Autumn's Last Glow Gold Shadhavarth

Purest molten gold — the brilliant and radiant sheen of fading sunlight — casts a vivid hue upon a lovely graceful form. From her dainty muzzle, a delicate dished head is dominated by wide-set eyes, prominent cheekbones and generously curved nostrils; with a high arched neck that while short, nonetheless contributes to the proudness of her bearing. Small for one such of her color, a compact body is defined by strong shoulders and well sprung ribs that flow into muscular haunches. Unusually colored; dark-amber dapples decorate her golden hide, and along the proud arch of her neck, her neckridges are washed in white-gold hue, a pattern that ends abruptly at her withers only to be taken up again at her rump — flowing down the length of her long tail. Her wings — long and narrow — promise the agility and stamina of a distance flyer; honeyed gold spars supporting the spread of nearly-translucent sails of gossamer gold between them.

Egg Name and Description

Beguiling Wealth Egg
Richly saturated in a warm mellow tone that might put a sparkling cider to shame, a hint of sunshine suffuses the broad curve of eggshell — this, perhaps one of the larger eggs of the whole clutch. Amber, of a hue rather tending towards an orange-ish hue rather than a clearer honey-gold, lies enameled in a veneer of perfect symmetry across the rounded shape of the ovoid in an even clear coating, the base coloration never wavering in its tint and hue except where the egg curves, and there, a faint tint of darker ocher and saffron suffuse the eggshell in shadowed bulges and arcs. Across the shell, faint line, deeper and darker than the base color, fool observers into believing they are trails, runnels carved shallowly into the actual shell itself, and a haphazard strand of bronze — the shade perfectly that of greeny-gold — weaves and wends its way across the shell, a confusing twisting pattern that fools the eye and the mind.

Bountiful Harvest Feast greets your touch with a gentle cozy touch, like that of a matronly aunt or old granny drawing you into the warmth of their home and to the feast laid out before you. The scent of roasted wherry and fresh-baked redfruit pie lingers in your senses as the mind within the egg reaches out, wrapping you up into bundled warmth and comfort. Once there, you are tested, investigated and measured. Your memories, teased out one by one, are splashed across your thoughts — did you have a lover? One that you cared for very much? Or do you have a crush on someone that doesn't know who you are? Ah, there's a feeling of hopeless romance, sparkles of stars across the edges of your thoughts, and little pinky blobs floating about that could very well be hearts — the kind drawn by little weyrbrats during harper lessons. No matter! There's determination there too — perhaps with this one to guide you, you can accomplish much. But no promises can be made, not yet. You are tested once more, do you have a do or die attitude? But whether you do or not, the presence subsides a little, the feast still laid before you in tempting savory sweetness. Wouldn't you like a slice of pie?

Bountiful Harvest Feast offers savory gourmet images — the kind that would likely have you salivating on the sands — but oh, be careful not to lick the eggshell! There, a flicker of green like salad greens accompany the scent of herb-fired herdbeast. Tempting teasing, such delicacies are offered, perhaps to throw you off your guard and allow the dragonet to investigate you further. What of the world beyond the darkness of the shell? It seems to be a question asked of you, put forth by a inquisitive and sharp-thinking mind. Your thoughts are rustled through the way autumn leaves are rustled through underfoot — each one picked out and examined further. Patience and tolerance are searched for. Are you measured and found wanting? Or have you met the standards? There is no answer forthcoming, the mind within fading a little. Won't you have some more pie?

Bountiful Harvest Feast should know better than to offer you pie when there is none, but still the scent and taste of fresh-baked redfruit pie lingers about you. Your memories and thoughts have all been examined now, studied to the fullest as the unborn dragon mind seeks to learn more about you and see what the wide wide world out there has to offer. There is so much! It seems the world lies at your finger tips, and a rush of images comes flooding in — there's so much to be done out there, to enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed, so many savory sights and harmonious sounds. Warmth and compassion rolls over you like a wave, snuffling you up into a seeming embrace that fades away into quiet secretiveness. There are mysteries here, ones that cannot be revealed until the proper time. So, you must wait and see, and learn. Once more, a sense of patience floats over you, a calming blanket that shrouds you. And then, the feast is gone, flickering away in a filmy sensation — and the mind within retreats, withdrawing from you as quickly as it has come.

Hatching Message

Beguiling Wealth Egg gives a sudden jerk, content to have remained still for so long, patiently bidding its time, the egg is now a sudden stirring of activity, quivering and rocking back and forth in its nesting of sand. And then, suddenly, it stops — silent and still once more, like the moment between breaths, and all is calm.

Beguiling Wealth Egg shudders and jerks violently again, sand flying in a dervish as the occupant within struggles to free itself. Toppling sideways, the egg rolls out of its sandy nest, a jagged crack appearing in the upper part of the shell.

Beguiling Wealth Egg falls neatly into pieces, the crack across the upper part of the shell widening before it simply falls away. For a moment, it looks like the egg might have lived up its name after all — that wealth was only an illusion before a small dainty head pops upwards, nostrils flaring as she scents the air, eyes whirling lightly. The egg tips sideways, and out she spills, scrambling upright, a tangle of limbs quickly sorted as the golden hatchling steps forwards with coltish grace.

Impression Message

Heat and light play tricks on the mind it seems, the shimmer of warmth rising from the sands quivers in the air, making illusions of dancing sunbeams of fantasy in fancy seem almost real. But wait, there is one truly corporeal for prancing there so boldly in front of you is a dappled aureate form; her neck ridges and tail ridges awash with a white brilliant that seems to glimmer and shine — almost too painful to look at. The scent of lilac hangs heavy in the air, all around you, sweet and mellow — the taste clinging to the back of your tongue. « You, yes, you are the one. » the soft musical voice calls, a tremble of flute-song that tickles your thoughts. « Id—» a sudden pause, almost too long. « No. That name is not for you. Yours must be musical, have beauty in it. Iris. Yes, I declare that to be your name, a name worthy of your being, a name paired with mine. » There's a sense of finality to it, of sheer will. « You are my Iris, and I am Shadhavarth, come to appear before you, yours forever. » And thus it is done, and Shadhavarth has claimed you for her own.


"I tell you a cat must have three different names… — T.S. Eliot "

It is said that cats must have three names, and although she is far from being a feline in looks, naming isn't a difficult thing for Shadhavarth to do at all.  She knows her own well enough, and unlike many dragons, easily remembers the names of important people and their lifemates as well.   As for you, on the other hand, she doesn't particularly like Idris. « It was a name you were given before.  I think you should change it. » and she'll know just the thing… it's so similar, but to her mind, your name ought to sound prettier and more dramatic. « /Iris/ » she will call you. « Such a pretty name. It shall be yours, my Iris as I am your Shadhavarth.  It has a quality to it.  Irissss and Shadhavarth. » This will please her greatly, so consider that a done deal, the name she has given you will be your second name, and the one that you are now known by.

Still, Shadhavarth has a third name for you, and that is one that only you and she know; bound together heart and soul, it goes beyond 'Beloved' and 'Mine' and simply is.  Your unique and special bond is yours and hers alone, and the name she gives you is the one she whispers in the night, upon waking and every moment that she is with you.

"…and from the heart of the blossom there appeared a unicorn…" —James Endicott

From the moment she was Hatched, there is something about Shadhavarth that speaks of an older soul (were dragons to have souls or Pern to believe in such, that is) gifted with wisdom and intelligence that doesn't quite seem possible for one so young — yet it is imbued with a streak of innocent and purity.  Not childishness, you see for Shadhavarth is and never will be a child, even as a fresh-hatched dragonet, but she's no embittered fount of acerbic wit either.  Wise and humous, but snarky? Never!

Coming from such a line of genially complacent golds — her granddam, Ellamariseth is friendly and welcoming and likewise, Miraneith is quite of good heart and gentle as far as queens go so it can be no surprise that Shadhavarth has been bred in the mold of a benevolent ruler, but make no mistake — she has her darker aspects as well, and if she feels slighted, nobody will ever be safe from her wrath.

Hallmarks of Felinity No. 75: A Willingness to view the world from ever-fresh perspectives

Beginning with weyrlinghood, taking a new view of the world from a new angle is going to be very exciting indeed for Shadhavarth.  Unfortunately for you and the rest of your weyrling class, she will choose the most awkward and potentially uncomfortable locations from which to view said world.  Places, such as the couch of the weyrling next to you — while that poor human happens to be sleeping there.  Ooof.

Rest assured however that as she grows — and once she is capable of flying, those viewing perspectives will change.  An empty ledge? The Weyr Rim near the watchrider's lookout.  Great places all in all, and if the sun happens to be shining just right, it's the perfect place for her most favorite activity in the whole world which is….

Hallmarks of Felinity No. 33: Sun Worship

While the dam who laid her is a child of the night; a nocturnal creature who's sole purpose in life seems to be squirreling herself away in a hole and sleeping away the daylight hours, Shadhavarth is as unlike Miraneith as well … night is unalike to day.  Shadhavarth absolutely /lives/ for the sun, and for the sheer unashamed pleasure of sleeping out in plain view in broad daylight and soaking up the warmth.  When she's young and immature, she'll have to settle for the lagoon shoreline, or the weyrling training field, but once she's bigger — oh ho, anything goes!   As she simply must stay in the sunlight while napping, she'll wake and doze as frequently as needed, each time manuvering herself to stay within that blissfully warm golden glowing glow of Rukbat above.

To her, anywhere is fair game.  Her ledge — she will of course want the best of the avaliable queens weyrs, the one with the best amount of sunlight during the day, but don't be surprised to find her halfway across the Bowl on the other side if the sun happens to be better there; usually appropriating someone else's ledge in the process. « You /really/ don't need your ledge while you're out on sweeps, do you, Maraeth? I'll just keep it warm for you. »  She's not selfish, mind you, she doesn't /take/ for the sheer point of taking or throw her weight around simply because she's a queen, but don't let appearances deceive you — she will do as she feels the same way a feline might.  No one can make her do anything she doesn't want to, regardless of rank or proprietry — something that she is sure to come up against hard during weyrlinghood.

Speaking of weyrlinghood, it will come as no surprise to you that Shadhavarth's high level of intelligence will be an asset to her during your lessons.  This doesn't mean she knows all the answers and is a nerd or teacher's pet or anything — but she gets /it/.  She might need to be shown a manuver or a drill formation a few times, but she will understand quickly, and be one of the foremost and adept learners in your weyrling class.

Idris: Do you ever wonder why I chose you all those years ago?
The Doctor: I chose you. You were unlocked.
Idris: Of course I was. I wanted to see the Universe so I stole a Time Lord and I ran away. And you were the only one mad enough.

Once you graduate, and the freedom of the whole planet is granted to you — be prepared — for Shadhavarth will steal you away, and take off to explore the whole world if she can. In fact, if she could, she'd explore the galaxy! And because you're her rider, she'll bring you along and get you wherever you need to go. Oh, there might be a detour or two along the way for Shadhavarth can absolutely aspire to the heights of draconic achievement and who knows, she could even achieve greatness. She's quite a learned dragon, and the records you might read of past histories of the Weyrs of Pern will positively fascinate her, as will music, although try telling her that it might be difficult for her to play a guitar but that doesn't mean she won't be intrigued by it. Deep down, Shadhavarth is a doer, and she'll try her damnedest to achieve whatever she puts her mind to.

In terms of her clutch siblings, there might be a brooding … well, not quite rivalry between Shadhavarth and Taiyokanth. It's not that she sees the green as a rival or a challenge, but there might be some minor friction between them. Both are intensely smart, learn quickly, but Shadhavarth prefers to keep to herself while her green sister might be more outgoing. This might cause some alarm for your queen, although she would never try and dominate the smaller dragon. In fact, given their capacity for what they can achieve, if Taiyokanth and Shadhavarth ever do overcome their obstacles of personality, they have the strength of character to set aside their differences and could become fast friends. It's just a matter of getting there to begin with.

Amongst her other siblings, she might find herself drawn to Velokraeth — not in any romantic sort of a sense. They are both capable of detecting the truth in their own way, and she finds that interesting in her misshapen brother, and might often try to spend time nearby him simply to watch him closely. One might even say a friendship of a sorts — mayhaps more of an acquaintance than anything else — could be formed between the two of them, something that might not be too thrilling for either of their riders.

There is a darker aspect to Shadhavarth however, and she is certainly not all sunshine and butterflies. In fact, she'd probably be sure to inform you that she never will be all sunshine and butterflies as she's not a flighty flirty sort of creature in general. With that excellent memory of hers, so rare in dragon kind, Shadhavarth can positively absolutely entirely no doubt about it hold a grudge. And not just any grudge. The watch-your-back-jerkface kind of grudge. Any perceived slight may result in severe recriminations from the queen. « No, Iris, that brown cut me off when I went to the feeding grounds, I have informed his wingleader that he is unreliable and should be fit only for elevator duty. » She's not just going to settle the score, she's going to get even with full and unrelenting vengeance. On the other hand, do a good deed for her, and one might just end up being her friend for life. Fiercely independent, but willing to be loyal and true to those she has come to know and care about, the gold possesses a unique trait of judging someone. She just /knows/. It's hard to explain, but she can tell when someone is lying or not, and will be sure to inform you of it. A leader, not a follower, Shadhavarth has goals for the future, but sometimes she can be sidetracked by that nice sunny patch of warmth.

Let's face it, sometimes, Shadhavarth seems like a big runner with wings. She absolutely /loves/ to be scritched under the belly, and she'll wiggle her upper lip sometimes, just so and stretch out her neck and ooze contentment. And while she's young, she'll even flop over and let you rub her tummy while she makes a sound that really /sounds/ like a purr. As she gets older though, flopping over suddenly might not be advisable for while she's almost as small as a gold can ever get, she can still accidently squish someone. However, feeding time is entirely the proof that Shadhavarth is a carnivore and a very ferocious one at that. She has TEETH. And CLAWS. And /bites/ things till they are dead. And how she does this is most unique and special indeed. Her dam might pounce on small things like wherries, the tippy tip of her tail wiggling. Shadhavarth doesn't waste energy chasing down prey, she simply sets herself down on a nice patch of ground at the feeding corrals, and hums — the sound almost like a sweet fluting noise which hardly sounds threatening at all, and a herdbeast might wander over towards her. Whereupon, with the prey so close, she attacks in a vicious and bloody manner. Like her dam, small creatures constantly attract her attention, and Shadhavarth's been known to perch on her haunches, batting at VTOLs with kittenish playfulness. And just watch, she might even leave a dead tunnelsnake or two on your bed, just as a gift for you.

"Uncle:Just keep back from this one. She bites!
Idris: Do I? Excellent! {She bites him} Biting's excellent! It's like kissing. Only there's a winner."

As passionate as she is beautiful, a proddy Shadhavarth is a sight to behold. She glows with such intensity as if the very core of Rukbat were contained therein. Her maiden flight will be an experience for both of you, as she suddenly throws herself into the mating game for the first time. With a dazzling display of flair and intrigue, she'll probably begin glowing early before her maiden flight, and be such a seductive and flirty dragon that you'll almost wonder if she's lost her mind. In taking to the skies for the first time and thereafter for every flight, she's a dragon with amazing stamina and endurance, both physically and mentally and it would take a very special bronze or brown who's passed her 'mental tests' to even have a hope of catching her. She's looking for commitment here, after all, and affection and trust. And never ever will she allow a bronze or brown to control her, Shadhavarth is taking command of the experience from the get-go. Even if that means leading her suitors on a long distance flight that she's capable of handling due to her small size — it makes her more streamlined you see — and then biting down on the wingtip or some other part of whatever bronze or brown lucky enough to pass her 'tests' and not letting go. She wins at that game!

After flights come clutches, and life on the sands can be very interesting indeed with Shadhavarth. It's not that she's possessive; she's just protective of towards those she loves — her clutch. She will certainly guard them diligently, and try to share the responsibility equally with the clutch sire, and with a share of patience and tolerance, she will even accept the presence of candidates touching the eggs, but that doesn't mean she won't be a good mother. With that do or die attitude, no clutch could ever ask for a better dam. Everything will have to be perfect for her, eggs turned at certain intervals, and so much sand piled up around them. She's nothing if not meticulous. And then when her eggs hatch, and go off into the world, she will be happy to return to her regularly scheduled life.

In short, Shadhavarth is a dragon who is going to keep you on your toes. She can outthink you in more ways that one (they say if you can learn to be smarter than your dragon, you'll have the best in the whole of Pern — good luck with that one!) and provide you with a lifetime of thrills and chills. She loves you, and wants the best for you, and will support you in all you do. In fact, she might secretly love your pies, and you'd better be careful and count them frequently, or you might come up a pie or two short after baking.


Reminiscent of life within her shell, there's a certain cozy warmth to Shadhavarth's mind voice — the kind of patient persistence that lingers within her subconscious thoughts, and mannerisms. She has, however evolved and grown — it was inevitable, you might say, from the moment that she hatched, and she is not merely what she was, but rather what she has become.

There's a sweetness to her voice now — a rather musical one, high and fluting that one can't but find irresistible. In that, she has inherited from her dam, but while Miraneith might try to sweet-talk anyone into doing things for her just on principle alone, Shadhavarth is capable of literally being the siren and making someone do what she wants because she has the strength of will and determination not to fail. Music defines her; melodious and soft, quite seductive at certain times such as when she is proddy — her words spoken with a musician's flair, dramatic and emboldening.

The mental scents most closely related to Shadhavarth's mind voice can best be described as "lilac and woodsy, the smell of lush green earth and growing plants. It's mystical, it's magical, the color imagery that dominates her usual moods of cool greens, and deep forests with a splash or two of lilac. In fact, the scent you'll often associate with her is lilac, a heady perfume that stains her words and images with a fantasy feeling, a sprinkling spice added by a dash of redfruit pie. Yum!

Anger, however, is quite a different story entirely. Should anyone cross the line, the voice they will most likely encounter is a bleak, desolate wasteland, the scent no longer sweet and tinted with lilac, but rather the harsh stench of windblown sand, a howl of a biting sandstorm dominating her responses. In this frame of mind, she's liable to flay one with words, stripping the figurative flesh from bone. She is merciless now, no longer green and peaceful, but a raging desert, intent on punishment of any who dare test her limits.


The theme for the clutch was "Months of the Year" and the eggs were based of the birthstones for each month. Beguiling Wealth Egg is the citrine of November. Known as the stone of wealth, there's actually a funny little story about citrines; most do not occur naturally and are in fact made from smokey quartz that gets cooked until it turns a golden-brown. Hence, the egg name.

As you asked for a palomino or a buckskin looking dragon with some Arabian or Morgan physical traits, I gave it my best shot — although I will admit, I tried so hard not to let my own breed preference overwhelm me and saddle you with a Haflinger instead. Still, I have to admit, I really like the idea of a palomino dragon; with dapples no less! I felt that her neck ridges and tail ridges ought to be white-gold, as that seemed to best fit the style of a palomino's lighter mane and tail without making her look too oddly colored for a queen.

Shadhavarth's personality traits come from a mixture of your requests — the Tardis, Unicorns, particularly a Persian unicorn, and a cat. The egg's personalities, mind touches and mind descs were loosely based off the Zodiac symbols, for which Scorpio (with a dash of Thanksgiving dinner thrown in) provided your November-born queen with much of her personality as a dragonet — which quite fit in with your desire for a old yet young, wise yet obstinate dragon. Scorpios are notorious for being like that — quite smarter than their years would suggest, and they might come across as a little contradictory when they really aren't. Plus, cats are probably Scorpios no matter when they are born — they just are what they are. Then again, I'm not really a cat person, so I had to draw on those links you provided, and hopefully I got everything right. I am a unicorn person though, and a horse person, so that probably will turn out better.

Her mind voice has a distinct flavor to it — since you mentioned loving fantasy and unicorns, I decided to borrow from Peter S. Beagle's "The Last Unicorn" and describe her mental imagery as the lilac wood in which the unicorn lived; somewhere cool, forever green, mystical and scented by lilacs — however, in contrast, when she is angered or displeased, her mindvoice takes on the scenery of the home of the 'siren of the sands' — the deserts of Persia where the Shadhavar lives.

As for her name, I honestly couldn't come up with anything better than Shadhavarth — particularly since you said it would be nifty. It's a flowing graceful name, just like she is — but full of ferocity and beautiful dangerous menace. Again, just like Shadhavarth!

When it all comes down to it, Iris, Shadhavarth is your dragon, and you may play her as you best see fit. I certainly had a lot of fun writing her (palomino unicorns, my favorite!!) and hope that you'll enjoy her greatly for a long time to come. Welcome to Weyrlinghood at Western, and welcome to the team! We're glad to have you on board.

~Lots of love,


Name Autumn's Last Glow Gold Shadhavarth
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Glyith
Created By Enka
Impressee Iris (Idris)
Hatched July 31, 20011
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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