Tawdry Trinket Gold Orraeloth

A varnished veneer of honeyed gold clings to a rounded frame, gleaming bright glints of purest gold that glitter temptingly from across small neatly formed neckridges and the plump curves of shoulder and haunch. Yet, despite such alluring appearances, things are not entirely what they seem, for along the stretch of her underbelly, or along the very edges of her pale wingsails, a unsightly stain seems permanently etched, what first seems like flecks of reddish gold rust gradually increase to blotches and patches that mars her perfection, a gaudy and cheap falseness to the semblance of her being, as if the gilded shine of her hide was rubbed away to display the dross beneath.

Egg Name and Description

Display of Power Egg
Shiny. Very shiny. And big. Very big. Clearly, from the shimmered gleam of aureate splendor that coats the rounded curve of the eggshell, this is nothing short of power at its best for contained therein lies true mastery of the Weyr. Or perhaps, in some future time — when the dam who clutches it closely is not quite as young as she once was or as magnificently in control, perhaps then grandeur can be unleashed. No doubt, with size and the very real shine of gold, there's little left to chance as to what shall emerge from this egg.


The fact that she is a gold does little to offset the fact that Orraeloth is a fraud at heart. And none too bright, given her choice of lifemate. Lacking much by the way of intelligence, as far as dragons go, Orraeloth is cursed triply with the failings of dragon memory. She simply doesn't remember, and good luck trying to turn to her less than brilliant rider for guidance. And low on the pecking order for golds, she simply can't reinforce herself strongly enough amongst the other colors. Shiny and all powerful she might seem, and the answer to every girl's dream and problem, but apperances are only skin deep after all, and Orraeloth simply can't bring herself up to par.


The theme of this NPC clutch was Mardi Gras, and the eggs were all inspired by the primary colors of purple, green and gold. Gold to represent power, purple to represent justice and green to represent faith. Being a "gold egg" Orraleoth's egg was all about power, most particularly the power that comes of being a goldrider and a weyrwoman and being in charge (something that Liora has not been allowed to do) and Orraeloth herself is inspired by the cheap dubloons that are flung by the krewes during the Mardi Gras parade. Those coins may look like gold, but they really aren't.


Name Tawdry Trinket Gold Orraeloth
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Suldith
Created By Enka
Impressee Liora
Hatched March 27, 2012
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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