Warrior Anti-hero Bronze Proeliath

This bronze is all lines, sharp edges and jagged corners. Almost looking underfed, his bones seem to jut out at elbows and knees and in the joints of his wings. A dark firey copper covers most of this behemoth devil's hide. Around his legs it shifts to a lighter bronze, ending with pointed talons of a hot white. An elongated snout seems to taper to a point. The end too small even for nostrils, which stick up from his snout as if they were an afterthought. Lips seem to not cover his entire mouth, leaving his teeth bared in a scowl most of the time. Sharp features are seen in his face as well. Eyeridges slant downward in two wedge-like shapes. Pointed headknobs seem to extend the eyeridges out even further, adding to the menacing look. Ridges of bright yellow march their way down his back and tail. Longer and thinner than is typical, his tail looks as though it were made for taming wild felines. Spiny wings sit on his back, their burnt amber color like that of a wound scabbed over. Opening them up reveals spidery crimson discolorations along the blood vessels.

Egg Name and Description

Too Manly To Be Yellow Egg
This egg seems to belong out on the sands. Viewing from the gallery one might mistake this sand-colored lump as just that, a lump of sand amongst the rest of the sand. The top bits are colored in a washed out straw color, looking generally smooth with bits of darker colored crevices segmenting the shell vertically. Further down the egg the lighter yellow seems to open up into a brighter citrine. This sunshine yellow is spotted with small flecks of brown, sun spots on this tiny yellow star. The segmentations visible above are more pronounced in the middle and bottom sections of the hardening shell, opening at the middle and converging at the bottom like the longitude lines on a map. The very bottom his shrouded in a dark muddy chocolate, as if the sands it sits on have cooked it a bit.

Hatching Message

Too Manly to be Yellow Egg does a little hop in the sand. Good thing it's buried nice and deep! Otherwise it might be hopping across the sands and out into the foyer of the hatching area. Wouldn't that be fun? It hops again, and again. It's starting to look rather like whatever's inside has the hiccups.

Too Manly to be Yellow Egg grows hair! Well, not really. A spidery crack forms at the top of the egg, starting from a point and expanding outwards until it looks like hair. Long splits form down the sides of the egg, slowly moving from the top on down. They snake down the sides as it someone was slicing the egg to peel it open later.

Given the amount of cracks in the shell, it is a wonder that the Too Manly to be Yellow Egg is still structurally sound. But somehow it seems to still be holding itself together, even as the cracks become larger and more numerous. Finally the egg seems to quiver and then the side splits seem to fall away from the egg rapidly, exposing the dragon inside.

Impression Message

Warrior Anti-hero Bronze Hatchling emerges triumphantly from his egg. Horribly ugly wings are spread wide as he moves carefully across the sand. Step after slow step, it looks as though he thinks he might sink through the sand or something. Once he has made his way up to the candidates though he seems to gain a bit more confidence. Up and down the rows he goes, making snarly faces at anyone who looks at him. He makes eye contact with one of the older male candidates, a tall one with lots of muscles. Then he huffs a bit, as if to say 'not good enough'! The females are even pondered over, though never for long. They don't feel right. Finally, the Warrior bronze stops at Augustus, the young candidate affectionately known as Chubby. "I'm… I'm what?" Yes, that's right! Chubby Augustus has impressed to this scary looking dragon. "I'm… Gu'u? I… Oh, right. Okay, Proeliath. I mean, sure. I'm hungry, too. Let's go and get you something to eat maybe… Which way?" Gu'u seems a bit confused, but eventually one of the weyrlingmasters is able to point him in the right direction so him and his bronze can make it off the sands.



Name Warrior Anti-hero Bronze Proeliath
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Suldith
Created By Zi'on
Impressee Gu'u (Augustus)
Hatched April 7, 2013
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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