Glittering, Glamorous, and Green Samiryth

On the small side as greens go, this dainty beauty is definitely not to be ignored. Her hide is a flawless flow of palest jade green that starts at the tip of her exquisitely rounded muzzle and over her expressive eyeridges. Her neck is graceful and leads into a slender body that's feminine but not frail by any means. The faintly glittering green of her body is contrasted by the deeper, jungle-like iridescent hues that claim her neckridges; that rich green trails down the back of her neck and her spine, only to fully engulf her tail in a dramatic sweep of color. That color manifests again on either side, where three diamonds seem to have been emblazoned on her haunches, while another such diamond is placed squarely on her forehead. The darkness of her wing arms and spars is stark against the pallor of her jade-hued wings - stark, and powerful, and glamorous all at once.

Egg Name and Description

All Fluff And No Substance Egg
This egg is stupidly large compared to its siblings. Obnoxiously, even. It has a particularly wide base and a whole lot of chaos going on, which doesn't help matters at all. The egg itself is a singularly obnoxious shade of pink, eye-searing and obscene on levels that simply defy articulation. Worse, there's a sense of fluffiness to it, an illusion that if one were to touch it, it would yield as readily as a pillow. The fluffy-seeming monstrosity is accented with strips and bands of bright gold, marred with blotches of brown and black; the gold catches the light in gaudy fashion, suitable for this nightmare of an egg.

Hatching Message

Wobble: All Fluff And No Substance Egg is definitely not ready to reveal itself to the world. It twitches a little, but soon stops - as if it can feel all the eyes resting on it.

Crack: All Fluff And No Substance Egg tries again, after steeling itself for the inevitable. A few cracks form, ruining the illusion of fluff - but not yet destroying it.

Hatch: All Fluff And No Substance Egg tries one more time and, this time, it's ready! The shell falls apart, leaving a dainty lady of a green to stand, momentarily confused, in the mess.

Impression Message

The sands and sounds and everything fall away, swept from your senses by a sheet of silk. Green silk. When it shifts away, you're left blinking at a sea of jewels, green-tinged - but still brilliant and perfect. « Oh! There you are, darling! » The feminine voice positively croons as it gets closer. « Serena! We must get over to where the food is. Oh, but are you okay? Are you hungry? Maybe we should get you food, first! » Another blink and you're back on the sands, with a dainty green before you. Samiryth. Her name is Samiryth - and you know that as surely as you know that this friendship will be magic.


As a weyrling, she'll be trouble. Not because she's a bad dragon by any means - but because she's a giving soul that pushes too hard. All the time. If one of her siblings is hungry, she'll be the first to give up her meat so they can eat; if they're tired, she'll sing them to sleep long before she slumbers. If you don't keep an eye on her, she'll give and give until she has nothing left - and you'll be keeping an eye on her a lot. The one thing you might not have to worry about is cleaning her; or, rather, you'll be cleaning her a LOT, but she's not the mud and muck type, so cleaning itself will be a relatively easy process.

On the other hand, if lessons require being out in the sands? Nope. Not doing it. You'll have to push her out of her clean comfort zone to get her out there. She also won't be a huge fan of swimming, exactly - but she'll be all for basking in the sun!

When it comes to lessons, she'll pick up fairly quickly on the 'lesson' part. But, she'll have some trouble with the physical aspects of training and will, inevitably, try too hard and risk injury. Regular intervention will be necessary until she's able to feel out her own limits - until then, she'll ever be the sort to try to do better so others will be happy (ESPECIALLY you, because you, you, YOU, are her one and only).

As she grows into adulthood, she'll get a little better - but not by much. She'll have learned her limits as physical matters go, but she'll still have a difficult (if not IMPOSSIBLE) time trying to tell others "no". You'll find yourself being volunteered for a hundred different tasks if you don't keep tabs on her.

« But it's just moving helping to move G'rii's things and Raspovyith's things and, oh, also those other things- we have plenty of time and they really need the help! » she might breathlessly protest.

On the flipside of that, she'll readily be able to rally other dragons (and riders) to her (and your) side with relative ease. She's charismatic, convincing, and - above all - just so achingly good-hearted that few will be able to deny her charms. She might be a bit of a priss at times but, on the whole, she's a delight.

She'll also become a bit of a fashionista in her own right. Her straps, you see, must be amazing; you'd better get a good grip on leatherworking (or make friends with someone who's already talented). She'll want more than one set for herself, certainly, since one of the many things you'll be volunteered for are going to parties, gathers, and, yes, more parties. Her need to 'give all she's got' will turn into a vibrant social butterfly streak that might be tempered somewhat, but never fully quashed. She's just going to be That Girl - one way or the other.

Oh. And don't think her love of fashion extends only to her straps and blankets. Oh no. The weyr will have to be fabulously decorated - and then there's you, the love of her life. She'll want you to look your best all the time, with matching leathers (to her straps, that is!) and the finest clothing and jewelry and EVERYTHING. You might be able to curb this tendency in her if you really work at it but, really, it's coming from a deep and honest place in her hearts: she loves you and sees you as the most beautiful thing ever - and everyone in all of Pern needs to see you as SHE sees you.

It will be difficult to get into a relationship with the likes of her lurking about, though. If she approves of your chosen mate, then you're in for an easy time - but if she doesn't think they're just PERFECT or if they're at all unpalatable to her in some way, be wary: she'll find some way to subtly work a wedge between the two of you and make sure that you aren't taking less than what you deserve.

Of course, if you have children, she'll be beside herself with glee. She'll love them unconditionally and may help by suggesting names or clothing or by enlisting other dragons and their riders to do things to help out.

In flights- well. All of that takes a back seat. While she's a bit of a flirt normally, she'll be utterly insufferable in the day or two leading up to her flight. On the upside, her proddy period is short; on the downside, it's intense. Very intense. Separating yourself from her desire to draw attention and be attractive all the time might be difficult, if not outright impossible, for those one or two days.

When she does fly, she won't bother blooding - which will work in your favor and hers. Her hide won't be gross when she goes up - and her flights will be blissfully short as she burns herself out quickly. She'll absolutely DANCE in the air, though, and the males will have a fine time trying to figure out just where she's going to go next.

She'll also insist on plenty of cuddles afterward - but, then, she loves her cuddles, just like she loves her gems. Did we mention that? No? Well. Hope you have room, because this little lady will love to collect sparkly stuff. All of it.

All in all, she loves you. She loves you with every ounce of her tiny self - and more, somehow. And whatever you do, wherever your life takes you, she'll be there. Forever.


Diamonds Are Promises
Her voice is sweet and curiously accented - posh and prissy and perfect, of course. Her words are always accented with splashes of color, metallic overtones, bright lights, or bits of gemstone that are meant to liven things up a little. Everything she touches is somehow -magical- - lively and bright and energetic in ways that defy proper description. She's just as likely to express herself with words as she is with images and scents, but she's not quite as elaborate with other sensory details. Her vocabulary of textures is a vast one and seems to pull most heavily from the realm of fabrics; her mental voice will feel like silk or satin when she's in a good mood, or like rough wool or tweed when she's less-than-pleased. She's rarely ever angry - but she's easily upset (there is a difference, if you ask -her-!) and her moods are easy to interpret through the colors and textures she employs.


The egg was based on a particularly fashionable wedding dress (this one, to be precise: and the resulting dragonet was based on Rarity, of "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic" fame. Her name, Samiryth was pulled from a mix of both Rarity and "samiha", which means generosity in Arabic. Both egg and dragon were written by Aglaia, with help from the rest of Co. I hope you like her as much as I enjoyed writing her - and she's all yours to do with as you like! <3


Name Samiryth
Dam Gold Valigath
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By Aglaia
Impressee Serena
Hatched September 20, 2015
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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