Shadows of the Forest Blue Orykoth

Dipped in midnight blue, this dragonet's flattened muzzle and shortened snout sweep back to curving headknobs as faceted eyes gleam beneath deeply hued eyeridges, light against the darkness. The deep grey-blue hues gather over the curves of his short, wide neck even as it flows immediately into well-built shoulders. Prussian blue settles in heavy shadows over his wide back, draping down his sides, gathering around short limbs until ebony talons take hold. Glaucous speckles his belly, the lighter hues giving a sun-dappled appearance to his hide, chasing away the cloak of darkness from between front limbs to the end of his tail, appearing again on the translucent sails that spread from midnight spar to midnight spar. Pale carolina blue ridges meander down his back - hardly mountains - instead merely hills upon the shadow-drenched landscape of his shortened frame.

Orykoth drawn by T'eo

Egg Name and Description


Frozen to the Core Egg
Mists of pale blue-green twist and wrap themselves sinuously about the expanse of this rather squat egg, coalescing into a chilly backdrop that clings to its surface like a second skin. Hints of bright cyan peek through the fog, twirling and dancing just out of sight to form mysterious eddies through the diminished light. Streaks of vivid turquoise criss-cross here and there, creating a delicate yet ghostly pattern of rings that hang lopsided across the ovoid like a thin and sagging sash of color. Gusts of ethereal icy winds have traced their paths over the shell, the subtle breezes abrading away what was once bright aquamarine and turning it into an icy near-white. Even the egg's position seems to have been affected by the phantom gale, as it sits sideways on the sands with its pure white butt-end clearly visible and partially sticking in the air - it almost looks as though some invisible hand has knocked it completely askew.

Egg made by T'eo

Hatching Message

Frozen to the Core Egg it seems can withhold no more trauma, for as the cracks reach the pure white end, portions of the shell begin to fall away, dropping to the Sands, the green-blue hues of the egg replaced with the shadowy-blue hues of a dragon's hide.

Impression Message

A warmth far more intense than that of the Hatching Sands suddenly pushes at the edges of your mind, licks of fire tickling your sensations, orange and yellow dancing in the distance. Slowly, it brightens, overcoming your very thoughts. « Zeibhan? » It asks, questionningly, curious as it examines you. « Ze'an! » A bright flare of near white, and a slow, soft rhythm tickles the back of your senses. « I am Orykoth. We have much to do together! » Enthusiasm colors his tone before the fire suddenly seems to have burned itself out, just a small smoldering bit remaining. « But I am so hungry. »


Small and curious are probably the best two words to describe Orykoth. From the time he hatches he's out and sticking his nose into things, probably things he has no right to be poking into or for that matter the desire to once he's gained the benefit of hindsight.

The early days are likely to be trying times, he's got no concept of personal space so when his hide is itching, he'll use whatever is available to scratch himself on, whether that be the wall of a cavern, the corner of a couch or someone's head knobs, it makes no difference to him really so long as it's dealt with.

Curiosity will likely cause it's fair share of problems though, no doubt there will be a few choice words and flailing around the first time he sticks his head into the oil barrel to see what's in there. There is likely to be differing reactions depending on what he finds though, the food barrels will give him some nice red muzzle decoration to sport for instance, just hope that he can get his head back out again.

It won't stop with the physical act of nosing around, be prepared for an awful lot of questions as you go through weyrlinghood and beyond, and quite likely repeating an awful lot of answers thanks to the infamous draconic memory. Your time will be well kept so long as you can find the answers that will satisfy his curiosity.

The other thing you'll find that fascinates him is flying, once he's seen it once he's going to want to try it out. He may not be the best at it mind you, and is going to see more than his fair share of crash landings and barrel rolls when he hits the ground running sideways. It will most likely turn into an obsession and may find you getting grounded for flying when he's not meant to be.

Given time and enough practice he'll settle down a bit in all aspects of his life, his curiosity will never go away, though he'll always take the chance if a new opportunity presents itself to go and have a sneak look into something. He never really needs anything from you, oh, other than maybe his own flight helmet, that'd just be great with the usual dangers of tumbling on landing and hurting yourself, that's why you wear one after all, so why shouldn't he.

More seriously though his emotional well-being is pretty solid, nothing phases him, he just can't seem to find it in him to understand why people could get angry with him. Perhaps it's just because he's affectionate all of the time he comes across as kind and fluffy and at times probably fairly irritating but his behaviour is never malicious, nieve perhaps, and certainly all just for fun. It will be are rare that he'll get angry, animated yes but it's not likely to last for long, though on the occasion that he gets genuinely upset it may take a lot of encouraging to bring him out of it.

When it comes to the likes of flights his affection will still shine through, as always one of the nice fun loving guys, his stunts in the air are equally likely to ditch him unceremoniously out of a flight as they are to give him that winning manoeuvred that will see him snatching his fair princess from harms way.


Orykoth's mind is like a fire - full of dazzling colors and quick movement as reds and oranges, yellows and creams fight for dominance in his thoughts. Curious to a fault, Orykoth's mind will flare up when something interests him - casting even the furthest recesses of your mind into a soft glow as he investigates, questions, or explores. At the same time, should Orykoth be upset or injured, the flames of his mind will die down into darkness, a soft smoldering the only sign of his continued presence. As with fire, warmth is the defining characteristic of his thoughts, and rarely - if ever - will you find yourself without the pleasant sensation in your mind.


The egg theme this cycle at Western Weyr was 'The Planets', and Frozen to the Core Egg was created by Ae'gus and based on the 7th planet in our solar system: Uranus. Discovered in 1781, the first planet discovered via telescope, it was named after the Greek god of the sky. Uranus is the third largest planet in our solar system, termed an ice giant, and is visible to the naked eye, and much like the other giant planets in our solar system, it is has both a ring system and numerous moons. However, it is set apart from the other planets as it has a tilted axis of rotation, causing it to sit on its side.

The dragonet theme this cycle is 'Aliens', and the extraterrestrial race of choice was the Ewoks. Ewoks are stocky, furry creatures who stand about a meter tall, and come in a variety of shades of browns, and greys. While small in stature, Ewoks are quite strong, and were shown to be able to throw humans quite easily.

The Ewoks, of forest moon Endor, found their name from the Real Life tribe the Miwoks, while their language was based on that of the Russian Kalmyk peoples. It was these names that we used, along with a lot of jumbling and shuffling, to get the name Orykoth.

Orykoth was created for you by Orla and L'ton - we hope you like him, and remember that everything here is simply ideas we had - he's your dragon to play as you will. Congratulations, and welcome to Western's Weyrlinghood!


Name Shadows of the Forest Blue Orykoth
Dam Gold Nieleth
Sire Bronze Halinith
Created By Orla & L'ton
Impressee Ze'an (Zeibhan)
Hatched April 11, 2010
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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