Fruit of the Vine Green Rieselth

As the gentle filter of summer sunlight renders fruit and vine almost luminous, so the hide of this small dragon captures the brightness of that luscious growth. The pale, yeast-dusted green of firm white grapes contours her softly rounded body and defines well-muscled limbs in dew kissed highlights. Her sculptured head, with its dainty smoothly curving muzzle, is held at a jaunty angle upon a tapering neck, whose ridges stand in a neatly ordered row. Below delicate headknobs, her liquid eyes are as bright and clear as a fine vintage wine. Her movements are fluid, creating an illusionary whisper of wind that disturbs the growing vines amid the myriad of vernal greens entwined about her legs and haunches. Soft muscled shoulders easily support the supple expanse of her wings. When extended her wingsails form a verdant canopy of foliage. They glisten a lush summer green when seen from above, yet from below offering a paler version through the translucent membrane when the sky lends its light. While grey-brown talons root her to the land, her tail is long and mobile, sometimes held straight but more often enticingly curled.

Egg Name and Description


Guardians of the Valley Egg
Majestic stone castles perch upon rocky outcroppings, sentries to the river which winds lazily below. Banners hang from the tallest points, boldly declaring the owner of each little fiefdom on the river bends in gaudily brilliant hues. They guard well against intrusion, and nothing will be sneaking past these vigilant sentries for everything is visible from their lofty perch. The river is vibrantly blue but deceivingly fast. The waters seem to almost roar from the surface of the egg here and there where the valley it has cut in the hard stone makes to sharp a turn. Nestled deeper in the valley, beyond the river's reach and as preciously protected as the river below by the sentries above stretches endless neat rows of lush green grapevines.

Hatching Message

Stone starts to crumble, rocks start to fall as Guardians of the Valley egg is attacked from within. At first, it's just a tiny sliver of shell that lands on the hot sand, but that first breach in the defences is followed by others, until cracks and holes lace the encircling barrier.

The first movements of Guardians of the Valley Egg might well be overlooked, so small are they, but they build into visible jerks as the egg's occupant pounds at the inside of the shell, attacking it with growing ferocity. Increasing in force, the repeated assaults set the egg in motion, making it rock more violently with every impact.

The Guardians of the Valley Egg is fractured and ready to disintegrate. When its end comes, it's not so much cracked open as torn apart from within. A hindleg appears on one side, a forearm on the other, then the egg vanishes in a flurry of wings and limbs. Shell shards are flung in all directions as the pale green hatchling shakes herself clean, then stands blinking in the unaccustomed light, showing herself to be a much smaller dragon than all that ostentatious display of energy might suggest. It's only a few seconds before she's looking round at the candidates with eyes that flash from a head that's held at a jaunty angle.

Impression Message

Despite the heat of the sands, you are surrounded by a cool freshness that seems to come from nowhere and brings with it a crisp aroma of fruit and spice. Then, warmth seems to spread from within, not unpleasant, but reassuring and invigorating, filling you with a sense of wellbeing that blossoms into joy. All at once, she is there. Rieselth. The name is a certainty, spoken yet not spoken. Her bright voice and bubbling merriment flood your mind, so that you can neither hear nor feel anything else, and your vision is filled with the light of a spring sun reflecting from water. « Shellie! You're here! And I'm here too, and I'm yours and you're mine and, and, and, and that's all right, then! » As the ferment of exuberance that overwhelms your senses resolves itself into a personality and a voice, she urges you, « Come on! I'm hungry! Let's get going! »



Rieselth is, to put it mildly, simply a fun dragon. She is spunky without being to energetic, charismatic but not overbearing, a dragon willing to just go with the flow and see where life leads. Not that it can't use a nudge now and again, but for the most part enough seems to just happen not to have to go looking for trouble «I didn't mean to knock over the bucket, my tails just a bit longer than I realized…» Responsibility isn't her forte either, generally mellow and unassuming, she enjoys just being part of the group, a social type dragon, joining in others games, curling with you as lessons drone on, even hunting and eating when others are about in the feeding grounds. «Being alone is boring! I hear Taruth wants to go explore in the caverns. Let's go see what they find before I get to big!» Such will weyrlinghood go, if you thought you were busy before, life will be a never-ending something or other forever more. She is no stranger to work, and does not allow you to shirk in your duties either. «Besides, flying sweep with you is precious time together… and that cute blue assigned with us is nice too…». There is a seasonal variation to life which she enjoys, endlessly asking which season you prefer and never able to make up her own mind which is best. She finds a satisfaction in being part of something greater, the success of the Weyr a measure of your own success and when things falter (even through no fault of your own) she'll be down «How can things have gone so wrong?» and when all is well, particularly right after a hatching she'll be crowing with delight «Of course things are well. Look at how hard we worked to make it so.» When eggs are on the sands she'll be among the first, eager to be out and find candidates to stand, the greatest satisfaction in finding one a dragon chooses, what she sees as her greatest contribution to the Weyr. «…and hopefully they'll be just like us!» for who could be better than you two of course!! — Not to say that she doesn't have her own faults and quirks. There is this rather stubborn streak that shows up occasionally. «The only right way is to do it /this/ way. I don't care what Rysith says!» for one normally flexible these may be quite perplexing moments. She also wants you to look good, to look the part. Your riding leathers aren't likely to get much more wear than her straps, for as soon as either shows weathering or marks unbecoming they'll need to be replaced. Clothes are similar «Well my hide is always /perfect/ you just must dress to match!!» She is also well aware she is female, and is quite the flirt, teasing whether in cycle or not any male that catches her eye. «Oh, go flirt with Inith's rider. He's cute!» — Her periods of proddy are to be cherished, humored and tales retold as one sips the latest vintage next to a warm fire. Such periods will intensify her femininity, she is not of the sort to go into hiding, to sulk and hiss in evilness. No, she is the one who needs to be noticed, who will /strut/ through the bowl with an exaggerated sway of the hips which will leave little to the imagination and leave most males (if they have even half a brain cell) drooling in her wake, and that is only the beginning. Of the flights themselves she will be a flirt. Blooding is often of less interest to her than perching upon the bowl rim and crying out a seductive challenge to the males, not that she'll think any can really match up to her, and taking to the air as quickly as possible is her goal. It is in flight that she can lead the dance, following tradition in daring frolics and flirtatious calls. She enjoys playing with her suitors, a tribute which will get her into more trouble than not and end many a flight surprisingly fast due to the wily and/or lucky males. Still, the end is the best part, the culmination of the experience to be relished and drawn out as long as possible, whether to your delight or chagrin.


Misty Vineyards
Her thoughts are nestled within a hilly vineyard, fed by the leisurely currents of a muddy-blue river which cuts deep into the bedrock. It carries with it rich scents of the region, from the growth, harvest and process of grapes, to the sturdy layer of rocky shale which forms the vineyards foundation. Thoughts can be closely guarded and when another intrudes they'll confront the castles perched upon the valley rim, jealously guarding her secrets. While she doesn't like such intrusions, it's a rare aspect to rise for thoughts are open enough no one should have need to intrude. Her mind voice is pleasant, mellow and feminine with a gentle wisdom and subtle humor which floats upon the mornings mist, curling comfortingly about all those it touches, offering reassurance as it shares the fruits of its labor in vintages of red and gold.



The theme of the eggs was a celebration of nations. To pick a country of the world and celebrate the things/people/places and/or history that makes that country special and unique. This egg/dragon is inspired by Germany, specifically the Rhine River region. The river itself extends beyond Germany, but there is one particular stretch there you can find where castles are perched upon the cliff tops of each river bend. Hence where the egg inspiration came from. Of mind the region is know for its grape growing and wine, and the seasonal rhythm brought this out. The vines are planted vertically along very steep slopes with a rocky shale for the ground, rather than your usual dirt. They actually have to use carts on winches to harvest the grapes and pull the bins up the slope to the wineries/trucks. This is the flair of the region from which her description comes. Her name is from a particularly popular grape, Riesling, a vintage produced many places but also in this region. We hope we've given you a foundation upon which you will enjoy growing and maturing with your lovely lady, the pair of you perfect together and sure as any vintage only to get better with age!

Fruit of the Vine Green Rieselth
Dam Gold Nylaeth
Sire Bronze Xalmyrilth
Created By Jandria, S'ym
Impressee Shellie
April 15, 2006
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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