via the search and rescue wing, or an excellent source of clandestine exports if Baylee guides her the way of transport.

She's also good for causing a distraction, for while Myra finds genuine joy in helping others, she will confront those who she feels are wrong in a gentle but firm way, because she does have a temper. During those times of heightened emotion, she is not always aware of her surroundings and may end up knocking over a thing or two. Or standing in a pile of dung. Or clipping her wing on a jagged cliff. She will need your patience to help her through these frustrations, to be her eyes when she can no longer can see anything except for her need to prove her point.

This is no more true than when she's gearing up for a flight. Proddiness provides Myrakath with a brutal sort of focus - she becomes almost entirely incapable of thinking past the moment she's in, forgets nebulous concepts like 'consequences' and 'rationality' and instead becomes a creature of pure emotion. What she wants in an instant, she will pursue doggedly until either she gets it or she finds something else to obsess over, whether it be to coo and croon over a baby, or sample a weyr's iced cream, or go break up a fight between two other dragons - by putting herself right in the middle if she has to.

Luckily for poor Baylee, the effects of proddiness hit her hard and acutely, lasting perhaps only two or three days before she takes to the skies. There, she is every bit as nimble and acrobatic as she is on the ground, if not perhaps a bit wilder - in the skies, in a flight, she has no need for her sense of justice, no need to protect or defend or any of the usual things that curbs her personality. She is free to be every iota of herself, to be bright and happy and utterly incandescent, weaving circles around her suitors in a playful dance until finally she tires and is caught.


Hello Baylee, and welcome to weyrlinghood at Half Moon Bay Weyr!! <3

Egg: Our egg theme this cycle was "Superpowers," and you were right on the money - your egg was based on time travel a la the illustrious Doctor of BBC fame! This egg was written by R'hyn, and I was so glad you fancied and loved it as much as I did!

Name: We knew right-off that we wanted to weave as many elements of your request as possible into Myrakath's person, so we started right off with her name. R'hyn knew from the start she wanted to borrow from one of the Doctor's aliases, her favorite being Karshtakavaar, which is Draconiant for 'Oncoming Storm.' The 'Myr' in Myra's name was also a bit of a no-brainer - it not only incorporates Themyscira, the Amazonian island on which Diana grows up, but also Myrina, a Greek name possibly meaning "swiftly bounding" which totally fit with Myra's dragon inspiration!! In mythology, this is also the name of a warrior queen of the Amazons who defeated the people of Atlantis so really… this name was meant to be from the start. <3

Dragon: As for Myrakath herself, she was physically inspired by a mixture of Doctor Who and the Wonder Woman movie - stars and moonlight were a key element of her description, as was a dark and glittering sea to represent Diana's sailing away from her homeland to defeat the God of War. There is also a subtle nod to Themyscira in her description, nondescript mountains revealing gorgeous buildings and spires when her wings are lifted. She's also way smaller on the outside than she is on the inside - seem familiar? ;)

The rest of Myrakath is based on the infamously irrepressible Judy Hopps, with a little of Diana's sense of justice and willingness to fight for what she believes in strewn betwixt and between. She's an eternal optimist, your Myrakath, though that doesn't mean she's a pushover! She just knows what she wants, has her beliefs, and will do anything to see them through. Despite her rock'em sock'em exterior, there's also a little fluff on the inside that still takes great joy in the little things, from ice cream to the nuzzling of little babies - she just happens to reserve those quiet, loving bits of herself for Baylee and the people and dragons whom she considers to be close friends, rather than the general populace.

Ultimately, however, Myrakath is yours to play as you will! I hope we have done her justice, but now she is all yours and we can only hope you love playing her as much as we loved writing her.

All the best in weyrlinghood and beyond!

— R'hyn and Ila'den


Name Myrakath
Dam Celimoth
Sire Xermiltoth
Created By R'hyn & Ila'den
Impressee Baylee
Hatched July 13,2017
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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