Mysteries Unraveled in a Beat Gold Sevaruth

From muzzle to headknobs, dark shades of aged gold fade to a fine champagne, darkening again only at the tips of the rather pronounced 'knobs. Her eyes are large and wide-set, most usually softly whirling in content shade of blue. Whirling at a fierce pace they appear a start contrast to the pale honey hide. Between her eyes a faint filigree intricately webs its way in stades of the palest gold, ending at her copper-tipped headknobs. The lighter champagne shades darken again along her neck to a shade of ancient gold long buried, spreadkng across her wide chest and down the thick forearms, clashing with the paler shades that vint upwards from the sheaths of deadly, opalescent talons. The rest of her body is the soft shade of buffed gold, her hindquarters and legs a bit small in comparison to her upper body, giving the appearance of being top-heavy. Following the lean outline of her lower body, her tail tapers off slowly and seems rather long. Like that of her dam, the tail ends in a final burst of the darkest shade of gold. Wings unfurled, they seem a little long for her body, each thin golden sail freckled with spots that appear almost a dark shade of blue. Folded, they appear to lie awkwardly against her back.

Egg Name and Description

God is a DJ Egg
The colors and hues of this egg seem to defy reality, each color striking against the next as though it wishes to break free of the bonds of gravity. At its zenith, glittery shades of blue, green, and purple sparkle down, meeting with brilliant beams of light. Despite the hard contrast of the colors, each comes together in a perfect bond, the bold scene is at peace with all that is around it. Along the base, barely-formed figures of different shades seem to dance in the haze of color in reckless abandon, the borders of their bodies intermixing with ease.

Hatching Message

The glittery surface of the God is a DJ Egg begins vibrate, the creature within gaining more and more force to finally break free of the shell that has entrapped its body. Slowly, a small muzzle begins to break through the shell, but then goes completely still. Then, in one burst of energy, the creatures bursts through the shell of its egg, creeling loudly as it shakes off the remaining bits of shell.

Impression Message

Through the excitement of the sands around you, a pulsating beat manages to drown out all the chaos of the moment. Growing louder and louder, it seems to move up from the base of your neck into your very mind, the single beat shattering into many, the tones blending into a complex symphony. The outside fades away. «We are meant to be together.» Before you stands a new beginning, a young dragon queen looking for her lifemate. «You, Jolie. You are the one for me. What great times we shall have. I am your Sevaruth!» Little more is said, as the creature seems just as caught up in the moment. Only the pang of hunger in your stomach and the quiet mental crooning in your mind reveals the hunger of this gold dragon. «Let us eat, so that we may play!»

Mind Description

Razzle-Dazzle Sparkles of Peace
This gold will always be a bit independent and quite confident. But should something shake that confidence, be prepared to have to do some rebuilding. She's a bit of a 'closet-radical'. Where she will usually want to be the peacemaker, there will be times when she will be strong in attempting to right some injustice. Her mindtouch will always remain glittery, often accompanied by a cool breeze, causing the shades to swirl around freely. The intensity of the colors will depend on her emotional state.


The Beginning: From the beginning, Sevaruth will be a child of the night. She will prefer to sleep during the day and will bombard you with excuses to do anything but that and your will will have to be strong to convince her she must do otherwise. But when the sun begins to fade in the west, Sevaruth will come alive. She will be most hungry at night and want to stay up all night discussing the world around her. A simple "I'll tell you in the morning" will not be enough for her. When boredom overcomes her, which will happen often, she will resort to becoming the class clown. Much of her antics will be physical, such as tripping around or bouncing or doing a little dance at random. Anything for a smile.

Weyrlinghood: As Sevaruth grows older, her desire to sleep away the daylight hours will begin to fade, but only slightly. Those early morning sessions will always be a chore for her. As her mind matures, she will begin to question more and more. Concepts such as authority will be questioned the most, save for respect towards the Weyrlingmaster and the rider of her senior queen. Many times she will try to voice these questions through you and this may sometimes cause a quarrel or two between you and Sevaruth. Eventually, she will come to terms with the world around you, but will always be one more than willing to fight what she considers the good fight. But this one is not all seriousness. Quiet frequently, she will think up little challenges for her fellow dragons, often times including humans as well. But it will all be in fun, as she cares only for the enjoyment of the race, never for the glory of the victory. Life will always be about enjoying each moment, savoring it, and treasuring it. Slowly, her memory will begin to lengthen and become much more reliable than most other dragons. Her antics will continue to grow as well. While keeping up with her usual slapstick comedy, her routine will grow to include the occasional witty comment that may cause you to have to leave a classroom or lecture to laugh.

Maturity: Maturity is only a term relative to her age. Sevaruth will never outgrow her enjoyment of friendly competitions with both dragons and humans alike. Any injustice that she encounters, she will try to rally both you and her peers to fight. A clever one, she will often notice easier ways of doing things whose paths have long ago been sit in stone. Sevaruth will not fear change and may often attempt to all but force it on her peers. She will be very non-traditionalist and this may sometimes come off as being the stand-off type. When this happens, she will resort to her usual silliness to win the party over.

Why Jolie? When you first approached the vibrant egg, the creature within paused for a moment, its usual chaotic mind had sensed a small bit of peace. Once she emerged from her shell, she knew that she had to find that same girl, the one she would be able to grow with, and learn from as well as teach. They compliment each other and thus should always be together.


Sevaruth was based on a scene I encountered in Washington, DC. It was at a techno club and was a scene that impacted me deeply. There were hundreds of people moving to the same beat; Americans, Europeans, Asians, Indians and many other nationalities were gathered together and for a few hours, they all spoke the same language. This is what is considered the rave culture by those that understand PLUR: Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. Sevaruth is the embodiment of that spirit. I wanted her to be something that would love each moment of life, share its silliness with others, and fight against the injustices of the world.

=Mysteries Unraveled in a Beat Gold Sevaruth
Dam Gold Ilveraeth
Sire Bronze Xalmyrilth
Created by Rayne
Impressee Jolie
March 30, 2003
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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