Rukbat's warmth suffuses this queen's hide with a brilliant sheen, lean and lanky form awash in citrine hues. Long of limb and eager in step, her motions are fluid, graceful as if the medium she moves through is not earth but ether. Shapely headknobs are embellished with touches of jasmine, small speckles of paleness that almost seem a crown of blossoms for that wedge-shaped head, brow smooth above wide, capricious eyes. Well-defined wings stretch widely with sails of green-gold, spring chasing cooler ivories along both spar and bone to gather and pool at their tips. Glittering as if scattered by a chilly wind, darker goldenrod spreads down her chest and along beneath her belly, reflected in glints that shine from obsidian talons: darkness in an otherwise luminous beauty.

Egg Name and Description

Children of the Wolf Egg
Deep maroon spills over what would otherwise have been a pale, sandstone shell, the hue of blood long spilt in a contest of might and man. Darker patches create uneven crags, impressions of silhouettes of both beast and boy curving about the egg's apex. Goldenrod forms images in the dust of the bittersweet and the shine of the triumphant: A hundred mighty figures rise proudly to pay homage to one in their midst, shining hue and lines crafted from an ancient, earlier time. Easily the largest among its brethren, the oblong egg shimmers as if a fine layer of sparkling dust embedded itself into the shell, subtly marking it as one of particular portent.

Hatching Message

A forceful push sends the Children of the Wolf Egg down and off of the mound it has rested on, rolling down into the sand. Crumbling about the bright form within that finally breaks free, the glittery shell gives way to its pretty, young occupant who spends a few minutes sitting in the middle of the chaos, fascinated.

Impression Message

Fog suddenly fills your vision, carrying you away from the heat of the sands. Surely, you can't be standing out there with hot feet and the sounds of Impressions around you, not when you find yourself cradled in the softness of a grassy field, warmed gently by the sun and cooled with a refreshing, spring breeze. A disembodied giggle floats to your ears - or is that through you, all of you? « Orla, » Nieleth's soft soprano says, delighted. « Here you are, at last. Oh, I'm ever so happy to have found you! » And with her words comes a flood of sensation, a rush of memories relived and the ecstasy of two minds, two hearts finally joining as one. You can hear it, her heart, feel it beating in time with yours at long last. Her hunger pangs twist at you, too, pains that pull you back to to the sands, back to where her eyes are whirling right in front of yours. Impression.


Some queens have a sense of duty and responsibility ingrained in them, straight from the shell. Some are born diplomats, young royalty who are aware of what they will grow up to be. Nieleth is neither of these, not at the very beginning. An innocent, curious and light-hearted child, she delights both in growing and watching other things grow - people, dragons, firelizards, but especially plants. Carefree and whimsical as a weyrling, you may find it difficult to keep her impulses reined in when they aren't appropriate. She may take it into her head to want to follow firelizards to the lake shore in the middle of a lecture, or suddenly decide to find out what something tastes like, all rather spontaneously. It will take firm reminders from you to prevent her from trying to fly before she's really ready to, as her impulse to do so will be fairly strong from your first few weeks together.

Nieleth finds it difficult, as a weyrling, to come to terms with the fact that one day, you two will be responsible for the welfare of the Weyr. Struggling, at first, with the concept of someday becoming a ruler, it will take both time and maturation for her to begin to appreciate being able to oversee (and feel responsible for) the growth and change that the Weyr will inevitably go through during your time together. In trying to settle disputes when they arise, she's less of an effective mediator in her youth and far more of a cheerful, pleading sort: « Can't we all just get along? »

Spring is, without a doubt, Nieleth's favorite time of the turn despite her clear love for all of the seasons. She'll want to spend as much of it as she can outside when the weather permits, most fascinated by watching and feeling the transition of the seasons, the changing of the leaves, the dip or rise in temperature. There's something about the cycles of death, life and rebirth that draw her to them, often inspiring her to make strangely insightful observations to you, particularly when you least expect them. « Orla, the way that the snow covers everything and the greenery fades with the cold is rather like between, isn't it? »

Between, it must be noted, may make a rather strong impression on her the first time that you travel through it together. The absence of light, warmth and life will affect her deeply, render her thoughtful, maybe a little sad, maybe a little curious, all at once. And yet, Nieleth knows intrinsically that between, too, has its place in the ebb and flow of cycles. Most things that unsettle her can be reasoned through similarly: If everything has a place, a time and a season, then one just needs to work out what that place is and how best to fit into it.

Nieleth will never be one of the largest queens on Pern, but her full-grown size will fit her somewhere between small (for a gold) and enormous. Unusually graceful, even as a weyrling, she'll find ways to keep her movements just as graceful as she grows, even if it means conserving them to the smallest of steps, the tiniest flick of her tail. And similarly, she retains most of her child-like qualities and endless curiosity as an adult. Where Rhadamanth dismisses maudlin tales and evaluates situations with the sometimes chilly objectiveness of an outsider, Nieleth sympathizes with the sad, tries to soothe the angered, and rejoices with those who are happy, regardless of their motives.

Proddiness is one of those things that throws Nieleth's world into utter confusion. She does not understand the feelings, does not want the feelings, and resists against them with all her might. Like her mother, she can turn sullen and rather moody in the week leading up to her rising, but it's in her mindscape that the most noticeable changes take place. Warmth, color, breezes - all of these fade into cold, black and white tones, the gleam of polished marble and stone. More easily provoked and irritated, she'll take to staying at home as much as possible during this time, leaving her weyr only to hunt. Wary of both her own mood and the attention she will receive from interested males, she prefers to remain in seclusion in the days immediately preceding her flights. In time, she may learn to find pleasure in flights, however unhappy the idea initially makes her.

Nieleth is a devoted mother once she clutches, but not a particularly broody one. She won't require your presence around the clock, but will appreciate it if the sire is around to assist her with turning eggs and making sure that they're comfortably situated. Candidates are generally regarded calmly - perhaps a little /too/ calmly, but in the end, she's happy to let go of them, to finally welcome them into the world to join the cycles that everyone is a part of.

Embracing you the way that she continually strives to embrace the world in which you live, Nieleth looks to you for guidance, for that little nudge to be a bit braver than she sometimes feels, to be a little more blunt where appropriate. She, in turn, reminds you every so often to live as a girl, as a woman just as much as a goldrider, to stop and admire the way the sun makes the snow glitter or the way the leaves turn in autumn. Both the smaller and larger things in life are to be appreciated, even through the harder times, a feeling that she'll do her very best to share with you always while you balance one another's perspectives.


Nieleth's mind predominantly reflects her nature, filled with the coolness of refreshing, spring breezes and the warm scents of earth with things freshly in bloom. In happiness and content moments, she's not unlike a happy child sprawled in fresh grass, warmed by the sun and ruffled by the wind. Her usual vivacity and color fade into muted greys and silvers when she is saddened, grassy fields and swaying flowers dulled to a monochromatic blur. Anger clouds her mind, greying fields giving way to the chill of hardened marble, the searing cold of some unworldly wind creeping to the forefront. Mist, fog and dew: all these, she utilizes to great extent depending on her mood. Curiosity brings out the fog, letting her quest, child-like, for her answers. Happiness and calm bring out the dew, gentle touches left by the morning. Mist pervades her thoughts when she otherwise feels that occlusion is necessary, whether of her feelings or yours. Fond of using more child-like impressions, both within her first turn and in her even-tempered moments, it's not uncommon for her to add in the sound or sensation of tiptoeing footsteps when she feels shy, or light-hearted giggles when she's particularly amused. Her voice is a soft, youthful soprano that doesn't gain as many layers with age as others' might - even at thirty, forty, fifty turns, she remains young at heart.


In keeping with our clutch's theme of epic / memorable characters and your expressed liking for classical myths, Nieleth's inspiration largely pulls from that of Persephone, daughter of Demeter. To the Greeks and Romans, Persephone was a lovely maiden who eventually became Hades' queen in the Underworld. She was also viewed as the merciless queen of the dead, a pale goddess who once showed mercy to Orpheus, having been touched by the loveliness of his music. More information can be found at:

This cycle, the eggs were based off of the Olympics to celebrate the twenty-ninth Olympiad. Children of the Wolf Egg is one of the eggs that drew inspiration from a former Olympic site - in this case, the games held in Rome, Italy in 1960. The description is mainly based on an image of the official poster for the games (

After a lot of deliberation and several failed attempts, I finally found a name that incorporated the idea of spring without sacrificing aesthetics. Niele is a Lithuanian name that literally means "spring, " and it seemed to fit very well with both her hatchling name, and with yours. I think of it as being pronounced nee-uh-leth, but of course, you're more than welcome to find your own pronounciation.

It's been a real pleasure to create Nieleth and have you with us. I look forward to seeing what Orla and Nieleth do together during weyrlinghood and beyond. Congratulations and welcome, Orla!


Name Springtime Umbrage Gold Nieleth
Dam Gold Rhadamanth
Sire Bronze Aslianth
Created By Ro
Impressee Orla
Hatched September 06, 2008
High Reaches Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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