Creature of the Deep Blue Qhayth

A rare specimen surfaces in the appearance of this small blue dragon. He has a noticeably large head with a long tapering muzzle that ends in a blunted tip. Nostrils are large, the insides stained an ink blue rather than the typical pink and his eyes often whirl in the blue hues of his head which help to camouflage them so that he will look eyeless. Not that you stare at a plain matte one dimensional painting, no he is a sculptured one, streamlined for the destiny he is created to fulfill. The large head rests upon one end of a long slender neck that dips into a wide chest. His belly tucks to his body, yet retains near the girth of his chest and hips noticeably protrude. It gives him a stocky look, muscles firm and strong but not overly noticeable beneath the smooth layer of his hide. It stretches across flank and twines down the long tapered length of his tail which sways steadily back and forth as thought it is the rudder to guide him through this strange world. The lower half of his body is a dappled mix of navy and cobalt blue, the colors about evenly distributed across belly, arm and leg, even staining talons, before sliding down the base of his tail and lapping at his neck. Here though the waters shift and although still in the dark blue tones the hues are more a mix of cobalt and that lightening of the sky just before dawn. Moonlight still reigns however, and the light dapples through the water to caress his neck, back and tail in laced hues of mystical light. Dawn's blue becomes more prominent as one works up the wingbones but the broad yet shortened sails are something altogether different. Here the translucent membrane has been caught by an ethereal fog settling still over the lakes water and the light of dawn filters through the gray to give it an intense blue-gray that reveals little and hides everything behind it in shadow and rumor.

Egg Name and Description

Monster in the Water Egg
A placid lake blue forms a large pool about two thirds of the egg, surrounded by a darker rocky brown and green. The land is obscured in a soft surreal style but the water remains vibrant in its hue and intensity. At some angles it is almost mirror-like, reflecting the land and the sands surrounding it. Looking directly at the watery hue one could imagine it with crystal clarity, however its viewers are to be disappointed as the depths quickly hide what lies beneath the waters surface. Near one particular spit of land the water ripples in a noticeable fashion, a darker smudge of navy blue outlining something which seems to lie just beneath the surface. A quirk of the water, the light to create figment ripe to the imagination, or be it something real that lays beneath the depths?

Hatch Message

The placid waters of the Monster in the Water egg are softly disturbed by the merest wobble that graces its shore. The lake waters remain, however, unbroken, merely gently lapping at the rocky shore in illusionary temptation of something greater lurking as cause beneath.

Again a soft wobble strikes the Monster in the Water egg, and again the lake waters remain unbroken although the lapping upon the rocky shore grows more intense, as if perhaps whatever has caused such disturbance might, just might be soon revealed.

It begins, this ending just outside one's cone of vision. By the time you look to the Monster in the Water egg it is to late, the shell is no more and what is left is merely shards, its mystery now released to the sands, but which among the wandering hatchlings is it?

Impression Message

The sands are so hard to hide within, the dwindling number of eggs leaving fewer objects to duck behind and so slowly one emerges into your conscious being. Even so, even as hard as you've watched, even as close attention as you have payed tot he activities about the one who is yours as much as your are his still manages to surprise as his head tucks around your side from behind until your eyes meet and you know this mysterious creature for all that he is… or so it would seem. Beginnings are an amazing thing and this one is no less, nothing you could ever have imagined for you are filled with the deepest warmth and love, the utmost respect and admiration and a gentle kiss of knowing that so much lies ahead despite all that has been revealed in that eyeblink which shifts your fate forever as the words ring true and clear in your head. «I am Qhayth and you are my Phee.» there is no doubt or waver, it is now simply a statement of fact, one of the few things you will find to be clear in the world in the days ahead. «Shades of gray make life fun! Let us begin with a first meal. Aren't you hungry?» and you can feel just how much he is, even as he waits for you.

Mind Name and Description

Moonlit Ripples
The touch of this one's thoughts is so gentle one is often left wondering if it was real or imagined. The voice which echoes out is deep and masculine, often seeming a bit muffled as if filtered thru murky waters, yet at other times a crystal clarity calling across a vast ocean's distance. Of hues which are associated as to his touch, you'll find nothing comes with perfect clarity. There is always some distortion to the murky kelp greens, the sunken log brown or clouded lake water blue. On occasion there will be a flash of silver or green as some particularly deep or emotional thought occurs. He himself is a shadow in the waters, often lurking around conversation rather than directing it he'll just pipe in when he feels the need, or you have some request.

Mind Touches
Moonlit Ripples kiss against the edge of your thoughts. Even as you look back upon those ripples, tracing them to their source their creators dives beneath the surface leaving only the vaguest impression of something large and ancient. It is a tease to which this creature draws you into its mystery. Depths of unwavering foggy blue yield few clues as you are left suddenly alone upon a cold rocky shore, the ripples fading to nothing and only your memory remains to trick and tease you with nibbling doubt as reason returns, surely you couldn't have seen what you thought you saw?

Moonlit Ripples tease its watchers. Placid and undisturbed are the lakes waters, except by the occasional boat that sails past. They cause a moment's flurry of excitement with whispered "what if's" only to be dashed as the ships hulls are made out and the wake found to be just that, normal and uninspiring. Crushing disappointment is left like a bad taste in one's mouth and only the most hardy endure as the hours pass and the chill settles to the bone. Only these few are rewarded in their sleepy fog with the sound of something breaking the surface, of large shadows looming and dipping back beneath the waters before the clarity of the binoculars auto focus can fully do its job and hearts and renewed as the mystery deepens.

Moonlit Ripples are like an ancient puzzle. Those who created the game know it well, but those new to it find only frustration. It is a teaching of patience, of virtues that time unfolds, the rewards of mysteries solved and the reward of leaving some as they are. One finds that some things are perhaps best left undiscovered to stir the primal excitement within us. Perhaps that is the message of the puzzle this one represents, for discovery would only disappoint while the mystery enlivens?

Moonlit Ripples seem closer than ever as the one within reaches out. It is a teasing sort, a lover of puzzle and mysteries, for the world would be so bland and boring were it not for such things. It is an ancient lurker, stirring the pot of things yet undiscovered, of possibilities which are much better left to the imagination than the light of day and as you seem to begin to understand, it retreats to the watery depths where it will wait until there is another who is needing a few mysteries to remind them of life, and what it is to live.

RP Tips

Your Qhayth when young will seem so much a mystery. As much as it felt that every inch of him was presented upon your impression, you'll find yourself doubting and wondering in the subsequent sevendays in his action and deed how much was hidden beneath those more obvious layers. It'll be an interesting weyrlinghood as you delve deep into the layers of his mind and come to know the one who seems to know you inside and out. Did he just predict what you would say, or that action you took? How did he know you would pick the fruit over the oatmeal for breakfast? It may seem an unfair balance to your partnership, but in reality its a puzzle he's left you to navigate and solve as the number of days you are together grow. And so your weyrlinghood will reveal many things, the secrets of dragonkind, the strange workings of your fellow who seems both so ancient and yet so young. If ever a question is presented to he, not so direct an answer will you likely get. In fact most questions are answered by questions, but don't let yourself get distracted, for that is one of his many tricks. Not that he is openly tricky, it's just his sort of way of being, the way of his guidance to ask the questions and let you find the answers even if he knew them, for it is often the journey rather than the end which is most rewarding. So too will your graduation come to pass and these many layers of your lifemate you will come to know, and knowing most of all that the turns will present all that more for you to delve into together for if anything there is a mystery to life and he will both ensure you live and at the same time ensure that always some mystery remains. — He also has this particular habit of lurking beneath the water, for he can hold his breath longer than most dragons. Perhaps it is his unusual girth which has given him extra lung capacity, or maybe he just is special that way, but in lurking he'll let the waters calm and then to the unexpected swimmer, be they human or dragon, he'll glide upon them from underneath and kiss their belly's by the barest touch of wing or tail before diving for shadow of deeper waters. In general anything to do with the water he loves and really it makes Western your perfect home. When you're off visiting another area he'll find their nearest body of water and go soak instead of seeking the heights and sun as most dragons do. As such you'll get used to him arriving to pick you up dripping wet, your riding straps and gear will be tempered to the damp, in fact you may use synthetics or even special sealants so the gear is more water resistant, or even waterproof in adjusting to his quirks. Dolphins will be your instant friend and it's entirely possible that you will both align with one of the local Pods. However much he enjoys the water, he'll find that he doesn't particularly like the taste of fish! No, it'll be land herdbeast satisfying his belly. — Your Qhayth can be quite irritating in his mysterious act, and he tend to view things through a different perspective. What might seem grossly unfair to you may be an interesting shift of fate to he. «Why are you so upset to be mucking stables, is that not a good composting material which grows the grass that the herdbeasts that I eat, eat? So, see you are actually feeding me by doing that chore are you not?». He most likes puzzles and will encourage to collect all manner of toy and game, books of riddles or a deck of cards, each holds its own secrets to which he will encourage you to also imbibe. «Besides, doesn't that lovely green rider like to play cards? I am sure you could beat him as long as you use the Ace's rule…» and so he'll be the subtle nudge to get you out of your own comfort zones, sending you upon quests small and large upon which will be endings you would never have imagined yourself doing. — Most of all Qhayth is your dedicated companion. He is a warm emotional being that has needs, and wants to ensure your own are met so that you never feel for lack of anything. He is what it is to live and will remind you of life itself in the glorious stretch of wings before you two disappear into the nights sky or mountains shadow, laughing as you leave those who would give you chase with their own mystery. «and I did not between, that would be cheating!» — You can also entirely ignore everything herein. He is yours and ultimately its up to you to play him, so whatever makes you comfortable. I hope you find some inspiration from his theme as well as your own adventures together to grow and become the fine pair I know you will be.


Your dragon was lovingly created for you by S'ym. The egg theme was waterways of the world, and the hatchlings a related famous sea farer. Your egg was based on Loch Ness in Scotland in particular, an irresistable temptation and its presumed inhabitant, a certain 'sea monter' (aka Nessie) and the mystery represented, of what the hatchling was geared toward. The name was chosen from your preferences, since we want you to be happy. Good luck and may the turns unfold to something new and exciting around each bend for the both of you.

Creature of the Deep Blue Qhayth
Dam Gold Merkabath
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created by S'ym
Impressee Phee (Phyara)
September 10, 2007
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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