Ruler of the Parade Brown Rosconth

This healthy dragonet emerges with the finery of kings. Golden warmth engulfs his hide; rippling shades of dark brown sugar over muscular shoulders and powerful hind quarters which fade at a slender tail tip. Sails flow from his light brown sugar wings, with soft cream upon each tip like light cascading off a velvet cape adorned by royalty. The final touch to this majesty, is iridescent mottling of crown jewels, flowing down neck ridges, head knobs and talons with rich indigo blues, lush greens and brilliant gold.

Egg Name and Description

Majestic Sweet Egg
Mottled throughout the shell of this bold and vibrant egg are the endless flickers of rich greens, like many tiny fingertips briefly touching during a dance full of energy and life. This lively green has a fitting partner of royal violet hues, gracing the surface, touch for touch, sparing not an inch for any other save for the flecks of metallic gold like many party candles and lanterns lighting the way for the dance within.



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Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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