Burnished Bronze Chest of Tricks and Treasures Orasth


The absence or intensity of light that deems to play on this imposing creature's angular features tricks the eye, making him at times appear as a shadowy menace, or by contrast, convincing those who set eyes upon him that all that glitters is not gold. His body is well proportioned. Curious, whirling eyes sit evenly atop a large head that shines like aged, polished brass, deepening to a light copper tone that tints the entirety of his underside. Straight, tall headknobs, muzzle and knee joints are touched with hints of reddish copper that lend a touch of warmth to his coloring. Flowing down the length of a strong neck, back and tail, a thin stripe of near golden yellow dissolves almost imperceptibly into the burnished bronze hue that covers the greater part of his torso. Outstretched, wide, translucent wing sails seem to be a creation of smooth papier-mache strips, each strip outlined by a faint etching of muted verdigris stretched tight on a field of polished bronze attached to coppery spars. The muscular legs that support his massive frame are tipped with thick, gleaming russet talons that arc downward with symmetrical grace.


« I chose you, my Loved One, because of your potential, because of what you have hidden inside you that I intend to bring forth. To me you are the promise and hope of life, to me, you are all that is possible. It is inside of you and I shall call it out and relish in it. You are the one most perfect being in all of Pern and you do not know it. You are my master and my slave. There will be times when you will be my rival and even times when you will be my toy, but I shall not rest until you become what you are meant for. You are my beginning and my end, as I, my Loved One, shall be yours. »

Growing Up: This dragon is a tough cookie. A tough Oreo (tm) cookie, double stuffed, would explain his personality best, as he has two very distinct sides to his personality that often get squished together like the yummy, gooey filling sandwiched in the middle…delicious and fun to eat, but if you don't watch it, it'll show up on your thighs and you'll have to pay the price. ;) His overall personality is often absorbing and demanding. His mind voice and appearance are very imposing, making most people want to back off, yet he can be rapturously joyful, playful, nurturing and encouraging, filling you with a sense of wonder, promise and expectation. Instead of defining for you which side of his personality is most dominant when he's young or will become the most dominant as he grows, I have chosen to define them both, and allow you to blend them as you see fit at different stages and/or moments of his life. Orasth, the pinata: This is the joyful side of your dragon. The part of him that enjoys playing games, perhaps even as an adult. The part that tugs at converting his introverted rider into an extrovert. The celebration of life is his main objective. He enjoys being a trickster, keeping you off balance and misdirecting you so that you feel you've stumbled upon what he purposefully lead you into, on your own, and he can accomplish this with great subtlety. This side of Orasth can easily make you feel intoxicated with the joy of living, to the point of causing you to be the life of the party. This is the Orasth that comforts and nurtures you, that gives you a break when he's pushed you too far. He lightens your spirits and gives you courage by instilling in you an overwhelming sense that impending good fortune is about to fall at your feet, then, he blind folds you, spins you around and sends you on your way. This is the voice that forgoes the name it gave you to call you 'Loved One'. This is also the personality that emerges during flights. A flirtatious trickster in the air. Though this time, it's the other males that he enjoys knocking off balance and misdirecting, this time, it's the Golden prize he's set his sights on that he will intoxicate with the exhilaration of this game being played out in the clouds. He'll break her resistance with impressive acrobatics and philanderous remarks, and he has no doubt that she will choose him above all others. The other males will have to keep up with him as he flies in circles around them and shoots off in unexpected directions with ease. Lacking in confidence, he is not, but Faranth help you if he loses. A lost flight will cause him to redirect his devastation into working fervently on his other favorite thing…improving the quality of you! No dwelling on the past for him, he's always looking forward, or at least, that's what he'll tell you.

Orasth, the stroke of midnight: Orasth is captivated by a deep awareness of time's onward movement, and thus, obsessed with change and transformation, as time is one of the greatest measures of this. His entire reason for being is to make you the best possible /you/ that you can be, and he will go to almost any lengths to accomplish his goal, even if at times it seems to you that he is quite selfish and even cruel. He /is/, actually, very selfish, you are /his/ project and he will be constantly plotting ways to meddle in your every waking moment. He has a tendency to be very secretive of his little plots, as well as about anything having to do with you, /his/ creation, in general. He is very protective of you, almost over-protective, for if he's not careful, something or someone could come along and interfere with the progress he's made on his life's project, namely, you. His disposition for enjoying games will take on a darker side in this aspect of his personality, as you are his favorite thing to toy with. Orasth will not hesitate to cause you deep, emotional pain, even at the expense of suffering through it himself. He will do whatever it takes to make you confront your flaws, but always with the aim of improving them…of improving you, and if ever you think that you have conquered all your demons, you'll be surprised to find that Orasth will decide to start all over again. Life is, after all, the ongoing process of evolution and he will always be there to keep you from stagnating. Keeping this last thought in mind, I leave it to you to decide if this attitude will carry over into your personal relationships. Will Orasth force you to leave loved ones behind for the sake of personal progress or will he decide that stability in that area is to your benefit? You decide.

Possible quirks and eccentricities: Here are some suggestions which you may choose to draw on. Orasth might enjoy collecting clocks and time pieces and insist that you spend your hard earned marks on buying them for him. He might have a fondness for the stroke of midnight, or enjoy playing games, especially if they involve trickery, misdirection or a very carefully thought out strategy. He would probably be strongly drawn to festivities of all sorts and possibly to pregnant females, babies and children of any species as the essence of potential and possibility is in what has yet to finish evolving. He might be nocturnal, if you choose to play up the aspect of his secrecy, or a 'morning person' if you choose play up his optimistic, perky side, or he may toggle between the two. The part of his personality that is concerned with the evolution of things, the transformation of the old into new and improved, could be translated into an interest in the arts, perhaps art made from recycled things or he might pester you to create artistic visions that he sees in his mind, or insist on looking over your shoulder while you put together puzzles or build models for his amusement. Finally, one of the mindposes You received from my egg, could translate into a game that Orasth, for some reason, finds very amusing: Winds of Awakening filter into your perception whirling around your thoughts in a rainbow of bright colors that zip through your senses at lightning speed before disappearing in a blinding flash. Did you just see blue shimmers out of the corner of your eye? Or was that red? Was it your left eye? Or your right? But this is all in your mind…isn't it? Is it…gone now? Yes.

Mind Name and Description

Echoes of Possibilty

Egg Name and Description

Twelve Wishes at Midnight Egg

Gleaming, champagne colored speckles and stark white dots shimmer on a background of deep blue-black, as if swirls of descending confetti had been suspended magically in the timeless skyscape of a starlit night. Long, curling, silvery-grey streaks, form bright, metallic streamers that twirl and tangle in their midst. Approaching the top of the shell, bursts of glistening, deep sapphire tones spread out like fireworks adding to the festive confusion of pigments; a sizzling, chaotic explosion that rises only to dissipate as the darkness of night melts away into a tropical sea of calm, cerulean blue. At the very tip, a burning, yellow-orange orb emanates pale amber rays that tint the placid waters like a blazing solar star shining over a once distant horizon; a fanfare of light heralding the infinite possibilities of a new tomorrow.

Egg Touches

Hatching and Impression Messages

An audible thud comes from the Twelve Wishes at Midnight Egg, whatever acrobatics were performed inside, causing the egg to shoot up into the air and spin wildly, its shell marked with a road map of fine cracks. Another thud as it lands, and an egg-wet hatchling spills out, various fragments of his former prison bursting out into the air. Dizzy from being spun around and blinded by a piece of eggshell that covers his eyes, he careens toward the helpless candidates he's out of confinement and /nothing/ is getting in his way!

Darkness overtakes you without reason or warning and an alien presence illuminates your mind. A voice that resonates inside you like the hiss of a tunnel snake, that soothes you with the caress of a blazing fire against the bitter cold of winter. You are invaded by the sound…the touch of it, as its brilliant, blinding colors, disorient you and spin around in your head at a maddening pace. « You are my beginning and my end, as I, my Loved One, shall be yours. I am Orasth. /I/ have found you! You are mine and /I/ name you D'nte. » The voice fades away, quiet as a whisper, leaving echoes of iridescent hues to dance in your thoughts and a deep, frantic need…a sudden, ravenous hunger manifests itself in your very being.


Burnished Bronze Chest of Tricks and Treasures Orasth
Dam Gold Sevaruth
Sire Bronze Xalmyrilth
Created by Auberaan
Impressee D'nte
May 23, 2004
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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