A Flair for the Under-Dramatic Bronze Qhatiratrixth

Ruddy colored and sepia-hued, the slender frame of this dragon is closer to that of a large brown, rather than the bronze that he may portend to be. A claim that seems to have some substance to it, as his narrow shoulders and sides have a certain metallicness to them - a burnished bronze appearing in wide swaths, as if the brown hues have been meticulously rubbed away, though much of the gloss has disappeared with them, leaving only sparse remnants of sheen behind. Too long wings, sails of dull brass, are supported by wide spars of dark bronze - though even that cannot banish the bright, flame-wrought hues of near copper which dance upon the very trailing edge of his sails, as if dawn’s light was captured as Rukbat was breaking the horizon. That bit of brightness, brightness that appears again upon his slim stomach, between his lean limbs, leaves no doubt as to this otherwise dark dragon’s true bronze nature. Darkness which claims his slender head, for coal’s blackness appears upon his eyeridges, shadows drifting backwards over headknobs, drifting down the jagged ridges of his spine - for unlike his underside, no light touches there to brighten them. Yet, as a result of the dark hues surrounding them, his large, faceted eyes are cast into sharper relief while the angular lines of his jaw serve as a reminder that despite his obvious lackings, including the rich color of others, he has the makings of a rather handsome bronze.

Egg Name and Description

A Shiny New Era Egg
Melding with the darker shadows of the sands, this large egg is wrapped in an aurora of deep amethyst and blue obsidian with hints of garnet. An avid explorer will find there appears to be a raised ridge that appears discolored on one side, enough that the garnet has brightened to a pale morganite pink crescent as though a talon has embossed itself there near the apex of the ovoid. The vivid colors are lighter near the top, and deepen towards the base until whorls of black can be seen engulfing the garnet and melting into the dark amethyst spire that rises towards the morganite crescent. Blue obsidian makes up the majority of the rest of the egg’s color, rich in hue and easy to miss.

Hatching Message

A Shiny New Era Egg begins to shift on the sands, or, does it. The shell looked as though it had turned slightly, but perhaps that was just a trick of the light. The blue obsidian of the shell still draws in the light, makes it so that it appears as though it might vanish into a shadow, but no, the pale morganite crescent betrays it’s still there. Waiting.

A Shiny New Era Egg makes a loud *crack* sound, or. Well. There was a sound that happened right in that direction there, but nothing seems to have changed? Is the base of the egg a little wider, or is it just your imagination? Well, the plump looking egg still remains on the sands, and the crescent moon on the top is still all in one piece and appears unshattered.

A Shiny New Era Egg gets pushed out of the way, with half the shell remaining intact. A Flair for the Under-Dramatic Bronze is what remains in the wake, all legs and wings and a /really/ long tail unfurling after getting out of the confines of the shell. This hatchling looks far smaller than the shell it stepped out of, once it finally rights itself. One step, and the poor hatchling lands belly first into a pile of sand which obscures most of his underside but doesn’t make a disappointed croon at all. Nope. This was expected.

Impression Message

A Flair for the Under-Dramatic Bronze Hatchling finally has managed to get his legs and wings and tail all under control enough to take the final steps towards the candidates that are lined up. A passing glance over one of the females in the line, before moving along to the next couple males. It’s not until he comes to the feet of a tall russet haired young man with azure eyes that he finally settles himself in front of to rest. There’s no headbutt, no climbing on, nothing but a look upwards with crystalline eyes that makes one think that there might be an impression going on.

An invasion of your privacy, one that you’ve not asked for but still it comes uninvited. Warmth, suffusing throughout your limbs as though you’ve finally found a missing part of yourself that you never knew was absent, a limb that’s refreshing itself with your presence and making you grander than you are on your own. All that, and you can tell this presence thinks you’re /quite/ fine. « She’s nice, that one. We should get to know her. » Qhatiratrixth comments presumably of one of the females he’d looked at before ending up at your feet. His voice, a warm tenor that beckons you to look down at the small bronze that’s placed himself at your feet. « Qhatiratrixth. » He offers his name, even if you can feel it etched on a part of your soul, « Let’s go get some food, shall we A’she? » Yes, the hatchling does seem as though he might need some assistance and guidance towards the barracks as his energy has been depleted since leaving the confines of his shell. « Let’s not make this look awkward, yes? We must show that we are a pair to be reckoned with. » He’ll just lean against you once in a while, you see, and then you can touch his satiny soft hide to assist him along.

Personality & Physicality

“So, what does it take to please you? Break your rules and you fall. Follow them, and you still lose. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a sinner. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a saint. Nobody can bloody win, so what’s the point?” - Lucifer

Ambition starts in the shell, and your Qhatiratrixth was looking from the moment you touched his for someone that might have similar ambitions and a will to succeed as he does. Now, does that mean that your end goals are the same? Probably not, but he saw something in you and felt a connection enough to conscribe his being to you. Qhatiratrixth is not one that will allow rules to stop him, oh, though they may hinder him. It’ll start with simple, child-like bending of the rules, « They told us that we couldn’t walk to the beach. Let’s try running. » It’s not breaking the rules, you see, you /ran/ to the beach, you didn’t walk. Nevermind that running to the beach is only half of the trip, and you may find yourself with an exhausted Qhatiratrixth once you get there who can’t make it back to the barracks on his own. It will be a problem the Weyrlingmasters will have to deal with by wording requests with fewer loopholes, and will probably slide the responsibility on you to not allow him to talk you into things you /know/ aren’t supposed to be done. That being said, Qhatiratrixth is a charmer. « Oh, come now, it can’t be /that/ much trouble for us to go practice flying alone. They’re going to make us do it tomorrow! What difference does a day make, anyways? It’s not like I’m going to be /that/ much stronger than I am right now. » The sweet lilt of the tone of his voice, the warm tenor of it resonates through you and despite your own inner voice, you might decide that he is right! What difference DOES a day make? Nevermind that there’s others there to take care of if things go awry, besides, less people means less people to see that he might very well fail in the attempt.

Qhatiratrixth is a delicate little flower when it comes to criticism, at least, /you/ know that he is. Outwardly, he’s sharply sarcastic and quick to shrug off failure as though it doesn’t affect him in the least. « Yeah, whatever. So what if I didn’t make it into the air today, at least it’s not because I’ve eaten enough herdbeast to keep grounded for a week like Seyunestudath. » And no, he won’t care if she overhears. She knows she’s a chub, after all, right? It’s not some great mystery or unknown knowledge, others are just more likely to not say anything about it out of politeness. Your Qhatiratrixth isn’t one to push envelopes just to piss people off, though, he seems to know who can take exactly how much of his sarcastic wit and stops when he nears the boundary. He’s not a fighter, after all, he just wants to be remembered. But, with you A’she, he’ll confide the wounds that things leave, and expect you to make things seem better for him to continue on the next day as though nothing at all happened and he’s just as unruffled as when it did.

Some of the things that Qhatiratrixth does are mind-boggling to you, they make NO SENSE whatsoever. /Why/ on all of Pern does he want you to get bubblies from the kitchens to /leave on the beach/ at exactly sunset? There’s other frankly head-scratching requests that he does, and if you do them, you’ll find that the next day that some cute girl that you might have shown interest in is gushing about how at the end of her day when she went to the beach there was /bubblies/ there waiting for her. Who could the person be who left them there? Oh, you know, but will you actually say something? Your Qhatiratrixth is an observant dragon, not only of comings and goings, but of likes and dislikes. Even without you expecting it, he’ll make a suggestion that you do something and damn if it’s not apt to get you noticed in a way that’s complementary. When your ego rises, so does his, and this symbiosis can be very good. Or… very dastardly. There are many types of bronzerider, after all, and rather than the brute strength and 10 pack abs that some have you two will be a cunning pair. Though, your bronze will inspire you to take care of yourself and that grooming is key along with enough exercise that makes you /appealing/, without taking all your time. « I’ve heard no woman likes when they have to hunt through a thicket to find a tree, if you know what I mean. » He’ll tell you, quite bluntly and urge you to /manscape/. You both have /things/ to do. People to watch, knowledge to gain, and plots to lay.

Through all this, your Qhatiratrixth will /never/ lie. In fact, he has a clear dispise for those who do so. He bends truths, perhaps, but nothing that he says is going to be an outright lie. He also expects the same of you, A’she. He will be an excellent investigator, a dragon that may not be as interested in weyr-security, but is interested to see who is up to what kind of trouble. Which people that you can count on, and which ones you can blackmail to get to do what you want by having dirt on them. Having the information isn’t itself inherit of evil, after all, and just because you want to use it to have a little leverage? Well, the shades of grey here are a little hard to differentiate, and that’s perfectly fine by him.

Through all this, your Qhatiratrixth will never be one that throws a temper tantrum, he’ll never be the one that brings all the attention to himself. He’s one for a flair for under-dramatizing things, to the point that even if he’s injured, he’ll act like nothing at all happened. It’ll be up to you to call his bluff, A’she. « Shod off, it’s just a little bruise. » He might say, even if his wing clearly has an irregular bend in a sail. He will, however, listen to you and glaringly let a dragonhealer take a look at it only to play that down as well. « It’s fine, look. I’m sure I can use it tomorrow. » He’ll suggest, and of course, it’s up to you to keep him grounded. Good luck, A’she.


“Temper, temper. I wouldn’t dream of challenging you. Well, as far as brains go, I got the lion’s share. But when it comes to brute strength, I’m afraid I’m at the shallow end of the gene pool.” - Scar

Qhatiratrixth will never be a large bronze, he’s always going to be slim in comparison to most of the others and there will be the odd huge brown that’s larger than him as well. This, however, does not make him feel any less like he’s unable to attain the mantle of Weyrleader’s bronze. It just means that he has to use other means than brute strength to get what he desires. He will stop eating long before other larger dragons, and may even slide over part of his bucket of meat towards Seyunestudath in some kind of peace offering. Or, maybe he’s trying to build his bonds for the future? For as much as he makes no bones of telling her that she’s built like a mountain, he also knows that she’s the sort that can take the abuse and may even like him /more/ for it. For even though you might not be thinking that far into the future, he’s already plotting how he can keep on her good side so that perhaps - he might find himself right in position to catch her in a flight when it /matters/.

He’s also quite the efficient killer when it comes to hunting. Your Qhatiratrixth doesn’t have the stamina for a long chase, or even if he /does/, he would prefer to use that energy elsewhere so he plans his kills. He calculates where they might run so that when they flee, he’s fast enough to head them off so they land right into his talons. The first time, it might seem as though it was luck - but when you start noticing how he loops by the herdbeast pen to see which animals are running which ways, you’ll realize that he’s /planned/ it that way. That despite it seeming as though it was just a chance opportunity, it clearly is not.

For flying, your Qhatiratrixth is a nervous one to get off the ground even if he desires to do so before all the others. He’s lean, after all, his wings slightly larger than they need to be for his body girth, and because of this he’ll try and get you to sneak off to learn on the side so that he can instill others with the glory of seeing him take off without hesitance and without difficulty. This… may not work out like he imagines. You may sneak off to try, and find that he injures his wing and makes it so that he can’t fly for /longer/. Or, maybe you’ll get lucky. A roll of the dice, perhaps?


“Don’t you need some sort of key to start it?” “You know me, brother. I can turn anything on.” - Lucifer

Flights are something that Qhatiratrixth is hit and miss about. Sometimes it seems as though he’s not interested at all, and other times, it’s like he’s chasing every tail that’s available. There wouldn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to it for the casual onlooker, but there actually is, like all things that your bronze does. Sometimes he chases just for the experience, to get to know the female’s pattern, other times, it’s because he wants to put an earworm in the female’s ear to see that her best /choice/ is him. Again, he’s not a brute-force type of dragon, he’s the one that will cut upcoming corners and try and talk the female into ending up with him - provided he doesn’t manage to cut her off first.

“I’m like walking heroin, very habit forming. It never ends well.” - Lucifer

Romance, though, he’s not against having greens and golds close to him, listening to him tell a tale of .. whatever he might think of. In fact, he’s in his element then. Despite whatever mood changes that the females go through when they glow, before that, he’s happy to have them wrapped around his talons in whatever way he can manage it. Your Qhatiratrixth is a sweet talker, after all, and even if there are some that won’t fall to his words - there are plenty that do.

For green flights, he’s actually got a better chance than most bronzes, and even a few browns at catching them. Partially because he’s more slender than them, and partially because he’s trying to catalogue patterns. It’s possible that he has a slightly better memory than most dragons in this case, but what else could his luck be drawn up to? He’ll say he remembers, and woe be it to you if you tell him that he’s lying.

As for golds, well. Those are a little harder for him. He doesn’t have the stamina for an extremely long flight, so he’ll have a better chance at golds that are a little slower or that he can sweet talk into his embrace. The real work begins on the ground, at the feeding pens. Assessing the best location to launch from, trying to figure out if it’s a herdbeast she might like offered, or if he needs to be ready to spring for the attack. Your Qhatiratrixth isn’t large, and much like a cheetah compared to a lion - he knows that it could be over quickly if he’s fast enough. Chances are, because of this, he won’t sire the largest clutches - and if he were to catch a behemoth queen, well, it’d be lucky if they didn’t fall to the ground like a rock to the bottom of the ocean.

Being clutch father will not suit him either, he doesn’t want to be tied down to one place for any reason. How can he keep observing if he’s stuck on the sands, after all? But, the little ovoids do bring his attention enough that he might gaze upon them curiously. Wondering if he might have any hold on them in the future, or even if he doesn’t manage to capture a queen that lands A’she and himself as Weyrleaders, that his progeny might. That, and he might like to try and scare the pants off the Candidates as they come close to his dark frame and he glowers at them to wonder if any of them could even be /worthy/ of one of his spawn. Well, only time will tell….


Regal Aspirations
There’s a saying that one catches more flies with honey than with vinegar, and Qhatiratrixth is certainly the epitome of a honeyed voice. He doesn’t have the deep bass of a large dragon, more the warm tenor and inviting lilt to his mindvoice that draws a person closer to listen to him speak. And boy, can he can speak, he probably has much more vast vocabulary than A’she himself has, actually. For when A’she is off doing menial things like washing his body parts or eating food, Qhatiratrixth is observing and learning. You ever heard a voice that you could listen to that would make you happy to listen to them talk about anything at all? That’s Qhatiratrixth. Even just having him describe the blue sky on a cloudless day would make for engaging conversation, or at least, a relaxing one. To an outsider, his voice is warm and melodic, inviting and somehow consuming - however, to those that truly see the interior, it’s dark and meticulous and analyzing everything that’s going on with a purpose.

However, even the chillest of dragons can have his ire drawn, and when that happens all hope of a good appearance is forgotten. A deepness and richness still prevails, but the sharpness of tone feels as though it might cut someone to ribbons. « How /DARE/ you even /SUGGEST/ my A’she is a liar?? » Might be something he would say, as he sharpens those bright bronze limned onyx claws with an intent to inspire fear so thoroughly that someone might wet themselves. If they do, well, that’ll be catalogued for later use for a future favor - surely A’she will help him remember if he forgets.


Qhatiratrixth - Using the Qh as one of the requested exotic letter connections to start, and part of the word satire within and atrix from cicatrix which is a synonym for scar. Pronunciation being along the lines of Kah-tira-trixth.

Surely you thought you were going to get a cookie cutter, run of the mill remake of Scar, but oh, no-no-no. When I was making your dragon’s name, I was thinking hey, we could call him Trixie! But, then I thought of the TV show Lucifer, where he told the girl in the show named Trixie that her name was a stripper name and well.. Qhatiratrixth’s mash up began. You can feel free to call him whatever you like, Trixie, Tira, Qhatir - it makes no difference to Qhatiratrixth. You could even change his name entirely.

You asked for rich colors, and honestly, I guess he isn’t as bright and rich as he could be, but I think it fits with his personality. The bright stripe of bronze along his underside I thought would make it so he’s unabashedly bronze, even if most of him is a dull color - it also makes it so there’s something interesting about him to describe, and it also limns his claws and edges of his wings. He is bronze, after all, even if he’s a scrawny thing.

Feel free to use or not use anything that was written, it’s ultimately up to you! I really do like the idea of a Lucifer/Scar mix, and if you haven’t seen the Lucifer series, well do check it out. The voice of Scar along with Lucifer are both quite smooth and nice to listen to (if you ask me), so his mind voice is based off of that.

Welcome to the ranks of riderhood at Half Moon, and we’re pleased to have you here!

~ R’en


Name A Flair for the Under-Dramatic Bronze Qhatiratrixth
Dam Gold Chauth
Sire Bronze Ysgieuth
Created By R'en
Impressee A'she (Aishen)
Hatched March 3, 2019
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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