Crackling Parchment Brown Penceth

The thin pale-tan of old parchment envelops the compact form of this brown, mottled in spots with a darker mahogany outline, almost lending the impression of strips of confetti and crinkled old papers covering his slim yet rakish figure. Deeper russet brushes ambiguously down the length of his 'ridges, finding solace at that forked tail, completely awash in a dusty crimson rust. The paleness of wingspars matches the dry leaf-brown of his sails, those wings' overall color faltering only where that earlier pattern of strips of rustling vellum returns. Long wings and limbs do little to add much grace, though, as he most often moves in awkwardly ambling shuffles.

Egg Name and Description

Pale Twilit Moss Egg
Gentle and yielding as midsummer fog gliding along the low-lying river valley come intermingled ash and gray-hued moss. They exist in harmonious relief, following the fine-grained dimples along the surface, as would the lines of constellations among the fainter heavenly bodies. Relaxing in their gentle, rhythmic chorus of swirls and ripples, then again growing into spritely, unlikely filaments like tiny, white worms, they cloud and disappear amongst dapples of wet rose-granite, mildewed planks, and bronze fixtures, tarnished. This layer without encompasses the full range of chroma while remaining somehow quiet, finished, subdued, and seemingly always still.

Hatching Message

Pale Twilit Moss Egg suddenly gives into the harsh ministrations given it by its occupant, the constellations once so prettily adorning the shell now splitting. What's funny, though, is the cracks seem to trace along those faint lines, actually connecting the dots as they go. Finally, and with much care, the brown inside steps out, leaving the now empty ovoid to topple onto its side, unable to hold itself up any longer.

Impression Message

The beginning pangs of headache add to the general confusing of the hatching, not helped by the heat from those sands. Soon, though, those light pains are noted as something else - careful nudgings at your mind. Finally whatever intrusion this is manages to break into your head in a dazzling array of colors and feelings unlike anything you have ever seen or felt before. The excitement of this recedes gently, ending with the breezy, boyishly apathetic and teasing ticklings of « I'an… » A certain amount of self-satisfaction adds, « I knew I'd find you. I am Penceth. » A moment of careful musing before the hatchling in front of you points out, « …And I could do with some food. »


While certainly not rude or contemptible in any sense, Penceth will never tire of snapping witty comebacks to any and everything said to him. It's not that he means to hurt any feelings, but rather, he is oblivious to the fact that he might be doing just that. Penceth, in essence, is the perpetual teenaged boy, and will always believe that he knows everything there is to know about life, and… Well, everything. Having this shortcoming pointed out to him will upset him to no end, though, and should his unwittingly snide words cause hurt in others, he will feel no small amount of guilt over that fact, and will do his best to heal those wounds.

Surprisingly protective is Penceth, especially over you, which is why he'll always be wary around those female humanthings. They cause you hurt, and thus are bad, and thus, he will do his best to keep them away from you and vice versa. Not that he's terribly possessive, but…but… You're /his/! And he doesn't want to give anyone a chance to hurt you in any way. With much explaining he might understand, and should you Weyrmate he will grow to love that lucky one almost as you do - and be as protective over them as possible.

Should children enter the picture, don't be surprised if he ends up playing the third parent. He adores children, and those little baby humanthings will never cease to amaze him. He admires their innocence and vitality, and plus, they give him a whole new excuse to be as overbearingly protective as possible. Penceth will revel in mating flights, and would most probably win a good deal of them, due to his smaller size and natural litheness in the air. And the lucky female serving as his mate will find herself not only succumb to his protective nature, but his possessive one, as well.

Penceth rather enjoys talking, and while not exactly babbling nonsense, he does have a habit of aimless rambling. His memory is awfully good for a dragon, and he will muse endlessly over old memories and happenings to no one in particular. In fact, when not being sarcastic, he'll most often rumble something like « This one time, I hid the oiling paddle from I'an and he looked all over for it for days. It killed me! » He's rather fond of expression of speech, too, and will probably have a new buzzword every new sevenday or so. Though he talks often, and with almost anyone who will listen, he does watch what he says, most of the time. An unconscious introvert is he, though not exactly a shy sort.

Penceth's undeniably juvenile nature lends him the heart of an adventurer, and often he will want to take you on long flights, exploring all of Pern. The jungles of the Southern continent, the deserts of Igen, the snowy wastes of the 'Reaches, and everything in between. He loves flying, even more than most other dragons, and will make a habit of flying high enough so that the air is just barely thick enough for you to breath. He would never put you in danger, though, because after all, you are /his/ rider and he loves you, more than anything else. Even flying. He will always remain youthful in spirit, and wants desperately to be able to experience everything life has to offer. What he really loves about these little 'adventures' of his though, is the chance to experience all of those new sights and sounds with you, his I'an.


A light, breezy and decidedly sarcastic baritone is your Penceth, and always carrying the undercurrent of brassy self-assuredness. Generally he uses few notes, not quite monotone, but always sure and steady. Mentally his tones are likened to casual, noncommittal hues of warm pale-amber with more than a few hints of jesting blues. And speak he will - quite often. Despite his habit of rambling, he picks those words carefully.


The inspiration for your brown Penceth came from Holden Caulfield, the main character in J.D. Salinger's novel The Catcher in the Rye. His desc is supposed to resemble tobacco, because Holden smokes a lot throughout the course of the novel. To avoid giving spoilers in case you haven't read the book, I suggest you do, or at the very least check out the link on the left. ^_^

"…I'm standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff—I mean if they're running and they don't look where they're going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. That's all I'd do all day. I'd just be the catcher in the rye and all."
— Holden Caulfield, The Catcher in the Rye

The theme for this hatching was American Poetry for the eggs, and the theme for the dragons was 'Characters in Books You Have to Read in American Lit Class.' I thought a sarcastic teenage boy-like Dragon would be a great match for Matthew Perry… err, Illy, and I hope you feel the same. ;) Enjoy!


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Created By Julia, Briatta, L'iam, Akima
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Western Weyr
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