Just Like Mama Used To Make Brown Olobgneth

Big, beefy, and brown! That's this dragon, all the way through. He's a thickly wrought thing, his hide the rich, ruddy brown of a meat sauce left to simmer for hours into a thing of perfection. Other colors sometimes surface, like special ingredients bubbling up from below; a bit of bronze there, a touch of green here, a hint of something blue elsewhere. And then there's a fine wash of gold that ghosts over his neckridges and back like a thin film of oil that shimmers ever-so-deliciously. His wingsails are made of the same, red-brown and glossed with an elusive sheen of gold across the surface to give the fleeting illusion of copper - just like mama's pots and pans.

Egg Name and Description

Lively Ball of Fuzz Egg

This particularly large and round egg seems to nestle comfortably in the sands no matter where it ends up. The surface is a mottled patchwork of colors - browns and blacks, creams and light yellows - that come together in a jumbled mass of fuzziness. From afar, one might even think it was a bunch of kittens or puppies or even the odd collection of baby chicks, all piled together for warmth and affection. Here and there, if one's lucky, they might catch glistening circles of color - green and brown and blue and gold - paired up like so many eyes that peer out at the world with hope and determination.

Hatching Message

Wobble: Twitch. Twitch twitch. Twiiitch. Lively Ball of Fuzz Egg is starting to look lively! Or is it? It doesn't move again for a little while.

Crack: Hop! Jump! Leap! Okay, so Lively Ball of Fuzz Egg isn't actually leaping, but it is jerking and moving pretty vigorously now. It's definitely a lively one, so lively, in fact, that a great big split has started to work down from the apex. It goes still again, but not for long!

Hatch: It's with a great and powerful crack that the Lively Ball of Fuzz Egg is no more! Instead? It's just a big and burly brown dragonet, with great big eyes and a bigger stomach! Fortunately, he knows just what he needs and he makes his lumbering and unsteady way straight to the Candidates. One of them will feed him! Maybe that one? Oh! No, definitely that guy. The skinny one. Noodle goes pale as the big brown headbutts his middle and the newly minted Weyrling will be heard stammering, "O'odle? But Noodle isn't even my real- oh, oh, okay, Olobgneth. I get it. They go better together that way!"


All Fluff And Love



Name Olobgneth
Dam Gold Feyruth
Sire Bronze Emeliuth
Created By Aglaia
Impressee O'odle (Noodle)
Hatched August 27, 2016
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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