I Aim to Misbehave Brown Shanweith

Beneath the egg-shell bonnet that covers this robust dragon's head, bistre and chocolate reign supreme. The darker shade takes prominence across his head and neck, sweeping from blunted nose to broad forehead with only brief touches of sepia accenting the depth of his jowls and outlining his large eyes. Once his chest is reached, however, the rich chocolate shade rolls to the fore, expanding out from minor embellishments on his ridges to cover almost every scrap of his wings, shoulders, and torso, slipping over his hide like a well-worn coat. Sepia accents resurface in the lining of his matte black claws and mimic signs of wear at his joints, creating an aged and distressed appearance around his knees and shoulders and emphasizing the natural creases in his wings.

Egg Name and Description

Vasty Black Voyage Egg
Though at first glance this rather round and particularly rough-shelled egg appears to be black with a large silver splotch, a closer inspection reveals the darkness is not so simple. Here and there bits of color dot the egg, with no particular pattern or color. There's pale green, blue, gold, pink, lilac, white- the spots all so tiny that they can hardly be seen, and yet once they've been noted, it is impossible not to imagine them glinting on the shell from further away. On one side near the apex, faint traces of red and brown give that silver splotch odd color and depth- is it a bird? A bug? A leaf? A ship?

Hatching Message

Vasty Black Voyage Egg shivers with the force of the humming in the cavern, dancing and trembling in place as it vibrates.

Vasty Black Voyage Egg is getting into the swing of this shindig, or at least swinging, as it tilts rapidly to and fro.

Vasty Black Voyage Egg brings the dance to a halt as a sharp claw cleaves it open, cracking the egg into many large pieces. While the lower part of the shell is being crushed beneath eager paws, the I Aim to Misbehave Brown Hatchling finishes freeing himself of those larger bits which have clung to his gooey hide - except for the topmost curve of the shell, which rests, bonnet-like, atop his head.

Impression Message

Having given a fair chance to all the possible dance partners on the sands, I Aim To Misbehave Brown Hatchling makes his decision. Really, it's no surprise. That dark-skinned, black-haired daughter of a Smithcraft master has had his eye ever since he broke the shell. Maybe he only sniffed her on the first round but let's be honest, a guy's gotta play hard to get sometimes, right? He's certain now, though, and he bounds goofily back, trumpeting as he goes. That's my girl, and isn't she shiny?! Inayleera, on her part, lets out a cry of surprise when she is side-headbutted by the dragonet. The surprise turns to beet-red shock at something he's said, and she smacks at the eggshell bonnet on his head, causing it to finally break and fall off. "That is entirely inappropriate, Shanweith! If you want food, you can just walk on your own four feet to it!" Inara snorts delicately as she heads across the sands to where the Assistant Weyrlingmasters have morsels waiting, not even waiting to see if the brown is following. Of course, he is, he always will be.


The theme for this clutch was Music and Movies, and this egg and hatchling are based on both the TV series Firefly and its companion movie, Serenity. Egg by Iris, hatchling by Kayse.


Name I Aim to Misbehave Brown Shanweith
Dam Gold Shadhavarth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Iris & Kayse
Impressee Inara (Inayleera)
Hatched June 3, 2012
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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