Language of the Soul Blue Oranth

He is midnight in color from muzzle to tailtip including the tightly furled wings, like faint moonlight kissing the velvety night sky with a pale wash of blue. His build is elegant and refined, long limber limbs supporting lean, toned muscles. Slim in torso, he has the sloping shoulders and high, taut haunches of a trained dancer. The narrow wedge of his head is built of fine bones that hold an expressive face. Steel blue ridges arch down the curving neck and tail. The same steely blue tones the entire underbelly as well as the hidden undersides of his wings. Running the full length of his abdomen is a curious hash of fine electric blue lines, crossing his belly one right after the other in various lengths and widths. Perpendicular to and thru their center a single white gold band stretches from chest to tail while the same white gold outlines the underside of his wings along the delicate wingspars and the sail's leading edge.

Egg Name and Description

Close to My Heart Egg
A great swath of steel blue encircles the outer expanse of this slightly elongated egg, holding it within a gentle embrace capped by a soft swirl of silver on the small apex. The swatch, running full circle, cradles a softer but brighter lilac bundle in the heart of the pitted shell. Pale washes of peach and umber hint at a shadowy face, eyes closed beneath a delicate fan of dewy black lashes. Shimmering pools of baby blue run the depths of the shell's rolling texture, creating the illusion of folds and creases in the lilac that swaddle the peach and umber. A ribbon of gold caps the peach, thinning to fine threads as it encircles the face and blooms into a dainty golden bow set dead center the shell. Golden tears arrested in time drop one by one from the lashed eyes. As they roll down the shell they morph into musical notes and darken from gold to brass to antique bronze.

Hatching Message

Wobble: There is no build up for the Close to My Heart egg. The conductor raises his baton and the show begins. The first movement is a steady drumming against the larger apex. With each strike, vibrations run across the shell sending ripples playing through the cool, pale colors and then echoing out across the sands as a thump, thump, thump.

Crack: The second movement starts with a resounding *bang* as a single crack splits the length of the Close to My Heart egg on one side. But the tempo slows as the conductor takes a rest. The steady thumping gentles back to a slow rock, each pass long and languid.

Hatch: The tempo rises again for the Close to My Heart egg, growing bold and vibrant in motion. No longer does the shell rock lazily upon the sands, but gyrates with wild abandon. It rocks and rolls and flips about like a dancer, each touch sending more and more cracks splintering across the shell until it can no longer hold together. The shards spill down onto the sands and reveal the curled blue within.

Impression Message

A tsunami of sound crashes suddenly down as the dancing blue plops down in front of you. A joyous ringing symphony, one hundred instruments strong, seems to envelop you so nothing exists but the song and the blue. « There you are, beloved. » he sings, both mentally and with tiny dragon bugle. « Now E’mi, dearest, you mustn’t sulk. I know I’m not what you expected, but your Oranth is all you will ever need. » The song gentles to a soft, soothing lullaby. « Together, we are perfection. » The lullaby continues but a few jarring notes disturb the easy flow. « I am rather hungry and you feel so hot and tired. Let’s go find food and a place to rest. » The weary, sleepy lullaby draws back, a simple refrain distant but always there with you from now on.


Music is what feelings sound like. ~Author Unknown

Oranth is a bold being of passion and life who truly exists solely for you. He is all that is warm and vibrant, kind and loving, one that speaks to the very heart and soul. He wants nothing more and nothing less than to make you both the very best you can be. Not for any greater purpose, but simply because his joy is found in the perfection that is the two of you. He will peel away the vain, spoiled exterior to find the beautiful core of you and he does it with such skillful love and kindness that you barely even notice the manipulation.

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. ~Berthold Auerbach

As a young hatchling, Oranth is not yet really showing the full signs of his genius. His first months are spent learning about himself and you and the world around you. Your mental touches are filled with the simple emotions of joy and curiosity, anger and fear, sadness and boredom as each new experience is reflected straight from him to you. In short, he’s a typical baby with the straight forward thoughts and feelings of a newborn. Yet even then, he seems to already be developing the innate ability to bring out the best in you. Somehow things that used to matter seem so much less important with the tiny blue focused on you.

As you move into later weyrlinghood, Oranth’s ability to manipulate others with the music of his emotions develops. He starts out practicing on the other weyrling pairs, turning awkward Leketh’s need to do good into a confidence boost, Krijuesth’s imagination into a leadership skill, and even the dark and light dichotomy that is Lychenth becomes a uniting factor. But his real focus is always you. Oh, it’s fun to see the power he can wield over the others, to see if the two of you can make the whole class fly better or master diplomacy faster than any class before but it’s only you who really matters. With each gentle, loving correction you both move closer and closer to your best selves as you move closer and closer to graduation. This is also when you shine as a pair in lessons. Once he takes to the air, he surges to the front of the class. Oranth has a natural rhythm and grace that makes him a joy in flight. Once aloft he is more a being of air and light than flesh and hide, a dancer staged against the sky.

Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music. ~Ronald Reagan

Adulthood comes with graduation and it is time to find your place in the world. « It matters not what we do, dear heart, but that we love the doing. » And with these words he sets the tone of your life. He doesn’t care where you work or how, only that you find joy in your job and that you do that work to the very best of your ability. He embraces the future with you with an eager zest that cannot be denied. That is not to say that you don’t occasionally have your little bumps. After all, Oranth is his mother’s son, a strange mirror-mirror reflection of her and sometimes that drive and desire to manipulate he inherits from her can push you a little too far. How you respond to this will set how similar your relationship is to that of Janja and Feyruth.

Music is love in search of a word. ~Sidney Lanier

When it comes time to chase, Oranth is eager to go so long as it does not distress you too greatly. Any green will peak his interest and he will serenade her with pretty words as well as the glorious passion of his mind and heart. His motions in the air are a true ballet, as agile and free as any green while retaining a bit more strength and endurance, befitting a moderately sized blue. Should he be lucky enough to catch, he is as generous with his affection and praise for his mate as he is with you, though this affection is relatively short lived. When he is not successful, he’s perfectly willing to find solace somewhere else or even in just your support. His mood is rarely upset for long.

This is Oranth in a nutshell. He is love and joy, passion and sorrow. He is all that it means to celebrate life and love in all its forms. And you are his world. I hope you enjoy him.


Songs of the Heart

Oranth’s mind is a symphony of sound and emotion encompassing every possible instrument as needed, from the stirring warm cello to the flighty airy flute. His tones are those that most pull at the heart, strong and rousing in joy and play but equally solemn and heart-wrenching in sorrow. Anger is the pounding drum, a vast march and maddening in how it gets the heart pumping. Love the soaring ballad, and lust a spicy salsa both passionate and sultry. But he has one more touch, one given to you and only you, a special lullaby that expresses every ounce of his love for you in each soft, soothing note.


Congratulations! First off, the theme for the eggs was Life and Love. Your egg is based on a scene from Dumbo where Dumbo's mother is in 'jail' and singing to him. It is the same song I used to sing to my children when they were infants and means love to me. The egg name comes from one of the lines. From this lullaby his mind became music as the language of the soul, speaking what words often can't say. The theme for the hatchlings was things which bring you joy or passion. And as you liked the music theme already and music is a passion of mine I continued on with that. His name comes from the Scots Gaelic Oran (per Google translate) and means song. He’s desced to make him easy to draw and the hashing on his stomach is an oscillating wave form representing musical notes: His personality is based on how music expresses emotion and life. I also noticed that Emi is a curiously reversed mirror of Janja (feel free to ask me about this later) and so Oranth is a curiously reversed mirror of Feyruth. But as always, he is yours now to play as you will.



Name Oranth
Dam Gold Feyruth
Sire Bronze Emeliuth
Created By Janja
Impressee E’mi (Emiallis)
Hatched August 27, 2016
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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