Caught Drinking in the Bramble Brown Nyzieroth

Matted tendrils of thick russet bramble claw their way over this dragon's excessively large feet, twisting with each of digit before moving up along his trim legs. Their twisted trek continues, winding up his sides before lashing across his back, between his wings, appearing to tie him down. Each dark rope is adorned with sharp thorns, thrusting in every direction, but the dragon's hide is unscathed, a flawless sticky caramel slips beneath these 'ropes' and coats his entire body. His distinctly rounded head, smooth around his jaws, seems flawed, as only one, not two headknobs can really be made out. His right side is home to a deformed knob. This elongated knob is tweaked in such a way that that it stands nearly straight up before it bubbles out into a more spherical shape at the end. It's only if one looks closely at the other side that a regular looking knob can be found, pushed against his skull and nearly invisible due to its perfect coloration. While there is no question that this brown is large, his lithe body sprawls out in length and not in bulk. Muscles stay mostly concealed beneath his ecru coated skin, hiding strength that is sure to exist. Two almost stubby wings are kept close to his body, but when extended, they expand to the perfect length, clad across the top in molten caramel. Streaks of silver can only be seen from beneath, glinting in the rays of the sun if the angle hits just right. His tail is average in length, darkening to a chocolate as the length continues until an unexpected splash of myrtle cuts across the spade at the end.

Egg Name and Description


Fallen Star Egg
Pallid sky coats this egg, such a gentle color, playing across the shell as if dancing in the wind. Streaks of near white slice across the background, converging in the middle to form a narrow spindled six-pointed star. This star gleams and shines, all the while a bright circle pools at the middle, nearly glowing in the eerie hue of periwinkle. On closer examination the sky hue is actually a combination of several different colors, some floating their lazy way across in denim while others cling to azure and powder blue. Moonbeam soft tufts flourish into lazy cloud like entities that almost appear to float across the shell. But alas, there is only movement if one is walking by it, a trick of the gleaming polished surface.

Cling to the Green is outstretching arms of welcome. A world flourishes up around you, a sea of green in the form of trees, shrubs, and grass. The sounds of children's laughter can be made out and everything feels so.. at ease. It's that perfect time before the green starts to lose its battle. There will be none of that colorful autumn stuff here! Green! Green! Green shall reign supreme! After a few moments pass, and perhaps you grow bored of the verdant surroundings, you try to pull away but suddenly feel pressure on you. A feeling consumes your mind, a stubbornness, the kind where someone has dug their feet in and refused to budge. No! You can't leave the green! You can almost hear its upsetting cries and you try to withdraw again. It clings, and tugs, and tries so very hard to keep you here. But finally you are able to escape, leaving with only one thought: The green shall survive!

Cling to the Green has not changed its world much, the green is still a primary color, but it seems like it's losing power, losing intensity. But the lazy laughter that made you want to crawl into a hammock and relax the day away, has not left. You can almost make out the form of small children running by you, throwing a ball perhaps or playing a game of tag. The smell of freshly cut grass envelopes you before the curious tendrils are sent seeking you out. Do you like green? The hue of nature, living, breathing, being. If not, this is not the place for you, it warns. For there will always be this draw to green, the color of life. Perhaps that's why it is so drawn to you, even though you obviously are not green. But you are life! You are living! You feel that cling again, a tickling, prickly sensation trying to draw you closer as it learns more about what you know about a life of green. There has to be something green in your life… and yet you start to struggle, and fight against the invasion. Tighter and tighter it holds until finally you rip yourself free and you are left with aftertaste of wheatgrass in your mouth.

Cling to the Green is silent when you arrive. While the lush world is still sprung around you, something feels, off. You reach out to rub your finger across a velvety leaf and you pull your finger back as something wet coats it. The color of brown slips between your fingers and yet the owner of this egg is nowhere to be found. As you turn around, you watch as the world slowly starts to melt. Huge clumps of green slide off the trees and crash upon the ground, coating anything near in brown paint. First it's the trees, and then it's the bushes, exploding their green leaves in a fit of chocolate hue, leaving behind nothing but a gnarled mess of barren twigs. The grass beneath your feet yellows and turns brittle before finally there is nothing but dirt. Ugly, awful, /brown/. Finally the owner's emotions can be felt, anguish, pain, horror! Its green! Its beautiful, wonderful green! It's whirling into a great hurricane of verdant before it picks you up. It will save you, save you from the sea of brown! The sea of death! And then you're free, back on the sands and left once more with a passing thought: Green is good!

Hatching Message

Fallen Star Egg violently shakes, throwing itself back and forth the sandy bed its mother made for it. It appears as if the egg is going to bounce right out and go rolling away, but alas it goes still, only a few fissures marring its blue shell.

That's right, Fallen Star Egg is at it again as if the dragonet inside is waging a vicious battle against its home. This time the egg bounces free of its sandy constraints and rolls down the side, bumping into one of its siblings eggs with a loud crack. The collision seems to have stunned its occupant as the egg lays silent on its side. Cracks zigzag away from the impact zone.

Fallen Star Egg has apparently recovered from its momentary daze when suddenly half the egg goes flying through the air and the raised foot can obviously be named the culprit. After a few seconds pass the dragonet starts backing out of the remaining half.

Impression Message

The world around you swirls as if you've had one too many drinks. The sounds of the hatching sands, the cries of joy, the cheers from the galleries, all is drowned out, muffled as if cotton has been shoved deep into your ear canals. Bubbles large and small tickle your mind, floating by, popping in little *pops* before you realize you are no longer alone. You roll your tongue around as a distinctly metallic taste invades your senses, as if you've just licked a metal can. « S'rorn, » Your new name is a declaration, no room for debate. « I think I have something on my… » The brown's attention turns towards his rump and yours follows suit. « Aha ha! I made you look at my ass. » Nyzieroth giggles in an almost evil way. « You'll be fun. » There is no undying love for you, just the sense that he will be your best friend while at other times, your worst enemy.


General: Life with Nyzieroth won’t be easy. As you find out the moment you meet him, he takes great pride in torturing you. And while you may always be the butt of his jokes, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you, in his own special, screwed up way. Because if it came down to it, he would give his own life to protect yours.. although it’d have to be a very dire situation for him to prove this. He’ll let you get into all sorts of trouble on your own and typically will only help if he gets something out of it. Essentially he’s a selfish bastard who only cares about his own hide.

But there’s obviously more to him than just being selfish. He’s also a kleptomaniac, and will constantly be trying to snag all sorts of different items and claim them as his own. He won’t even have the decency to really try to hide them when you’re a weyrling, just keeping them out in plain view. « Oh that? Psh, that isn’t /yours/ Taiyokanth. I had one just like it. » Pause. « Yours is missing? Well sucks for you. » Pause again. « You think /I/ took yours. Lies, lies and slander! » As an adult it will be a heck of a lot harder for others to find their items, so you just may end up hearing whisperings that things have gone missing, the precise things that you may have found cluttering up your weyr.

He’s also very much a misanthrope, he /hates/ humans. He won’t ever speak to another human aside from yourself and he typically won’t acknowledge non-riders at all. They are like herdbeasts to him, although he thankfully won’t be trying to eat any. This will make him an extremely poor search dragon. He may do it, but it’d be a sorry affair and he’ll have little interest in it. « Yeah, I guess this one doesn’t look like a total chump. Not that I’m sure Miraneith really cares. She did after all let you stand and look at what a sorry excuse for a human you are. »

 Nyzieroth is also not above doing just about everything in his power to get what he wants done. "Bribe is such an ugly word. I prefer extortion. The X makes it sound cool." - Bender. Yes, he will definitely be seen trying to bribe, extort, or blackmail those around him to do his bidding. He’ll also constantly be trying to get out of doing any work, whatsoever. As a wingrider he’ll always be trying to convince other dragons to do his sweeps. He’ll feign sickness or find out tidbits about them to be used against them later on. He’ll stoop to anything to get out of having to lift his paw in the form of work. During weyrlinghood this will prove terribly difficult to deal with since you can’t really get someone else to do your wing stretches for you, oh, but Nyz will try (and possibly succeed) and then you’ll have to catch him and get him back on track. He has a very strong head and getting him to do what you want verses what he wants is going to be ever the challenge.

Weyrlinghood: The first, and most important thing you needed to know about Nyzieroth is that wherry blood is essential to him keeping ‘sober’. This obviously won’t be something you know off the bat, and he won’t be able to tell you because, he just knows he’s craving /something/ very important but he has no words for what he wants. So the first sevenday of his life will be spent trying all sorts of different foods because nothing else will make him happy. Oh sure, he’ll eat the cut up pieces of herdbeast that are given to him or really anything else he can fit in his mouth, but he will appear as if something is terribly wrong with him until you figure it out. He’ll stagger around, slur his mental words, and very little will hold his attention for very long. The weyrlingmasters will probably be quite worried about him and try to help you figure it out, perhaps even bringing in a dragonhealer to get him looked at. But once that hurdle is overcome and his crucial wherry blood is discovered, all will be ‘right’ in the world.

That aside he will be an absolute terror as a weyrling. He will treat life as if every moment is a chance to play a prank on someone else. Half the time, you will probably be the victim, but this does not keep others around you safe. While you’re probably one of the few humans he deems ‘worthy’ of torture in his eyes, he will definitely have fun at his clutch mate’s expense.

« Oh, lighten up Teimyrth. It’s not like painting your hide pink /hurt/ you in any way. It brings some color to your hide. You should /thank me/. »

Teimyrth will be one of his favorites to pester, if only because that bronze has absolutely /no/ sense of humor and hey, the threats he comes up with are rather amusing to Nyz. Of course he realizes that Teimyrth won’t ever really make good on those threats — at least he really hopes — since your dragon is a lover and definitely not a fighter. Taiyokanth is also another one of his favorites because of her perky personality, he’ll love to toy with her since she’s ‘such a good sport’.

That being said, because Nyzieroth is the laziest dragon alive when it comes to doing work and the like. He will be the absolute /last/ to learn things. It isn’t because he’s dumb of course, but just because he sees no point to practicing, learning, and attempting. To him, it’s just a waste of time where he could be doing pranks. Lessons will bore him to tears and he will try to derail them at any point, much to the irritation of the Weyrlingmasters. You will have to drag him, like a stubborn mule through his lessons and force him to do things for him to make any progress at all. If it was up to him, he would stay a weyrling forever because hey, they have the least responsibility and he loves not having to be responsible for anything. « I think I know what I should do S’rorn.» “What’s that?” « Be a watchdragon! Come on, how awesome is sitting there on your ass all day? We should totally do that. » So yes, it will be difficult in getting him to do normal dragon things, and he will push for the job that has the least amount of work to be done. If you have higher aspirations, it will be like he’s under a turn again and you’ll have to drag him kicking and screaming pretty much. Good luck to you!

Drinking problem: That’s right, Nyzieroth has a big drinking problem, or more like, he has a problem if he doesn’t drink. And while obviously dragons can’t run around drinking alcoholic beverages, he has his own essential liquid. Wherry blood. Nyzieroth cannot go a day without drinking the stuff, even if just a little, because you’ll quickly find out what it’s like when a dragon is drunk. He won’t be able to concentrate on anything, will have absolutely no coordination (which can be dangerous when he’s fully grown) and he’ll just generally act in a drunken manner until this vital liquid has been secured. This means that you two will likely be spending lots of time away from Western hunting wherry from different places. He’ll swear they all have different tastes and he’ll probably develop a taste for some that come from a particular place so that you’ll continually find yourself going back there. And while he /needs/ wherry blood, he’s not wasteful. While he might blood the carcass as if it was a mating flight, after he’s finished he’ll gobble down the rest of the bird. Just be warned that you cannot skip days with him. If he goes too long without you might even have to get a fellow rider to go snag a bird for you as he won’t even be able to fly straight.

Flights: There are very few things that he will put his all into doing and do it serious, and flights are one of them. He’s never lazy or sluggish with them, always the first male to notice that some gal is starting to go proddy and always the first in line to chase. He will expend all of his energy to win (the only thing he’ll do this with) and be quite disappointed if he fails. It’s because Nyz is a player, he will /never/ commit to one female, it just isn’t possible for him. Oh, there may be times where he thinks he can do it, and it might last for a few sevendays before another green has risen and he’s off on the chase again, with no thought of the previous gal in his life. But Nyzieroth is definitely a lover and not a fighter. If he can’t be found at your side, picking on his most favorite person in the world, well then he can be found snuggled up with a lady friend. Gold, green, it makes no difference to him. He’s skilled at catching, and while browns don’t catch golds that often, he will still always try if given the opportunity even if everyone else knows he will fail. But that aside, he’s always kind of be a smooth talker, able to get females to do what he wants, and for some reason there’s always a few around him, it’s like he collects a harem or something.

Clutch Dad: If, by some chance, Nyzieroth manages to ensnare a queen, he will make a horrid clutch father, or rather a non-existent one. He has absolutely no paternal instincts in his body, and if he could try to sell one of his children to get something for himself in life, well.. you bet that he’d do it. If he manages to catch a gold more than once, then only the first time will he maybe try to help her out on the sands, by the second time he’s well aware of his shortcomings (or if he’s forgotten you’ll remind him and it will jog his memory) and he won’t even bother gracing the sands with his presence. He might inquire after his children after they’ve hatched, curious about their strengths and if perhaps he can use them in some way, but there are no good or fatherly motives behind any inquiries he may make.


Nyzieroth has Bender's voice, precisely, down to that evil laugh he likes to use from time to time. His mind however will leave a metallic taste behind after he talks that mingles with the taste of ale. Yes, ale! The color will be the distinct color of beer, golden with a frothy white top. There are times when he talks that you might almost feel drunk off of the bubbles and smell the dance around your skull. It will be especially bad after her loses mating flights as his tone will get thick and syrupy as he slurs the words along. That being said, just like his cartoon counterpart, Nyzieroth has several words that pop up most often in his vocabulary, feel free to use these or make up your own: Chump, Chumpette, Yours, Up, Bite, My, Shiny, Daffodil, and Ass.



This egg is based off of the birthstone of September, only with a little twist. One of my favorite stones has always been the star sapphire and that is what the physical desc was modeled after. As for the mind touches, September is one of the last months of summer where things start getting cold and the world starts to turn the colors of autumn, or for people who don’t live with color changing trees the world just feels like it starts to go brown. The idea was that this egg was clinging desperately to summer. Nyzieroth is based off of Bender, from Futurama since you asked for a villain dragon, I figured he would be the perfect type of dragon for you to have unlimited fun with. S’rorn is Nyz’s Fry, short and simple. His name was just something that I thought looked nice and doesn’t really have any meaning behind it. Egg was fully created by K'yr and Nyzieroth was created, with the help of A'ven for ideas, by K'yr as well. I hope you have great fun with the big lug. :) And, this is inspiration is of course meant to /inspire/ you to play him, you are of course encouraged to play him however you want. <3


Name Caught Drinking in the Bramble Brown Nyzieroth
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Glyith
Created By K'yr
Impressee S'rorn
Hatched July 31, 2011
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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