Organizationally Challenged Blue Prosseth


Rather scruffy looking even with his fine jacket of navy, this dragon can be said to be rather rangy looking with his thin build and almost rumpled appearance. His face has a gentle look to it, no harsh lines are found here with the softly curved snout, well set eyes and low eyeridges all that hold a simply created denim blue. Long lines of his neck stretch into wide, thin shoulders before reaching back into his lengthy back. While his body seems rather scrawny, the deepening blues broken by jagged lines of bronze and a hint of sea green, his wings are beauty personified. His spars stretch outward in graceful arcs sapphire while sails are the color of a springtime sky, light and airy with a patterning of more silvered blues that capture light when wings are extended for flight. Chest and belly, lighten to a patch pale blue that shadows play over to give the appearance of wrinkles while legs both fore and rear darken to deepest midnight blue over feet and claws. Now it would almost be expected that his tail would follow the uneven lines and colors of his body but really it is here on this long, sweeping length that everything is as it should be, colors are even navy once again right down to the spade that rests at the end.

Colourless Name and Desc

Fumbling Bumbling Grey Hatchling
Dusted in a fine coating of silver-grey this young dragonets true coloration is occluded by clinging black sand that's been washed, matted, and sloppily splattered all over it's hide. Wings are held just above the hatching ground sands, with the winds sending more sand up to cling to damp hind further hiding defining bone structure. Adding a splash of lightness to the otherwise dark hide is someones yellowed shirt, the sleeves hanging around its neck to flap against its chest with the main body falling between its shoulders.


As I sit here trying to put together thoughts for things you might want to know about your dragon, I come to thinking that it can all be summed up in a few short paragraphs but knowing me they won't be all that short to begin with so please just hand with me as I try to put all this down so you can use it as you wish to when you play him.

In weyrling hood you'll often find yourself bringing him back on track as he'll get started on something in a lesson and may get sidetracked and forget what else you were supposed to be doing. « But Vaelin, I want to get this all perfect before anything else. » Is something you might hear alot when you should be moving through wing strength excersises and he wants to keep working on jumping until he can do it without wobbling. As he grows bodily his mind will grow also, you may be challenged to keep up with him but never fear he'll work hard to keep you going. You'll have to work harder to keep him on track, to get him to lessons when you should be as there will often be something has to finish contemplating before he forgets anything. You will find that he excells at hunting, it is something he can lock his mind on so thoroughly that there will be few times that he will actually miss what he aiming to get. WHen it comes to flight he'll be right up there with the others though you will find yourself in many a conversation about the dynamics of flight and more. After that it's all clear sailing, with the occasional « Vaeling do you think that if we move our selves over here that we'll be in better position to see the lake? » Yes I think I did forget, he loves the water, will love those long baths in all types of weather and if it's bad weather here there has to be good weather somewhere and he'll be happy enough to go where ever the weather is good for that long leisurely bath and swim.

Adult hood will bring some challenges, for this is where mating flights will begin and in those you will find him a willing chaser of all greens though he will hang back in the pack until he has time to study everything before making his move, when he wins he'll be flying emotionally for days after, should be be one of those who comes away without the prize you'll be finding yourself consoling him until the memory dies away and there's another green to be chased.

All in all these are just tips, nothing about this lifemate of yours is set in stone. All we want is for you to have fun and to play him in a way that will allow you to have as much fun in your RP as possible. Congratulations on your impression. :)

Mind Name and Description

Mind Name: Delightfully Absent Minded
This young mind tends to rock from highs to lows, getting distracted by what it's doing so that it may often be late getting to others. There is no real organization to it either for everyone knows that work is best done in disorganized chaos and that is just how it likes it. Do not push it to be perfect for in its imperfection is found the best of all things.

Egg Name and Description

Egg Name: A Situation of Gravity Egg
There could now be such a thing as an egg that seems unable to hold its exact shape for long, for this pale ovid seems bent on shifting, wiggling, and bending to present itself in a new pose as the light shifts over it. The creamily pale body is rather dull with no hint of anything to make it gleam or shine, rotund sides seem to suck in to give it an hourglass shape or does it? The top and sides are lightly smudged with dusky patches as if someone has tried to pluck the egg from it's sandy nest in order to reshape it into the form is surely must have been designed to have. Grit and grim do not cling to the base for there it seems the egg is as flat as can be and wonder behold the shell holds a strange glossiness to it that gives the appearance that egg might be defying gravity and hovering a scant few inches above the sand but that just can be or can it?

Egg Touches

Delightfully Absent Minded just kinda wanders into your thoughts, a mind in the clouds. It drifts in formlessness for a time with blues, pale greens, yellows and even a faint trickle of silver. It's not really silly, not really just an absent minded mess. No really it has lots it wants to know and it will pull it out of you. Already it's moving over all that you were taught, finding all those things you find most interesting and wanting to know why those things pull you to them so much. Tell it? Please explain to it about those things so it might understand better?

Delightfully Absent Minded nearly bounces in it's exhurberance to greet you. There's a lilting, musical sense of laughter that trickles with its arrival before it pulls you into flickers of pictures of all the things it senses. Warmth, coolness, the feeling of being nudged and resettled. The young mind lifts you out of the heat and into the darkness of it's shell where it's own heartbeat sounds out. It pulls you to it so that you can share, share thoughts about all that outside of this place it lives inside of. In a moment it calms the mind wanders towards putting things together, making an order out of all the things it finds interesting, combining it all into a messy order where only it really understands what goes where. See it there is a chaotic sense of order to it.

Delightfully Absent Minded could very well be laying out in a grassy field, staring up at the sky. So very mellow today, it's mind slow paced as it mulls things over. Can you explain more of what it is like out there? What is all this gritty stuff it seems to find in others minds? Tell it a story? Not that it wants to be entertained by it just wants to hear another voice out there while it works things through. One can almost see blurry images forming around you, some complete others not. This young mind lets you look but you are not to touch, you might change them but you are invited to tell it something that will complete any of the things it has.

Delightfully Absent Minded flits around, full of excitement. It's figured something out and nearly has it all together. It's bright colors spin and spin around you to form all types of things. The excitement grows as the need to finish it all comes in a rush, it has to finish, can't stop not to really chat with you as it digs deeper into your mind for the finishing touches, the final bits to the puzzle. Don't hold back, give it all, give it more. The mind pleads with you, proving it can finish with just that little bit of help from you, just a little more then it'll sit back and behave. Just tell it all about everything you know.

Delightfully Absent Minded is late appearing for you, so late that maybe you didn't think it was coming. It's sorry, it tries to apologize for it's being late, it didn't mean to be so. It won't always be this way for it just got caught up in what it was doing, all the things it found out must be put in place so that everything falls into place as it should. A heavy sigh is heaved, is comes to rest with you, now needing just a few moments to be, to rest and just know that you are here. You aren't mad are you? It tried so hard to be here when you got here.

Hatching and Impression Messages

Hatching Message: There's just something about A Situation of Gravity Egg that hides the fact that the hatchling within is slowly pushing its way out. There is no wild shower of shards, no wild warble of entry, no the egg just falls away in silence so that the hatchling is sitting there watching things go on around. It is slow to rise, methodical in everything it does as it steps away from what remains of its shell.

Impression Message: In the dizzying things that go on around you there is a calm that comes, a gentle touch, the touch of a mind against yours. « Vaelin. » the moderate baritone speaks. This mind, this voice is all centered on you, for you have become the center of its world and clearly for the moment you are all that matters. « You don't know who I am? But My Dear Vaelin I am Prosseth. Your Prosseth and you are my Vaelin. Together we will finish all the things I have been trying to do. » In that moment it all becomes so clear, all the things that he wants to do, all the things you want to do. « Vaelin I am so terribly hungrey and I fear I missed my last meal when I was trying to get things done. I am so sorry for that but could we go find something to put in my stomach it hurts so. » It doesn't wheedle, doesn't whine (well not really) just lets you know that he is hungrey as you look down into the wonderously blue face of your lifemate.


Our clutch theme this cycle was Disney classics, Your Prosseths egg was inspired by the movie the Absent Minded Professor. Prosseth himself was inspired by the character Professor Brainard, the loveable absent minded professor. His name just kinda came to pass from out of no where, it doesn't have a meaning or anything it just is. Sianne created both egg and dragon with help from everyone on SCo - getting these guys built is always a team effort. We hope you like him and have as much fun playing him as we did building him for you.

Organizationally Challenged Blue Prosseth
Dam Gold Nylaeth
Sire Bronze Azaeth
Created by Sianne
Impressee Vaelin
November 9, 2008
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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