Pitter-Patter Blue Opicheskiduth

Dark blue head knobs rise up from a sea of greyish blue, the somber color sweeping over the whole of the dragon's body like a stormy sky. His legs are long and muscular, tail and neck long as well, all balanced by a slightly rounded belly. The underside of his wings display the darker hues of the storm and are marked with spindly, pale streaks, like lightning rippling across the dark expanse of his wingsails, striking anew with each beat of his wings. In flight, the contrast of his more pale, rounded belly against the darker palette of his wings is akin to a giant raindrop, full of energy, ready to burst on contact.

Egg Name and Description

Plain of Peaceful Melodies Egg
This egg is shattered and broken! At least it appears to be from a distance. Thin lines are scattered about its surface, forming an array of sharp cornered shapes. The egg is generally a cloudy white, though some of the pools are gentle shades of grey. This makes the surface look rough and pointed in areas and only adds to the shattered looking effect. Each of the individual shapes though looks smooth as silk and almost flat.

A Crystal Clear Sea politely eases its way into your mind. You can feel it following a path you've made for it, carefully stepping along your footsteps and anxious to keep up with you. It sees what you want it to see, it fills the crevice you allow it to fill. It is hesitant to look around unless it feels you guiding it.

A Crystal Clear Sea stops at this memory. Even as you ease forward, it remains behind, sunk in a hole and captivated by this section of your mind. Before it had been so easy to move, it was eager to follow you. Now it is stuck, thinly probing. Why this memory? It was neither painful nor happy. But this presence it finds it… beautiful and captivating.

A Crystal Clear Sea starts to devour memory after memory with a seemingly insatiable appetite. It races through your mind and washes over you, casting you aside while you try to keep pace. But it's moving too quickly and in too many directions, and is thinning and spreading. Slowly it moves away becoming fainter and more distant until you cannot feel it with you anymore.

Hatching Message

There's a little wiggle from the Plain of Peaceful Melodies egg. Then a little bit bigger wiggle. The cream colored egg seems to get into a rhythm, shaking back and forth at a slow pace. Then the song appears to crescendo, and there's lots of wiggling and shaking.

Plain of Peaceful Melodies egg seems to have stopped shaking. All that energy just fades away and it is silent and still for a long while. While the eggs around it are all beginning to wake, it looks like this one has gone right back to sleep.

Parts of the Plain of Peaceful Melodies egg are starting to fall away. Bits here, bits there. It's crumbling like a pie crust. It hasn't moved in so long! Instead it's been pushed out from the inside in many directions at once, more cracks forming along the already splintered-looking surface. Markings indeterminable from cracks. But now there were too many cracks, and bits of egg are tumbling down to the sand below. More and more pieces fall until the structure of the egg cannot hold, and the last bits fall away.

Impression Message

Pitter-Patter Blue Hatchling does just that. After a good shake out to removed any flecks of egg left on him, he starts to slowly tip-toe forward. His wings stretch out gently, then fold back in. He creeps around the sand, taking his time to get to the gaggle of candidates lined up. Let them stare a little longer! His feets were working now! The little blue hobbles about some, until the sight of one of the nearby eggs wobbling startles him. He bolts towards the candidates! Well, he bolts as much as a just-hatched blue can. The blue hatchling pushes his way into the candidate line, inevitably knocking a few people around. He doesn't stop until he's bowled poor Rory right over! One look down from the blue to the shaggy haired boy and it's very clear why the blue has stopped at all. Rory throws his arms about the blue's neck. "Opicheskiduth! I'm fine! Of course we can get something to eat!" After righting himself, R'oy and Opicheskiduth make their way over towards the weyrlingmasters.


The theme of the clutch was "Months of the Year" and the eggs were based off birthstones for each month. The month of April's birthstone is a diamond, which is what Plain of Peaceful Melodies Egg is based off.

he hatchlings all have something loosely to do with the month they are based off of. In this case, Opicheskiduth is based off a rain shower (drip drip drop, little April showers). His name is Russian for "Rain Shower"


Name Pitter-Patter Blue Opicheskiduth
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Glyith
Created By Zi'on & Lissi
Impressee R'oy (Rory)
Hatched July 31, 20011
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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