Lord of Appearances Brown Nebtawyth

Seemingly formed from the ancient and shifting sands of the deep desert this brown hatchling stands like a majestic monument to his kind, and his color. A sharply chiseled head and regal face is dusted with a light sand color. Deeply set eyes whirl with hidden knowledge and cast their somewhat aloof but curious gaze upon the world. His frame is supported by a massive chest, drenched in solid mahogany with trickles of light creme down the sides, like the remnants of a royal robe. His wings are coated in dark chocolate and amber, the latter being evident on the spars, and the former composing the main accent of his tremendous sails. Even standing still, this dragon radiates respect, not so much by demanding It, rather by example, in his exquisite form and bearing.

Egg Name and Description

Desert Verdance Egg
Sand and sun appear to have roughened and weathered the once smooth features of this egg, creating a textured look of aged parchment that almost begs to be touched. Smooth waves of honeyed gold spread over a layer of deep green, creating a flawless peridot hue beneath the grainy overlay. Ripples and waves stir the soft yellow-green hue, each subtle fold of color forming verdant hills and dunes that rise and fall majestically over the shell. Polished and smooth bits of emerald, saturated throughout with a layer of gold, peek out from the roughened shell like hidden pockets of beauty within a desert sandstorm. Flecks of a deeper green have managed to escape the weathering effects of the phantom winds and sands, though they still have soft undertones of yellow that make them blend in seamlessly.

Veils of Heat rise in languid waves, enveloping your mind in rippling layers of invisible warmth. It's as if the heat of the sands has started to leak in through your ears, filling every part of you with liquid sunshine coursing hot and quick through your veins. Phantom winds swish and blow, sending soft feathery caresses of sand whirling across your mind in a miniature sandstorm. A bright orb of golden light perches regally above everything else amidst the roiling grains of sand, its very radiance the source of all the heat pressing in on your mind. . Rays of pleasant warmth and light spread out from it, turning the surrounding area beautiful shades of gold, red, orange and yellow. You find yourself subtly drawn to the bright spot, as though it were a large shining magnet inside your brain. More than warmth and pretty colors emanate from it, though - basking in its noble presence you seem to be absorbing confidence, security, safety and caring all in one. In turn it draws a little back from you - memories of praise and appreciation that mingle for several seconds before they are blown away by wind and sand. Slowly the heat begins to dwindle and the sand begins to settle, the soft illumination fading away into darkness. The sudden absence of heat gives you a brief chill, though a lingering feeling of warmth and contentment stays with you.

Veils of Heat draws you in with its bright corona of warmth, its shining presence spilling over you with its self-assurance and confidence. Sand whirls and twists, individual grains sparkling in the radiant lightpulsing forth. Sizzling heat slips into your veins again, warming you to the core and bolstering you with some of its boundless stores of confidence. Every passing second makes it feel as though you could do anything or be anything - only if you could stay within the glorious golden presence within this egg. Winds stir, sand blows and the shining orb of light sparkles in its lofty, regal position on high within your mind. For several seconds you merely bask in its presence, soaking in all it has to offer. Then, a sudden whoosh of hot air swirls through the crevices of your mind and sends a rush of sand into your consciousness. Vague feelings flicker into life amongst the heat and warmth - the want for togetherness and peace, the need for prestige and honor, the hunger for appreciation of its actions. All this rushes past you in a blast of liquid heat that soon dissipates into nothingness. The sand drifts away and the light fades into darkness, though there is still that lingering feeling of contentment tingling in your limbs.

Veils of Heat roll over you like a warm blanket, sinking deep into your pores and settling in comfortably like an old friend. Dry winds swirl and churn within your skull, stirring up grains of sand that twinkle in the light of the golden orb still perched high above like royalty. Rippling waves of light pour over you in waves, each one like a jolt of self-esteem and warmth. Sand stirs and dances, the grains lightly caressing every thought that comes to your mind and adding a soft film of gold to it - the presence seems intent on making everything better and bright no matter how horrible the memory might be. It showers you with gifts of its own warmth and stamina, as well as its overwhelming feeling of safety and security. Wrapped in a dazzling array of golden illumination, it almost feels as though nothing can touch you and you could do anything you set your mind to as long as you are basking in its magnetic presence. It would be bliss to just sit soaking up the warmth, favor and confidence this intelligent mind sends out with every pulse. Free though these golden gifts may be, there still seems to be a craving lingering amongst the swirling grains of sand, dry winds and golden heat - the need for appreciation and acknowledgement. It reaches for you and caresses your mind with a feathery soft tendril of hot sandd as it seems to ask for something simple in return - a thank you. It then draws away with the last breath of heat, sand and wind, though it leaves with you the lingering potential of that golden light - what could be accomplished if you were the one destined to soak in its glorious warmth.

Hatching Message

The Desert Verdance Egg shudders violently for just a fraction of a second and then settles back down.

The Desert Verdance Egg announces its own demise with a sharp crack. Several hair-thin interconnected fissures appear to spring from its surface!

The pieces of the Desert Verdance Egg fall away, revealing the hatchling inside!

Impression Message

Lord of Appearances Brown Hatching waits for many long moments looking over the Candidates while he sits like a statue on his haunches. His stillness stretches in the heat as the minutes linger. Finally, he spies a very young boy, who is, like himself, observing more than participating, his sharp facial features wrinkled into a petulant whine — it's sooo hot out here. This, the brown decides, he can work with. With some effort, he maneuvers himself beside the lad, and nudges a shoulder. The boy looks up, caught by the lordly brown's gaze. Breath catches, time stops, and they are one! "My name is Meshcha, Nebtawyth.", the short boy offers weakly from a dry throat. His shoulders straighten and his feet more solid beneath him as they walk together, and yet set apart forever. The few friends he has made offer congratulations, and what was just lonely sand doesn't seem quite so lonely now.


The theme of the clutch was "Months of the Year" and the eggs were based off birthstones for each month. The month of August has three birthstones, Peridot, Sardonyx, and Topaz and all three were combined on the egg. For Desert Verdance Egg, the mind touches and desc were inspired by Cleopatra, who was born in the month of August.

The hatchlings all have something loosely to do with the month they are based off of. As Nebtawyth turned out to be a brown, he was inspired by a Pharaoh (although Cleopatra was a Pharaoh as well) and his hatchling name is one of the tiles given to the King of Egypt. Likewise, his name means "Lord of the Two Lands" which was another title of honor held by the Pharaoh.


Name Lord of Appearances Brown Nebtawyth
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Glyith
Created By Ae'gus (egg) A'ven & Enka (hatchling)
Impressee M'cha (Meshcha)
Hatched July 31, 20011
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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