The Guiding Star Gold Onauth

The Guiding Star Gold Onauth
Large is this queen of Pern, and dominating of presence not only by sheer size but by something much more intangible. Not that she would be hard to miss for the blazing intensity of a sun has settled to her figure. It begins upon the center of her chest, the hottest near white flame is a the width of one's palm. It expands and writhes with nuclear intensity that explodes over her body in a mix of gold, amber, yellow, orange and even some brilliant flame reds. The reds seem to particularly caress the prominent eyeridges of her large head. Rippling flames in amber and yellows compete to dominate her strong jaw and even stain the teeth which glimmer their deadly role as jaws part. The heat of the star blurs the hues together across her medium build, only the heavyset of haunches and over large hands seeming out of proportion. Her tail sweeps away from her body, a dramatic coronal mass ejection in darkening flames of tangerine and crimson which fade at the very tip to the surrounding dark of the void. Along her neckridges a rare scene, as a comet has been drawn to its ultimate fate, plunging toward the very heart of the star, its icy vapors dusting the ridges in a sparkling trail of diamond-like glitter. Not that she seems to have any sympathy for such destructive fate, life has its beginning and has its ending. Strong wingshoulders support a cloak of wingsail which offers some shelter from the solar storm. The dark sails are the void, space in its inky depths that seek to eclipse the star, but even here the light can not be entirely subdued, the brilliance of the corona lights up the leading edges and fans along the wingbones and partly into the main sail in an eerie drama.

Your Lady is many things, but in a nutshell you'll find one who is a quiet omnipotent presence that fills both you and the Weyr she resides in. That she is at times a deep thinker and at others the bold leader/adventurer. Lest you think she is some tame force: beware her dangerous side!

As a weyrling, she'll tend to take the lead and demand her place as a Queen, despite her younger age. You have a strong soul on your hands which will require a lot of you, for she demands of you no less than she does of herself and that bar is set very high indeed. She'll demand to be first in everything and when she is not, that dangerous side comes to bear as eyes narrow and talons flex and you can feel the wheels of revenge begin to turn. It will be up to you to temper this darker side, soothe and distract until she forgets and so many plans will fall by the wayside. Age will temper the spontaneity of youth, and this will only sharpen your own vigilance in probing into what schemes - yes, plural - she is inevitably plotting.

When you are both in agreement to your course she will carefully plot each measured step and gently guide your words and actions until success is assured. She really leaves little to chance and can be rather domineering and unabashedly so toward the 'lesser' colors. Her tolerance of the other queen's is also limited, her disdain for any who do not act as she. Desire is greatest to ensure that one day both you and she will be Senior pair of the Weyr, though that may take many turns to achieve.

Of flights she may hearken back to her days in the shell and seek the very stars she so resembles. It seems that only the vast cold void of space could cool the passions fire that is stirred upon her rising. NONE will ever be 'good enough' for her and she will fly up, straight and true, until her body fails where her mind never does and fate takes over, the strongest and cleverest bronze remaining to claim her. Never does a brown stand a chance, and that a blue would ever consider is a laughable idea and they'll be well punished by the flash of talons should they be foolish enough to try. She'll be fiercely protective of her eggs and never one to share the sands. CAndidates will be allowed only because you restrain her and she'll stand immobile, with her fiercest look toward them as she mantels her wings over the hardening shells and try's her best to intimidate them away.

Truly though, the vision of her persona lies best in these lines from her mind touches "one who is grander than imagination, quiet in contemplation for such a dangerous vastness as space is must be treated with care and caution and the steps it takes are rarely anything but premeditated. Yet that will not reduce in the least the grandness of its adventures for destination unknown is its course and unwavering is its courage."

Egg: Ocean in the Sky Egg
Upon this small, rather round egg, all color has been left off the palate. The view is no less impressive for the strikingness with which the hues of gray create the surface patterns. One can imagine perhaps this is what an ocean would look like if all the water was stripped away. For light does not normally shine upon these depths, so who can know what treasures lay hidden, the shell providing but the smallest glimpse into the unseen. It is an otherworldly sight indeed, with vast flat expanses broken by deep crevices, rising mesas, and pocketed by small craters of unknown origin. Its overall appearance only grows more eerie the longer one considers the stark surface. It is a vast empty cold space where life appears to have been forsaken, and only the dead may find peace.

Mind: Deep Space Ocean
Her mind feels of an omnipotent presence that influences all events to guide the course of history to her pre-set destination. Mind voice is soothingly sweet and surprisingly soft for one so domineering. Perhaps it helps keep those she deigns to speak to under control, or at least off guard. The imagery of her mind tends to relate to space. The dark, never ending void the closest representation to her own vastness. It is by no means empty however, there are brilliantly colored nebulae, dramatic galaxies and the soft pulse of uncountable stars to help soften the unimaginable grandness of it all.

Impression Message:
The sands expand to a vastness you've never imagined before as the world goes dark. A small pinprick of light appears at the very center of things and you find its warmth growing until you are consumed by the fire, the heart of the star to guide you on your voyage from now on. Warmth in love, warmth in joy and cunning, a knowing of so many things that escapes you in the sudden soft tones that enter your mind, changing your world forever. «Aerhi… Aerhi…» no it is not a dream, although it may seem so «I am Onauth, Aerhi… say something please?»

Your dragon was lovingly crafted for you by S'ym. The egg theme was waterways of the world, and the hatchlings a related famous sea farer. Your egg was based on the Oceanus Procellarum (means ocean of storms), a particular spot on the moon. Most famous for being the landing site of several robotic lunar probes as well as the Apollo 12 mission. This egg was the most, well, uh, 'creative' interpretation of the theme if you would in envisioning space itself as an ocean as part of the mind, the egg by using the name of that spot on the moon in a creative way. Even though it has no water it is like a vast ocean. Of the hatchling there is more a general base upon the astronauts who venture into the void (or at least for now to the edge of it) and the sort of mystical presence/awe one comes to feel when contemplating such vastness. Her name comes from the word Astronaut.

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