Tantalizingly Tropical Green Sakrayeth

Bright, slightly yellowish green is the dominant color for this dragon, though paler hues mark her face and underside and her wings are tinged with teal. Her body is strongly built but compact, the curve of her keel giving her a slightly rounded look, while a relatively short neck that seems to simply blend between head and body does little to alter that impression of extra fluff on her frame. On her head, a mossy green ring-shaped marking sits between small headknobs, like her little halo perched there by her horns. Her muzzle is short and broad, with just a bit of an overbite that tucks her upper teeth over the edge of lower jaw and gives the impression of a downward curve. Beneath her chin begins the splash of pale bay that continues down over the bottom of her neck, along stomach between powerful forelegs until it comes to a point just before her hindlimbs. Those legs are short but strong, well able to to carry her on gray-green paws and curved black talons… though maybe not always as fast as she’d like. Her wings, by way of contrast, are large - almost oversized, and their hue only contributes further to the impression they’ve been borrowed from a larger dragon. The spring green of her back sweeps out along them for about a third of their span before the color shifts to a bluer shade, aquamarine along her spars fading to teal on the semi-translucent sails between. Her tail is similarly large - though shaded entirely a yellowish-green like her back. It’s still proportioned as if to match wings, rather than the rest of her, and has a prominent fork that makes up more of its length than many.

Egg Name and Description

Wavelengths of Light Egg
From a distance, this egg might look as though it were pure white, only if one squints from the galleries would they catch some of the darker lines that cross over the shell. It is as though this egg has somehow passed through a prism and collected all the colors for itself on its pristine ivory shell. While colorful, it isn't vibrant, the pale azure, yellow, purple, pink, green, and red lines that crisscross over the shell were faded by sunlight and only clearly visible to those that make it to the sands to see. The lines are perfection, not squiggling or seeming without direction, circles that enrobe the shell in ring after ring of color without any becoming the dominant color that comes to mind. This egg might be the largest, or second largest in the clutch, but it's difficult to tell with how often it's half buried under the sands.

Impression Message

Where once there is only sky, there is skyline; buildings erupt from the sand, bridging over water that she knows you share the same love of because she is there in your mind now, building a nest out of all your thoughts so that she has a home within them - forever. « Aine. I am your Sakrayeth. » The voice curling around your thoughts is warm, bubbly and bright despite the husky overtures that make it not quite perfect. « I saw that you were perfect, and I loved you! Then I saw you were not perfect, and I loved you even more! » Laughter chirps through your mind, chased away by the sounds of life, of a city, of a landscape that's not-of-this-world, but is now your world - your world with Sakrayeth, and Sakrayeth's world with you. « I am not sure what shock is, but you will have to tell me all about it - after we get food, of course. And maybe after we play. »


Hope is that thing with feathers that perches on the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops… at all.

If there is one thing that you need to know about Sakrayeth, it's that she is a highly curious dragon. (Which is to say, she needs to know all the things.) Highly curious; this means that every chance Sakrayeth gets, she's sticking her nose into everybody else's business and asking them just what they meant and how does this even work before they - or you - realize that she was listening in.

The complications come with the fact that Sakrayeth is a highly intelligent dragon. Sure, she'll have her shortcomings in youth and blockades to overcome, but she will defy those mental and physical obstacles that restrict her much faster than her clutchmates will - which just might end up driving Myrakath insane, even if there's nothing wrong with a little healthy competition between sisters.

I'm a parrot. I can pick up an accent and just do it.

Sakrayeth will mimic your actions and your words, but she won't just stop with you. She will follow Xermiltoth around the weyr and YELL AS LOUD AS HE DOES, IN ALL CAPSLOCK, AT EVERYBODY WHO DARES BE WITHIN ONE MILE OF HER BRILLIANT LITTLE MIND. This might mean trouble for you as she grows, because she will find humor in Ilyscaeth's inability to stay on her own two feet and crash into everything, and she will crash into everything with her. She will copy Ila'den's ridiculous accent, mimic Fascath's peculiarity for words, and do that J'en accent better than J'en.

It’s not meant as mockery or anything unkind. She just… wow, people. They are fascinating. She wants to get to know them. She wants to be them. For some people, it’s just a truism to say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. For Sakrayeth? It’s a way of life… even if not everyone is likely to realize what she means when she repeats their words back at them just to show that she was listening and she cares.

You may find her doing it to you as well, picking up on things you said and then repeating them back to you at the worst (or best) of times. Something will remind her, trigger that mind of hers to look back through yours, and… suddenly she’s there, telling you just what you said about him when you first met. Or what she said to you, back when you had that terrible fight. You can expect to be reliving some memories over and over again… though which ones, well. That will remain a mystery until you see just what actually makes an impression on her! …though it’s likely that your first few months together will stick quite firmly in her mind, as she gets to experience the wide new world with you and the rest of her clutch.

I'm going back to my parrot-headed friends.

Speaking of her siblings… Sakrayeth will be a very sociable dragon. She thrives when she is around her kind, withers when she is kept on her own, and she will require a large group of friends to keep herself happy. This may translate into you being forced into social conversations with people you may not find desirable, but Sakrayeth's love for you means that she wants to see you thrive too. After all, you’re a (very important) part of her flock… though it may take some negotiation before the two of you reach an understanding about who you want in your flock! After all… as far as she is concerned, it’s the more, the merrier.

Sakrayeth will be unfailingly playful, even as she grows into adulthood, often trying to coax her sisters and brothers, and any dragon, really into a fight. But this isn't just for play; your Sakrayeth is always learning, and she exhibits this behavior because it teaches her how to fight, and will certainly help with the hunt when she is old enough to sink teeth and claws into herdbeasts.

She’s fond of toys as well, where by toys we mean… well… whatever catches her fancy. Your blanket? It’d make a great cape. That unattended quarterstaff? Oooooh, she has a great idea for what she could do with that. She’s not stealing things. She’s just borrowing the toys. …what do you mean they’re not for playing with? If they weren’t supposed to be toys, why would they be so fun? You may find yourself struggling to get her straps on as she tries to play with them instead… and double-checking them before every flight to make sure she didn’t go and chew on one.

I slipped on two nickels and slid a short ways. It was a parrot-dime shift.

Sakrayeth is a dragon of main quirks that she will never outgrow: she preens her wings, she doesn't like sitting still for too long because she enjoys visual stimuli. Some dragons may find sweeps boring, but for Sakrayeth, it’s a chance to see all the things and satisfy her curiosity. If it leads to adventure? So much the better! Archipelago could be a natural choice, following you to search the waves for hidden treasures… or maybe just pirate ships, because what’s a pirate without a parrot? Then again, she certainly wouldn’t mind a turn at Transport and Delivery - it means that Sakrayeth will get to see more of the world, and it means that she will get to meet even more dragons. What could possibly go wrong? You may find her interested in changing wings, over time, the better to learn and explore something new… and expand her social network along the way!

Sakrayeth’s desire to learn and adapt isn’t just a matter of doing different kinds of work. She’ll also try to mimic the sounds of humans that she hears with her physical voice, even if her throat and mouth are not exactly suited to the task. Still, she’s better at it than most - sometimes nailing the emotion in sound, but never quite being able to replicate the words. This doesn't deter or bother her, though. She won't stop until she gets it right! Which will be never, but even so, she may manage something that startles people and makes a few heads turn.

In her prime, Sakrayeth will be a master puzzle-solver - and not just for matters of the head, but for matters of the heart. Social utilization and all that curiosity (and her desire to fix everything) mean that she will be one of those dragons that other dragons go to for advice on almost everything. Sakrayeth is happy to oblige these meetings of the mind, even if it means solving an issue for a dragon that may not necessarily want her help. She will do this for you as well, through you, so it is important to sometimes reel her in. Otherwise, you may find yourselves spending your days flitting about from one friend (or possible-future-friend) to the next, never taking the time to actually breathe and deal with yourselves instead of those around you.

Silence is golden. Unless you own a parrot. Then silence is highly suspicious.

Did I mention she likes to perch on things? Because she does! And when she's quiet? Well. You better go and check, because she's probably up to something. Of course… when she’s loud, that might just mean that she and all her friends are up to something together. That’s… better, right?


Succinct Control
Sakrayeth's mind is a living example of tamed wilderness. Her headspace is constantly abustle, but perhaps not in the traditional sense - where other dragons have wide open spaces and a certain vastness to their minds, Saki lives close to home, and she likes it that way. Hers is the concrete jungle rather than a literal one, and any space big enough for her to make roost is where she will tuck herself on any given day.

At first, this will seem like chaos to poor Aine, who only wants to have a conversation with her dragon and instead meets with the loud, unending noise of a city, sounds far beyond her understanding, yet somehow Saki finds them not only tolerable, but oddly comforting. She likes the raucous honks that sound from somewhere far below her, and imitates them when she's particularly irritated; she enjoys the wail of sirens that mean danger, and the low rumble of hub and bub that defines life, implies humanity.

It might not be terribly visible, all of this city life - she is, after all, a dragon of the skies and a queen of her roost - but it's present in the refraction of light off oversized windows, in the litter that dots her curved stick-ridden nests, in the distant glitter of towers on the horizon. It's in the smell of unfamiliar foods, the heated scent of rain on pavement, and the comically sharp screech of tires when her mind jerks to a halt.

Her space is but a microcosm in this greater world, one in which she keeps many little dwellings in which to store important things. Like a hoarder of shiny objects, she will save particularly important memories, thoughts, ideas in separate nests, each with its own mood, intent, and purpose that only she - and perhaps one day Aine - will ever understand. There's no dewey decimal system for her brain, after all, just a natural instinct that leads her where she needs to go.

You, and everyone else for that matter, will simply have to learn how to navigate it. Luckily, once one really sits down and analyzes her space for a pattern, it isn't terribly hard to figure out. Don't let her know that you're onto her, though - she'll be only too quick to execute a switch-a-roo, if only because it's a game, one that's only too fun and stimulating for her to play. Find the Sakrayeth! Is she here? Is she there? Is she under that bench? Tucked inside that gap between bricks? Hahaha! Peekaboo, you found her - time to start all over again.

Her voice itself is bright and bubbly, eternally childish even though her vocabulary and knowledge may expand. It's always a little husky around the edges, never quite perfect but warm and expressive nonetheless, as though bordering on the edge of chirped laughter at any given moment. It's a nice voice, when not busy imitating loud sounds or other people's inflections, one that a person might not mind muttering quietly, incessantly, disjointedly at two in the morning on every topic she can think of, one that might even become soothing for Aine as well as they grow and live together in their shared headspace.

Physicality & Flights

Sakrayeth is not a graceful dragon. She will never be a graceful dragon - but graceless does not mean she is lacking in agility, it simply means that every time your dragon walks, she waddles. She pitta-pat-pitta-pat, crosses all of her paws in front of the other when she runs and looks awkward (and ADORABLE), but she is still fast, she is still limber, she can still make the necessary last minute adjustments if she decides that she doesn't want to run into that wall with Ilyscaeth.

During flights, Sakrayeth's personality becomes more playful if anything - but she has to find the one. This doesn't mean that her soon-to-be-glowing hide will make her more flirtatious, but it does mean that she will start grilling all the men dragons (and perhaps make you grill potential men) about just why it is she should pick them for her flight. Parrots mate for life, you see, and while Sakrayeth will forget all about that come the next sevenday, whoever she picks (and wins!) will be bombarded with her bombasticness for as long as it takes her to forget. Which isn't long.

You'll know when she finds the one, because she will parade for them, and make sure that her hide is bright enough to see all the vibrancy of those colors underneath.

In the meantime, she nests! No, literally. She nests. Hide everything you think is important when she starts getting biologically crazy, because she needs it. You will walk out on your ledge one day and find that she's raided the store room, and the laundry, and the weyr next door, and your entire closet so that she could make a nest. She will collect driftwood from the beach, and weave them into giant monstrosities for the good of those children she will never have.

And when Sakrayeth takes to the skies? Well, goodluck keeping up, gentlemen. She is agile in the air, a sharp contrast to her lack of grace on the ground. She owns those damn skies, she was born to them, and she knows how to navigate them better than she knows how to navigate your mind - and she knows your mind well, Aine. She will be a sight to behold as she flies: pose, and beauty, and grace that is flawless in greens and blues and inbetweens.


Egg: Our egg theme this cycle was "Superpowers," - AS IN ALL SUPER POWERS. Your egg was based on the power of Telepathy, the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses.

Name: Sakrayeth. Pronounce it as you will, now that it is edified, though we tended towards ‘Sah-cray-yeth’ or ‘Sah-cra-yeth’ in her early ages. We did our best to stay within those golden rules that you gave us, and we do so hope that you enjoy her old-new name! There is no special meaning behind the name, however. It was the first thing that popped into our minds, and we rolled with it. (Or, well, second, but you know!)

Dragon: Sakrayeth is a parrot through and through - and we hope we've done justice to the idea that you had in your mind! We know that you were not in favor of a cruel dragon, so we tried to make her as fun-loving and as silly as possible without being over-the-top. Okay, so maybe we went a little over-the-top in some respects, but we hope her little parrot-esque quirks suit what you had in mind, and provide the stumbling blocks you asked for. :)

Physically, she is based on a monk parakeet as you asked for!

For her mind, we went with Brooklyn - our way of giving a nod to your Brooklyn Parrots in a not-so-subtle way!

Thank you so much for choosing Half Moon Bay Weyr. <3 Please keep in mind that Sakrayeth is yours, to do with as you wish. The things we've chosen and written are merely suggestions and not guidelines. We want you to have fun with her, we want you to do what you want with her, and we sincerely hope that you enjoy her. <3

<3 — Ila'den and R'hyn


Name Sakrayeth
Dam Celimoth
Sire Xermiltoth
Created By R'hyn & Ila'den
Impressee Aine (Taline)
Hatched July 13,2017
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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