Dynamic Rollicking Elemental Blue Phailinugoth

Waves of cobalt, indigo and navy wash along the back of the abnormally small blue dragon, the variation in shading flowing from neck to tail-tip in a show of unique patterns. Oversized wings are designed in a rope of intertwined sapphire and cerulean, the mix gracefully dancing in altruistic markings, while the underside bears interrupting wisps of gold, auburn and orange in the expanse of blue. Upon his belly, a dappling of icy turquoise forms a gathering pool for the pale tears that slide down his sides, shadows and abounding emotion brooding in the darkness that reflect the muted color of his headknobs and neckridges.

Egg Name and Description

Blessing of the Beasts Egg
A tumbling mass of faded color riots over the shell of this egg, nothing quite so apparant upon first viewing except the dusty seeming beige that seems to be the base color, carrying from rounded top down to pointed apex. Colors in smaller shapes then adorn it, worn in hues from white to deepest red. Now and then a shape seems clearer, more distinct from the others to suggest the shape of an ovine or perhaps a runner. Set toward the center of the egg, slightly lopsided is a picture of an earthen structure, narrow in shape and fairly tall with its doors thrown wide to admit the throngs of shapes. One by one they enter into the dark encompass of the building, fading from view and leaving only the ones left outside to wait for their turn to enter.

Hatching Message

The Blessing of the Beasts Egg twitches, its movement continuous as it falls into a constant rocking. Energy continues to destroy the egg's previous silence as it falls off kilter and circles before toppling off of its mound of sand. Several moments of inactivity pass before the Blessing of the Beasts Egg explodes and Dynamic Rollicking Elemental Blue Hatchling stands in its place.

Impression Message

The sorrow of an afternoon rain tickles at the edge of your senses as a snowfall crawls to the forefront of your mind, a gentle breeze materializing into the serenity of a warm summer's day. He has found what he desires. An explosion of the elements in a moment of rapture pulls your mind in different directions, wisps of cool air here, a sticky dry heat there, and the ever-present spring shower paralleling his emotions. A flash of bright color, neon and electric appears suddenly before your eggs. Always changing in shape and shade, the storm of psychedelic colors becomes a thunderous calling in your thoughts. The intensity dies down and a voice, hushed as a gentle rainfall, revels in contentment, « K'nan, I am Phailinugoth. We will experience great fun together. I am happy to have found such a friend in you. I am bored; play with me? » All but the calming rainstorm fades from your mind and you feel a great emptiness growing in your stomach.

Mind Description

Playful energy exudes from the mind of Phailinugoth. Constantly upbeat and outgoing, there is not a mean bone in his thoughts or actions. With a desire to play with everyone and make him or her understand his happiness, your blue's joviality is never-ending.%R&THis moods are mirrored by pictures and sensations of the different elements, usually only air and water, though he tends to find comfort in fire and earth as well.%r%THis mind voice, in all simplicity, is rain. Depending on the topic of which he speaks, the rain intensifies. Ranging from the stickiness of a mist to the thunderous blast of a storm, the pitter-patter of rain never ceases within your senses.


Your blue will require more energy to take care of than all of the others in his clutch. With energy that sees no limits and a certain dislike for sleeping - because it's so boring - in his early turns, you will have to give him constant reminders to take care of himself. Whether it's sleeping, eating or oiling, there is always something more interesting that he could be doing. His love for you is limitless, and though he listens to you, constant explanations are the only things that will make him participate in these necessary acts of life and healthiness. Phailinugoth, because of his abounding energy, will find himself caught in moments of extreme clumsiness. His mind runs ahead of his body and, at times, it catches up with him, causing a rather embarrassing stumble or in a punishment for breaking the rules. It will only be through your teachings and patience that Phailinugoth will learn the boundaries of rules and acquire enough skill and knowledge for future leadership. He will be troublesome, but love will help him flourish.

Phailinugoth's energy will not cease once he ages. Indeed, curiosity and rule breaking will die down, but there will never be a time that Phailinugoth doesn't wish to move more than he's already doing so. He could be considered a dragon with ADHD. Your blue is an extremely happy fellow. He overflows with optimism and self-assuredness. Likewise, Phailinugoth desires that everyone else share his sense of contentment. As a result, he is constantly working to cheer people up. Even going as far as to make love matches - though he does not know the term 'love' - he will request that S'o and Soth go and visit K'iss because she is sad and wishes to speak with him. Your blue's only time of depression and anger comes when you are not happy and he is unable to cheer you up. Also, when others are insulting or degrading toward you, his anger will lash out in the most bizarre of ways. He will fight back with the elements, using water or dirt to physically dirty his opponents. On a normal basis, however, Phailinugoth is outgoing and pleasant.

Why K'nan? I have chosen you as my own because I knew that none other would appreciate my sense of adventure and curiosity as you would. You are both kind and giving, I knew immediately that we would make perfect companions. We will set out on an adventure that no other pair has ever imagined; we will we will soar through the skies, conquer the seas and bring happiness to everyone we meet. There is nothing that you and I cannot accomplish.


Your Phailinugoth is based on an assortment of ideas, as well as your own suggestions. The theme for this clutch revolves around different aspects of Mexican culture, and your blue roughly relates to folk dancing. Upbeat and colorful, Mexican folk dancing finds its roots in the cultures of those who first settled in the area. If you've ever witnessed traditional Mexican dance, you know the assortment of colors that women adorn themselves in and the quick, light tunes of the music. This is where Phailinugoth comes in. The tempo of the music specifically matches his personality, while the colors of the dress make up his mind voice/description. Because I feel that it is important for each dragon creator to include some aspect of themselves in their creation, I've given Phailinugoth a love of the elements. I, personally, love the different elements and take great interest in them. I also noticed that in your survey, you mentioned that you like autumn because it includes aspects of all different seasons. Phailinugoth, however, is ultimately yours. These are simply guidelines, an outline to the detailed personality that he is to possess.%R%TYour lifemate's name, Phailinugoth, was chosen both for his personality, his color and his unique characteristics. In Thai, Phailin means sapphire, which obviously parallel's your lifemate's color. Ugo is the Italian word for one who is bright in mind and in spirit. To me, the name Phailinugoth is a bit strange all in itself, it possesses some quirky attribute that is difficult to identify, but it definitely lingers beyond the surface. Your blue's name, Phailinugoth, encompasses everything that he is.


M'eta (Metha) and Bell Pepper Green Xanidaetith *NPC*
X'an (Zantos) and Forgotten in Time Brown Izelth
P'ella (Puella) and Brown Ferulath *NPC*
D'nte (Dante) and Burnished Bronze Chest of Tricks and Treasures Bronze Orasth
Kaisha and Exotic Baja Green Soavth
N'ran (Norman) and Portrait of Perfection Green Oraquynhath *NPC*
S'r (Ser) and Solemn Remembrance Bronze Hatchling Tenirth
Z'go (Zaragoza) and Curacao Margarita Blue Pueblath *NPC*
K'nan (Kiernan) and Dynamic Rollicking Elemental Blue Phailinugoth
Sora and Icy Crystalline Frozen Morning Green Crysyllyth *NPC*

Dynamic Rollicking Elemental Blue Phailinugoth
Dam Gold Sevaruth
Sire Bronze Xalmyrilth
Created by Z'ac
Impressee K'nan
May 23, 2004
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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