Wealth of Water Lillies Green Nymphaeath

Pondwater green — a murky verdant shade that hints of mystical forest streams and dappled woodlands — flows in sluggish torrents over the hide of this small and dainty little green dragon. Mossy green shades the curve of her belly and flanks, quiet pools of shadowed meadow green that sweeps over the long curve of her neck. A patchwork of lily pad splotches cover her in a random pattern, droplets of darker green muddled haphazardly over her body. With broad wings of emerald-green, the sails tinted to a much paler shade of pastel, she's delicately built, and pretty in her own uniquely patterned way.

Egg Name and Description

Ensanguined Heart Egg
Never one to give the first impressions that might lead to the conclusion of monochromatic pigment encasing the rounded curve of eggshell, continued observation over a period of time emboldens the convictions of that first glance. While indeed, the base color of the egg itself is of a garish glossed shade of fresh-spilled blood, variegated veins of dark magenta and burgundy of a hue dark enough to be nearly black juxtapose themselves across the shell in a curious pattern — an illusionary pattern of planes and angles that almost seem to give the medium-sized egg a faceted appearance. When tilted just so, in the heat that shimmers up from the warming sands below, one might almost see that the egg seems to resemble a heart, clasped in the pale embrace of the sands around it.

Pinwheel Starburst Firecrackers does not so much greet you as reach out and wrap you into darkness. There's nothing to fear, though, just a smooth velvety-black feeling, like that of a warm blanket wrapping comfortingly around you — inky night slowly and surely settling about you. And then there's a loud piercing whistle through your thoughts, distrubing the quiet solitude of the darkness about you before CRACK — a resounding boom that you almost feel rather than hear echos through the night, a starburst explosion of light and color accompanied by a bubbly enthusiastic presence immediately felt. Why hello! Who are you! Thoughts probe at yours, a friendly cheerful sensation greets you, testing you, and learning about you.

Pinwheel Starburst Firecrackers gathers the darkness again, but not so enfolding this time, snuggling it around you like the cloak of the night. And again, there's that piercing sound of a whistle, and POP POP two more bursts of color — this one a bright red and a deeper green — throw starry patterns across your thoughts. Into that momentary distraction and dazzlement steals forth once more that cheerful presence, wafting a sense of humor. Why did the chicken cross the road anyway? So a runner walks into a bar, and the bartender says, why the long face? These images are flickers across your mind — a joke shared and traded. Did you know dragons could joke in the shell? Neither did I.

Pinwheel Starburst Firecrackers gives a screeching whistle, a loud ringing sound that echos and echos within the inner part of your mind — a sound heard not by human ears, but by mental ones. Flashes of images appear before you, a kaleidoscope of color, light and sound that filters past you in an unending panorama. A flutter of cloth — fine clothing, fashionable styles plucked from your own thoughts for surely at some point in time you've seen someone who dressed nice. Well, that's one memory. A flicker of spontaneity — flying upside down above the ocean, quickly righted. A sense of dedication and a feeling of pride in hard work surfaces, floating past you. And then, a sudden burst of color and light, a flurry of whistling cries and an overwhelming spatter of mental fireworks are set off. This is it, the grand finale. The scent of brimstone and smoke fills your nose, so sharp and tangy you can almost smell it .. NO, you CAN smell it. The bombardment of colorful flashes continues, almost too much. And then a swelling crescendo sounds, and all goes quiet. Darkness shrouds you, cloaks you and then fades. The presence is gone.

Hatching Message

Ensanguined Heart Egg moves to the beat; thumping back and forth in rhythmic motion on the sands, the movement caused as the hatchling within begins to struggle, trying to free itself from the confines of the egg.

Ensanguined Heart Egg rocks back and forth, wobbling in crazy jerks and jumps, a frenzy of motion and activity now — whoever's in there wants out! There's a loud snap and a crack, and a jagged line begins to divide the egg right down the middle.

Ensanguined Heart Egg is torn asunder! Would a broken heart be a bad thing now? It might, under other circumstances, but as the egg splits neatly in two, leaving two sheared off halves, and the small green dragonet that lies between them — surely it is actually a good thing in this case.

Impression Message

Tumbled out onto the sands with an awkward squawk, the tiny green scrambles to her feet. She remains there, legs splayed and panting a bit with the effort. She's so young and new, the world is a big wide place! There's a whuffle from her dam, and the little green with the patchy hide cranes her neck up to croon back at the gold before she totters forwards, lurching towards the remaining candidates. Her footsteps grow bolder as she walks, and she's gallivanting about now, an unerring path directing her towards the oldest of the candidates on the sands. Pushing her head against the woman's knee, she croaks hungrily, and the redheaded seamstress from Telgar Weyr stoops down to caress her new lifemate's eyeridges with a tentative hand. "Oh, Nymphaeath! I'm so glad you're here, I've been waiting so long." And with a relieved, but proud look, Dalima leads her green hatchling towards the waiting weyrlingmasters.


The theme of the clutch was "Months of the Year" and the eggs were based off birthstones for each month. Ensanguined Heart Egg was based off a ruby, which is the birthstone for the month of July. The mind touches for the eggs were loosely based off zodiac personalities, in this case, Cancer, with a hefty splash of the Fourth of July holiday (yay fireworks!) thrown in.

The hatchling was themed off the lily — the birth flower for July — (in this case, water lilies) for her coloration, and her name comes from 'Nympaea' which is a genus name for the water lily.


Name Wealth of Water Lillies Green Nymphaeath
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Glyith
Created By Enka
Impressee Dalima
Hatched July 31, 2011
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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