Dark green fairly oozes down the dragon's hide, covering every bit of her form. Though there is more than a modicum of draconic grace within her movements, her outward appearance suggests that something or other is just a bit 'off' about her build and appearance. Perhaps it is her headknobs, which have a just slightly asymmetrical appearance to them, her wide-set eyes, or her squat tail that gives her an unusual look. She is of large, stocky build for a green, though her wings are proportionately sized, providing her with speed and agility. Over the base of dark green is a faint sheen to her hide, reminiscent of an oily patch spilled upon the ground. This darkness begins at her neck in patches and extends towards her rump in a patchy pattern, thickening just slightly to take on the appearance of tar. Her wingsails are a pale and sickly green-yellow color, while her talons are a rich dark obsidian.

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