Defender of the Faith Brown Rauxith

The most distinguishing physical feature of this compact brown dragon is his headknobs. They're larger than average. They're dipped in an almost-chocolate brown that continues to drip playfully onto his face. His muzzle is a lighter, sandy color but that shade isn't visible anywhere else on him. Instead, the mobile, poised, and sinuous muscles of his neck and shoulders are graced with a hue closer to a warm cinnamon, although there's a shadowing of deep mahogany that arrives when he stands in shadow. This darker color continues down, covering his neckridges and back then wrapping underneath to his belly as well. His tail and wings are much lighter, a frothy rich klah brown that call attention to the glossy perfection of his flight muscles and the sturdiness of his sails. Smaller than some of the other browns he may be, but the way he carries himself makes it clear that in his own mind, he is a giant. There is confidence and grace in every step, a sense of destiny in his direct and self-assured bearing, an unhurried chivalry in his observant gaze.

Egg Name and Description

Dusty Secrets Egg
This egg is just a little more rounded than its companions. The mottled dusty brown diamond pattern across the equator of the egg, and the lighter brown at the ends make this egg difficult to see when it's tucked into the sands. The warm browns swirl together gently like billowing fabric in a light breeze. A closer look along the long axis of the egg reveals a startling surprise though. Looking there reveals a thin wedge of metalic silver color, hidden cunningly amongst the billowing brown swirls.

Hatching Message

The Dusty Secrets Egg bursts, revealing a brown dragonette that gets to his feet at once and steps confidently into the light!

Impression Message

You feel the tug of something strong and confident enter your awareness. Someone, or something here on the sands is on a quest and it becomes clear that you, Vaine, are the object of that quest. « Vaine? V'ine? Ah! You are a match for my courage. Together we will right the wrongs of this world, defend the weak, and find our own way, together! I pledge myself to you and your cause. My life, my fortunes, my sacred honor are in your hands. Always. I am Rauxith — and I am yours! »

Your world is forever changed, defined in part by the ringing truth of that voice, that compelling voice! Rauxith is hungry. You'd better get him something to eat. The brown dragon's eyes are lost in your own, waiting in perfect love and trust for your next adventure!


Personality: Your dragon's core personality traits are simple sounding on the surface. He is bold, sometimes to a fault, walking that fine line between bravery and excessive risk. This boldness would perhaps be manageable if it weren't also mixed with a curious and observant nature. He would make an excellent prankster, possessing both the intelligence and the attention to detail to pull off many a good trick but he has a third trait that keeps him in check. That third influence and perhaps it's the strongest of the three is his sense of honor. This dragon considers himself a 'gentleman' among dragons. Small he may be in size, but in his mind, he's a giant filled with honor and virtue like the knights of old. In fact, the easiest way to get him to do what you want, is to convince him that his actions have some larger, more noble purpose that serves the greater good.

Growing up: Oh my my, what a handful! This little dragon is going to get into everything. Not to cause trouble, just to /know/ what others do not. Just to find out for the sake of finding out. He's the first to try new things and sometimes that might mean getting it wrong. It would do him good to see how the other young dragons do it but there's little time for that as he pushes boldly forward, and maybe forward into failure from time to time. Still, all of this exploring the world around him has taught him a love for others and a willingness to help - so it is that the roots of his chivalry are born.

Learning to fly: Flying may not come easy to one who approaches it so boldly. He would do better stepping back and learning a trick or two from the Weyrlingmaster first, but that's not his way. He learns by experience - right or wrong everything we do teaches us something! He lives by the motto: 'there's nothing to it but to do it!' This will be your most challenging time as a rider. He will not see the danger to you both. You must control his exuberance before he gets you both killed.

Mating: Your dragon is likely to see the whole ritual of mating as a wonderful game, a joust where the proper rules of etiquette must be observed and the proper niceties displayed before sharply and soundly defeating your opponent fair and square! The chase, the catch, yes, it's a wonderful game, with move, and countermove but a very serious game indeed. He'll be spending extra time when you're not looking, honing his skills for the ladies. Fear not, fair maiden, your champion has arrived. Arrogance is not necessary, may the best dragon win.

In the quiet of the evening: When you two have moments to yourselves, or perhaps among very close friends, you'll realize that your dragon is, at his core, the most honest and sincere gentleman anyone could wish for. His exterior may be bold, flamboyant, knightly but the best of a knight is shown when he puts himself to the hazard for the sake of someone else. This and more would he do, for you and anyone that you loved All of your causes are his causes too.


This mind may seem rough around the edges. It is after all fairly new to this world. To assume that it is innocent in the ways of the world would be a miscalculation. Quietly, it has observed and gently tested every other mind it has touched. It's motives seem plain enough, and they appear to be good ones, yet the singular fervor by which it seeks out others who share it's convictions, and it's willingness to go to any lengths to find compatriots, is suspect. Might there be just a hint of cunning under the exterior that has been so carefully crafted to keep up appearances? Only those willing to deeply experience this mind, those that probe and ask, can discover if this is so. Those who do try though, are often converted to the cause, and so they discover this mind's cunning nature just a moment too late to protest.


Rauxith is based in large part on the character of Despereaux Tilling from the Newberry award winning book _The Tale of Despereaux_. If you want more insight into your dragon you might take a look at the book. Rauxith's egg was based on Franois Leclerc du Tremblay (4 November 1577 17 December 1638), also known as Peire Joseph who was a French Capuchin friar, confidant and agent of Cardinal Richelieu (the true power behind the throne of France at that time). Remember too, that he is your dragon, and these are only guidelines. You're also free to discover new things about him that suit you. The pronunciation of his name is probably 'row-ith'… following the French rules of pronunciation from which his name is derived. Both egg and dragon were built by A'ven of Western Weyr.


Name Defender of the Faith Brown Rauxith
Dam Gold Sevaruth
Sire Bronze Odryth
Created By A'ven
Impressee V'ine (Vaine)
Hatched 2 August 2009
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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